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Posted on March 28, 2021

Do you love playing games with a lot of obstacle courses? Dodging, jumping, moving fast, or moving slowly to make sure you avoid hitting or getting hit by these obstacles? How about racing, where your goal is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible? How about games that show blood and severed limbs? Well, you will definitely enjoy playing Happy Wheels since this game offers all of that.

It’s a side-scrolling racing obstacle course game that’s published by James Bonacci. In this game, you will go through various levels, and at each level, there will be a finish line or a goal that you need to get to. But there is a problem, you will be going through a series of obstacles before you can reach the goal. In the early levels, the obstacles are easy to dodge and avoid, so no problem. But once you get to the 3rd level, it becomes challenging.

There, you will see your character lose limbs for being unable to avoid certain obstacles. But don’t worry, as long as your character is alive, you can still move forward. The only time it will be game over is when your character dies. But the way he dies is a bit funny, which makes this game so entertaining to play.

Happy Wheels might seem like an easy game to play, especially in the beginning. But once you progress further, you will start to encounter levels with more challenging obstacles. Below are some tips that can help you complete these more challenging obstacles.

Always Go Slow at the Beginning of Levels

Though the game is all about getting to the end as quickly as possible, it’s always a good idea to start real slow when you are racing on a new level. This is because you don’t know what obstacles you will be facing ahead, so being careful is important in the beginning, as you try to get used to the level and figure out how to overcome the obstacles.

Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it would be easier to repeat the level and go fast. You would already know what to do and how to avoid or overcome certain obstacles.

Don’t Ignore the Roll Forward or Backward Button

It’s easy to focus mostly on the forward, backward, and jump buttons whenever you play Happy Wheel. But you have to remember that there’s also a roll forward and roll backward button. These 2 buttons also serve a purpose and might be the move you can make to avoid an obstacle.
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One example would be during the 1st level of Pogo Stick Guy. Though the game will guide you on when to use it at the start, it’s something that you can also apply to other characters in the game. So make sure to always remember that button and make use of it when necessary. Of course, be careful when you use it as well or you might end up just killing yourself.

Don’t Skip Levels & Characters

One thing that’s great about this game is that all levels for each character would be playable at the start. Though this might be the case, it’s important that you don’t skip any level or instantly move to other characters. This is because the lower levels are the easiest levels to complete in the game. It will likely ease you into the obstacle course, allowing you to learn new things that you can use in the next level.

This also applies to the characters. The first character, the Business Guy, has the easiest levels in the game, at least at the start. So this is a great way to learn more about obstacle courses so you will be prepared for the next character. You can try other characters if you like but be warned, their levels are usually much harder and tougher to complete.

Each Character is Unique

It’s also important to remember that each character in the game is unique, and they each have different ways to move forward. Some will even have an additional prop like the Irresponsible Dad with his kid attached to his bike or the Effective Shopper with his basket of groceries. They might seem insignificant, but they can actually be useful at certain levels.

Like with the Irresponsible Dad, there’s a level where you will need to press something in order for a deadly obstacle to move up. But once you leave the button, that obstacle moves back down. To deal with that, you will have to detach your kid and leave him on that button so the obstacle is just kept up, allowing you to pass. Removing the kid from your attachment is not hard to do, you just need to do some rolling to get him to detach and then just push the kid forward to the button.

These are just some of the tips and tricks that you can use to help your Happy Wheels gameplay. We hope you learn something new from this article and hopefully, it can help you clear more levels when you play this fun racing game.

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