BunnyBuns: Tips & Tricks to Grow Your Mythical Bakeshop!

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Posted on April 4, 2021

Are you a big fan of bunny rabbits? Don’t you like to squish their adorable furry cute little faces? They are one of the cutest animals in the world. They’re so fluffy; you will want to die! But aside from them being cute and all, what if they can bake delicious and delectable pastries too? Even if it doesn’t happen in real life, you can still enjoy bunnies baking and having their bakeshop in BunnyBuns!

BunnyBuns is a fun casual game by HyperBeard. They develop charming games, which are incredibly easy to play and interactive! It is all about mixing and matching feelings and fillings to create the perfect pastries. You need to help the cute bunny to manage his bakery and serve his customers. But sometimes, it can get rough and challenging.

BunnyBuns Overview

Even with his magical powers, the little bunny will need your help to create the most delicious bread and cake that his customers order from him. Once he gains loyal customers, he will earn coins and mementoes as a sign of loyalty and friendship. It might look like a simple game to you, but it’s full of magic and cuteness!

You can prepare a customer’s order using two main ingredients: the Filling and the Feeling. Feelings are shapes, while Fillings are the colors. The longer you play, the more shapes and colours you can unlock. Once a customer orders a baked good, you will see the order displayed on top of his head.

Your goal is to determine the shape and color before making it. You will find the shapes on the left side of the screen, and you can find the colors on the right side of your monitor. Drag each shape and color to the table to prepare the baked goods.


Mix them both by tapping on the mix button. You must tap on the bunny rabbit repeatedly for him to create the pastry. Once done, drag it towards the customer to feed him, and don’t forget to get the coins as his payment! As you can see, the game is extremely easy to play and master. Read on to learn more tips & tricks to become a great bunny pastry chef! Start earning trust, star ratings, and friendship from your customers.

Grow Your BunnyBun’s Shop with These Tips

Make sure to double-check the color and the shape of the customer’s order. Some players would get this wrong in their first tries. But the more you ascertain the shape and color of the baked good, the more you will get the hang of it. For example, the customer ordered a bunny-shaped pastry that’s colored orange; then you should mix the bunny and the carrot.

There are times when the customer will only order filling (colors) or feelings (shapes). In times like these, pick the color or shape you want and go with what you think works best. For example, a customer ordered the color blue, then simply chose the blueberry from the right shelf and picked a shape.

Challenge More of Your Skills

Even though BunnyBuns is pretty easy to play, there are times where it will challenge your reflex. Customers may some time order a flipped-out shape, making it hard to determine what shape they want. Just relax and ascertain what kind of shape they are ordering. Don’t panic because you can do it!

Resetting an Ingredient in BunnyBuns

If you mistakenly chose the wrong shape or color from the shelf and are worried because you know it’s the wrong one, don’t panic. Resetting an ingredient is easy peasy. All you need to do is to tap the suitable component, and voila! You get the right element in front of Bunny. Now all you need to do is mix the two ingredients by tapping at Bunny to use his mythical powers.

Earning Coins in BunnyBuns

Every time you complete a customer’s request, they give you coins. Not only that, but your customer’s heart meter will also get filled. Once the heart meter is full, they will shower you with love and gratitude by giving you gifts in the form of particular personal belongings.

Also, a grumpy food inspector will visit you now and then. He will request three separate pastries in a specific order. You will need to fulfil his requests and earn not only coins but also fill up his star meter.

The Magical Cookbook

Lastly is all about upgrading your cookbook. The cookbook plays a vital role in the game as it unlocks new recipes. Happy customers will expect new products. Serving old pastries will not make them happy, and you will receive fewer coins. Earn enough coins to continue upgrading your cookbook

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