Hay Day Tips – Beginner’s Guide on How To Farm Effectively

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Posted on October 10, 2021

Supercell is known to come out with popular, fun, and addictive games. And one of those games is Hay Day. But what’s different about this game is that it’s not the typical action and battle strategy game Supercell is known for. It is, instead, a casual farming game. That’s right! It’s a simple farming game where you get to plant and harvest various crops, take care of animals, and so on.

It does have a bit of a strategy feel since you need to be strategic as well. You have to know which building you need to construct first, the crops that you need to focus on, and so on. This is why this game can also be a bit of a problem. It can be a bit confusing or overwhelming to play if you do not know what to prioritize. It also features in-app purchases, which can lead you to spend more money if you’re not careful, especially if you’re a beginner.

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This is why this blog post will be a Hay Day guide. We’ll provide tips and tricks on how to level up fast in Hay Day so you can properly play this farming game without the need to spend money. Let’s begin.

Hay Day Gameplay – A Brief Overview

Before we proceed with the tips, let’s briefly discuss the gameplay of Hay Day.

In this game, you will be in charge of renovating and restoring a farm that is already broken down. Aside from restoring it to its glory days, you’ll also have to grow the farm and make it profitable. You’ll also be doing a lot of planting and harvesting here, as well as taking care of animals.

There are different crops and animals that you need to grow and take care of. The food they produce is what you’ll sell to make profits. As you play and progress, you will also increase your level, which will bring about new goods that you can produce and sell. The game is free to play but it does feature in-app purchases. Nonetheless, you don’t need to pay to progress in the game, but spending money can speed up your progress and allow you to have a big farm in a short amount of time.

Hay Day farm
Image Source: Hay Day Gameplay – Farm

Of course, you wouldn’t want that. This is why in the next section, we’ll discuss tips to help you progress without spending.

Tips In Playing Hay Day

Hay Day is a fun farming game to play. But it can be a bit confusing to play. To progress properly without spending, we’ll provide you with Hay Day tips in this section.

Always Make Sure you Have Seed Crops Available

One of the most important things that you should remember while playing Hay Day is that you should always stock up on your seed crops. Don’t use up the seeds that you have in your silo to fill up orders to earn coins. Use some of them for planting to produce more crops. The reason for this is that you’ll always need these crops sooner or later. So, if you happen to use all of the seeds on your silo, you’ll be forced to spend diamonds to acquire more seeds.

So, make sure you always have crop seeds available for planting. In this way, you’ll always have ways to produce more crops without spending any resources.

Don’t Hesitate to Say No to Visitors

Your farm on Hay Day will often attract visitors to try and buy goods from you. The problem with this is that they won’t purchase your goods at premium prices. They’re already buying directly from the source instead of the source, so prices are cheaper. So, you can always say no to visitors who are looking to buy goods from you.

Do not worry about hurting their feelings since they’ll always come back again soon. You can sell to them the goods that you have in abundance and are easy to produce. In this way, you can also make a little money from the visitors coming in.

Dump Orders You Can’t Fulfill in the Trash

You will also receive orders of your goods from various businesses and establishments. Though it’s always a good idea to fill them since they pay fair prices, you won’t always fulfill them all. It’s not unusual to have orders for goods that you lack or will take too much time to fulfill. In this case, you can dump that order in the trash.

Hay Day Orders
Image Source: Hay Day Gameplay – Orders

By doing this, you open up a slot for another order to come in. It’s more worth it to just wait a few minutes for a new order to come that you can fill than to try to fulfill the orders that are already there.

Learn to Balance Earning Stars & Coins

Stars are your experience points and it’s the one that will help you level up in the game. While Coins are the money you will use for a lot of things like upgrading, purchasing, and so on. When you look at orders, you will see the coins and stars that you can earn each. It’s important that you strike a good balance between earning coins and leveling up.

Both are very important in Hay Day, so focusing only on one aspect could impede your progress. Make sure you prioritize both. This means there will be moments where you’ll fulfill orders that can give you more stars than coins and vice versa.

Final Thoughts

Hay Day is an entertaining farming game to play. But it can be an issue for beginners. But with the tips and information provided in this blog post, you won’t have any more serious problems playing the game and progressing.

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