Honkai Impact 3 – Rating the Best Rita Battlesuits

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Posted on January 26, 2021

Ah yes, Rita Rossweisse – bold, beautiful, and best girl. Honkai Impact 3 boasts some of the gorgeous female video game characters in any platform in today’s modern-day gaming. And, one of them being the battle maid Rita. Debuted in 2018 on the global and SEA servers. Rita was a very welcoming addition to the cast because of so many great reasons: her personality, her voice (by Yabusaki Aoi, who you might know as Tsuyu from MHA, Yuuki Konno from SAO and Tamaki Kotatsu from Fire Force) and her big… weapon. Yeah, she wields a scythe. A scythe-wielding maid, everybody! Yes, amazing. Now clap your hands.

This article will look at every existing battlesuit she has right now and break down each of them. We will rate their relevance in the current state of Honkai Impact 3 and check if they are worth grinding and pulling for.

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Honkai Impact 3: Rita in General

As a man of culture, it is a given that Rita is an S-tier waifu and a gift that keeps on giving. But, looking away from the personality and good looks, Rita’s set of battlesuits are also the players’ strongest choices. Even her default outfit – Umbral Rose – packs a hefty punch, especially in the Abyss and other stages that require AoE damage.

While she currently only has four battlesuits, they are always useful in many situations. Okay, maybe one out of 3 of them. But still, all her battlesuits have some of the coolest attack animations in the Honkai Impact 3.

Umbral Rose – 4.5/5

This is her default outfit and the most popular of the bunch (and we can see why). Umbral Rose is a PSY-Type battlesuit that deals fast DPS and good lifesteal percentage. Players don’t just invest in this battlesuit because she arguably looks the cutest here (change our mind, Fallen Rosemary fans). Still, she is a great wave clearer too. It is also one of the most used battlesuits inside the Dirac Sea and Abyss for two main reasons: a big lifesteal that is essential in the later stages and significant damage to speed ratio.

Umbral Rose is an amazing A-class battlesuit that feels very underrated if you compare it to other AoE clearing battlesuits like Lightning Empress Mei and Herrscher of Reason Bronya.

RIta Phantom Iron


Phantom Iron – 4/5

Phantom Iron is Rita’s second battlesuit, which focuses on the lightning element. It is an AoE-based DPS suit that does basic damage on regular attacks but converts into lightning damage when charged. This MECHA battle suit also includes a MECHA doggo that you can summon as an ult. It may not deal with the best damage, but it is excellent for wave-clearing situations, especially if facing zombie types. However, after the nerf on its damage percentage, its reliability wore off after Shadow Knight Fu Hua and Vermilion Knight Himeko came into play. It’s a good pick if you do not have other lightning MECHA battle suits, but there are better choices once you have an S-class MECHA suit.

On visual aspects, you just got to love the cyberpunk vibe of this outfit. The gas mask, the summonable creature, and the cybernetic gear make her a cute robo-wifu.

Argent Knight: Artemis – 4.5/5

Players call this a “JoJo Reference” of battle suits because it takes heavy inspiration from the hit popular anime show JoJo’s Bizarre Adventures. So, what’s in this suit, you ask? Well, this BIO type uses ice elements. It has a fantastic burst of damage, which are both a godsend, especially against honkai monsters. And then, of course, she can summon her stand: Artemis.

Mihoyo isn’t even shying away from the fact that they based this on JoJo’s Stand Power since they’ve drawn Argent Knight Rita with various JoJo poses – and it’s not because she’s a chuunibyou (pardon us for the weeaboo language). Is it a good battlesuit? Yes. Is it worth investing in this suit even if I have other BIO suits that are equally powerful? If you want it just for the sake of the poses and cool af ultimate, it is.

RIta Fallen Rosemary


Fallen Rosemary – 5/5

Not only is this the crowd’s favorite Rita battlesuit, but it is also one of four Quantum-type suits (which are all equally good). From a visual perspective, Fallen Rosemary Rita is just so beautiful. She flaunts long, wavy hair, complemented with a 20th-century dress that works so perfectly with a scythe.

On gameplay terms, it’s like Phantom Iron with drugs. One, because you can conjure spirits that deal lightning damage, and two, the suit is an ideal support type that helps other Valkyries clear enemies faster.

Honkai Impact 3: Which is the Best?

Comparing them to see which is best is like apples and oranges. They’re all good in their fields. Of course, you can get Umbral Rose and Phantom Iron for free. Still, if you have Argent Knight and Fallen Rosemary in your roster, we highly recommend putting your time and investment to BEST MAIDO WAIFU.

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