Pokémon UNITE Gardevoir – A Cute Fairy with a Killer Move

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Posted on April 7, 2022

Gardevoir, also known as The Embrace Pokémon, is one of the first characters you can get from Pokémon UNITE MOBA. It’s a ranged attacker that can counter status effects or crowd controls. Additionally, Pokémon UNITE Gardevoir can deal massive psychic damage to a large area on the battlefield. Playing as a ranged attacker, you can stay within a distance from your enemies and kill them from afar. While it can be played in any lane, Gardevoir excels at the top lane together with an ally.

We have previously discussed other Pokémons like Zeraora and Tsareena of this popular 5v5 massive online battle arena (MOBA) action game from The Pokémon Company. You can check out those guides, as well. But for now, we will talk about the recommended Gardevoir Pokémon UNITE build and items for beginners.

Pokemon Unite Gardevoir
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Gardevoir Pokémon UNITE Moves

You will start every match as Ralts before evolving to Kirlia when you reach level 5, and finally evolving to Pokémon UNITE Gardevoir upon reaching level 9. However, note that Gardevoir is a long-ranged attacker with low endurance and mobility with no adeptness in using Basic Attacks. Despite its lack of mobility and endurance, Gardevoir wreaks havoc through its Special (Sp) Attacks.

Additionally, Gardevoir is a psychic Pokémon and makes full use of this ability tied up with some unique yet useful moves. As with several Pokémons with evolution, you become more vulnerable to attacks and are squishy in the early game. Hence, it’s better to play safe and keep your distance from enemies until you have completed your item build.

Early Game Moves

As above-mentioned, Pokémon UNITE Gardevoir is squishy in the early game, so focus on staying safe as you farm for XP and gold. If you’re caught in a gank or team fight, stay behind your allies as much as possible and use your ranged skills and poke enemies to your advantage. Furthermore, take note that your third attack is boosted and deals with an area of effect (AoE) damage base that reduces the Special Def of enemies hit. Boosted attacks deal more damage depending on Gardevoir’s Sp Attack.

Moreover, for Gardevoir’s passive ability, Synchronize, every slow or damage-over-time attack that hit will be reflected in the attacking Pokémon. So when an enemy decreases your movement speed or uses a damage-over-time skill, Gardevoir inflicts the same condition to that same attacker.

Pokemon Unite Synchronize

At level 1, you can learn either Confusion to shoot psychic blasts forward or Teleport to move to a nearby spot and boost your next Basic Attack. For this stage, we recommend getting Confusion first to help you clear waves faster and level up quickly. Even more so, Teleport is a good ability for offense and defense. However, you should mostly use it as an escape route if things get sticky.

Mid Game Moves

At level 6, Gardevoir gets to choose between two move upgrades – Psyshock and Future Sight – aside from the great offensive damage boost, it acquires. Both abilities inflict AoE damage. For instance, Psyshock shoots three psychic blasts forward and reduces the cooldown (CD) of this move every time it hits the opponent. Future Sight, on the other hand, sets a delayed explosion that reduces CD when it hits the enemy. Both moves are useful in combat but we recommend Psyshock for beginners. As a result, it paves way for easier farming and gives pokémon UNITE Gardevoir an advantage when left soloing lanes.

Late Game Moves

At this stage of the match is, when Gardevoir shines brightest. Again, you will be choosing between two moves. One is Psychic, a ranged AoE splash attack dealing damage upon impact and slowing enemies in an area. The other one is Moonblast, which leaps Gardevoir back while stunning the first opponent it hits and damaging the others caught in a conical area. During this time, it would be beneficial to choose the move based on your play style. Should you want to be more aggressive, Psychic is a better option. But if you want to just hang around and help your teammates with some crowd control skills, go with Moonblast.

Pokemon Unite Confusion


End Game Moves

Gardevoir’s ultimate skill is powerful and can be devastating to the enemy team when used wisely to your advantage. Fairy Singularity pulls opponents towards a warped space before exploding and throwing them back. Therefore, it can be very useful when you’re trying to take on the enemy team during ganks or if you are defending or scoring a goal.

The Most Ideal Pokémon UNITE Gardevoir Build – Items

All characters in the Pokémon UNITE MOBA either specialize in Basic Attacks or Special Attacks. This gameplay dictates what items are more effective for them in battle. Furthermore, Gardevoir is a Special Attack type of Pokémon.

Held Items

You can carry a maximum of three Held Items per match. Make use of Pokémon UNITE Gardevoir’s Special Attack and long-range moves to give you the upper hand in battle. We recommend any of the following items:

  • Wise Glasses are most likely the most essential Held Item for Gardevoir since its Basic Attacks deal more damage based on its Special Attack output. Wise Glasses not only boosts Special Attack but also adds a flat rate of increased Sp Attack.
  • Shell Bell not only increases Special Attack but also decreases CD. Furthermore, it restores a minimum of 45 Health Points (HP) if your move lands a hit. Hence, the higher your Pokémon’s Sp Attack is, the more HP it recovers.
  • Choice Specs increase the damage output of moves by at least 40 if it hits the enemy. It will increase depending on the Pokémon’s Sp Attack statistics. So the higher the Choice Specs, the greater the attack output.
  • Special Attack Specs increase the wearer’s Sp Attack by a fat rate if it scores a goal but regardless of how many goals were scored.
  • Energy Amplifier strengthens the wearer’s UNITE move damage for a short time while reducing its CD depending on the level.


Pokemon Unite held items


Battle Item

Since you can only bring one Battle Item per match, we recommend equipping Gardevoir Pokémon UNITE with the Eject Button. Use this to easily teleport short distances to escape or provide aid to allies during team fights.

This guide is just our Gardevoir Pokémon UNITE build and moves recommendation. The moves and items you choose will still depend on your playstyle. For more insights, you can read our Gengar recommended build and moveset, too!

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