Ice Scream 3 Walkthrough – The Encounter with the Horror Neighborhood

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Posted on November 30, 2021

Made by Keplerians Horror Games, Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood, is a fun and scary arcade adventure game about horrifying ice cream trucks. The ice-cream man may seem innocent, but he has evil plans against you.

In Ice Scream 3, you need to rescue your best friend Mike from the spooky sinister ice cream man Rod. To do this, you need to solve puzzles, hide, and uncover secrets. But, he’s also after you, and you must be careful enough so that he won’t capture you. To better understand this horrifying game adventure, we’ve come up with a quick walkthrough and a brief basic information about this game and how to play it.

Knowing the Horror Neighborhood

It is really fantastic to be a part of a neighborhood. But, in Ice Scream 3, you might have a second thought about having a neighbors like the ice-cream man. In this game, you will meet Rod, a very dangerous neighbor who kidnapped your best friend and neighbor, Mike.

Knowing your Neighbor
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You saw the whole tragedy, and now, you are scared to tell this to the authorities. That’s all because Rod might get back on you! However, you’ve come up with an idea that this mysterious ice cream vendor must have also abducted other kids. At first, you will notice Rod as a friendly ice cream vendor who is fond of kids. But, don’t get deceived with his kindness as he has an evil plans. Watch out because you’ll be having a terrifying and dangerous time with him as your neighbor.

Saving Mike from the Petrified Ice Cream Vendor

After knowing the evil truth about Rod, your task now is to find his place, to save Mike, and the other kidnapped kids. As a kid, it is not recommended to use violence to confront Rod, which may lead you to fail the mission or worse. For you to know the whereabouts of Rod, you need to follow him and find his hideout. You need to climb his car and let it take you to various locations in the city. From there, you need to search and rescue Mike and the missing children.

Ice Sream 3 PC Map

Furthermore, you need to complete tasks that require you to travel from various scenarios and, at the same time, solve mandatory puzzles quickly to save your frozen best friend from the dangerous villain. Also, it would help if you keep a lookout for the keys. That is because one of the keys can help you unlock the cage where Mike is locked in.

Making Noises

As you undertake missions to save Mike and the other kids, you need to be gentle and more careful. Don’t make any noise, or else Rod will hear and catch you. In the game, you can hide yourself and deceive him so that he won’t see you. In addition to all mentioned tasks, you also need to convince your friends that Rod is dangerous so you can save them from the terrifying ice cream vendor.

Sadly, if one of your friends gets caught by Rod, your efforts will be in vain. And you need reset the game and convince your friends to help you with the missions again. Take note that your journey is not easy. Rod is very troublesome and will be ready to attack you whenever he gets you. As you begin your Ice Scream 3 walkthrough, you need to undertake all means to discover his secrets, and at the same time rescue Mike.

Activate the Mission to Save Mike

In Ice Scream 3, there are four modes to undertake; normal, hard, extreme and ghost. If it is your first time dealing with horror games like this, it will be more appropriate to orient yourself in ghost mode. Hence, there’s no need to worry about having a heart attack while playing the game, as it doesn’t support violent and bloody scenes.

Mission to save Mike

Here, you will only experience fun, horror and fantasy. But don’t be too confident! There is a possibility that you will shout more as you reach the climax of the game. For you to be effective in this mode, you must extend your imagination and focus on your goal.

Though it is a horror game, playing the game with headphones is best. This part is to appreciate the intense scenes and achieve a better gaming experience. Along the way, the developer updates the game to provide new improvements, new contents and fixes as well. Also, make sure you don’t miss the Ice Scream 3 ending. Well, this is not the right place to reveal it, take the game and find out the secret of Rod Sullivan.

Play Ice Scream 3: Horror Neighborhood On PC

Ice Scream: Horror Neighborhood is a fantastic horror game best to try on PC. If you are looking for something thrilling without excessive violence and haunting ghosts that will make your heart beat faster, this game is right for you.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Ice Scream 3 on your PC and save your best friend Mike before he goes into a deep freeze. For more information and updates about this arcade game, visit our blogs frequently!

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