Tips and Tricks to Getting 5 Star Heroes in Idle Heroes

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Posted on March 12, 2024

In Idle Heroes, getting strong heroes is super important. And among them, 5-star heroes are the best of the best. They’re like the superheroes you need to build a really strong team.

Why go for 5-star heroes?

In Idle Heroes, having 5-star heroes is super important. They’re like the strongest heroes you can get in the game. They have really good stats and special abilities that can help you win battles. These heroes are like the foundation of a strong team, and they can help you beat even the toughest challenges in the game.

How do you get 5-star heroes in Idle Heroes?

Idle Heroes characters
Idle Heroes characters

There are different ways to get those amazing 5-star heroes that everyone wants in Idle Heroes:

Basic Summon

This is where you can summon heroes of different levels, including the rare 5-star heroes. It might not happen often, but if you keep trying, you might just get lucky and find one.

Heroic Summon

If you’re aiming for the best heroes, Heroic Summon is the way to go. You have a better chance of getting 5-star heroes here. You can either use special crystals or wait for free summons to get them. But remember, it’s important to use your resources wisely.

Guild Stores

Being part of a guild can pay off. By actively participating in guild activities, you earn guild coins. These coins can then be used to buy 5-star heroes in the Guild Store. It’s a great way to choose heroes that fit your team’s strategy and work well together.

Fusing Heroes

In the Creation Circle, you can fuse heroes to make them stronger. By combining heroes you already have, you might end up with a powerful 5-star hero. Just make sure to plan carefully and use this feature wisely to increase your chances of success.

Do you need to spend money to obtain 5-star heroes?

Some wonder if you need to spend money to get those awesome 5-star heroes. Well, while spending money can help you progress faster, it’s not the only way to get them. The game offers lots of ways for players to get 5-star heroes without spending anything.


You can earn these heroes by playing smart and using your resources wisely. Take advantage of free summons, participate actively in guild activities, and explore different game modes to earn rewards. Even if you’re not spending money, you can still work your way towards getting those amazing 5-star heroes with some patience and determination.

What’s the highest star a hero can reach in Idle Heroes?

Heroes can become incredibly strong in Idle Heroes, with 10-star heroes being the strongest. But getting there takes time and effort.

To make a hero a 10-star champion, players need to level them up, improve their ranks, and use resources well. Along the way, players will face challenges, but the rewards are worth it. A 10-star hero shows the player’s dedication and skill.

As players work towards this goal, they’ll find joy in the journey. Each step brings them closer to greatness, forming strong connections with their heroes and leaving their mark on Idle Heroes. 

Do 5-star heroes make the game easier?

Acquiring 5-star heroes in Idle Heroes is a big achievement. But do these elite heroes make the game easier? It’s not as simple as it sounds.

At first glance, having 5-star heroes might seem like a surefire way to breeze through battles and progress quickly. These heroes are stronger and have better abilities than lower-tier ones. With them on your team, you might think you’ll dominate every battle and sail smoothly through the game.

idle heroes free pc download
idle heroes free pc download

But the truth is more complicated. While 5-star heroes do boost your team’s power, they don’t solve all your problems. Success in Idle Heroes depends on more than just having strong heroes. Strategy, teamwork, and how well you manage your resources are also crucial.

As you get stronger heroes, the game gets tougher too. You face harder opponents and challenges that need careful planning to overcome. So, instead of making the game easier, 5-star heroes can make it more challenging.

Plus, having strong heroes is just one part of the game. To build a winning team, you need to think about things like which heroes work well together and how to use your resources wisely. Even if you have a team full of 5-star heroes, you might struggle if your team isn’t balanced or if your strategy isn’t solid.

But don’t get me wrong—having 5-star heroes is a big advantage. They can turn the tide of battles and help you progress faster. Just remember, they’re not the only thing that matters. Success in Idle Heroes comes from a mix of strategy, teamwork, and skill.

Learn the different ways to become a 5-star hero

Getting 5-star heroes in Idle Heroes is a big deal, and there are different ways to do it. You can try Basic Summon, Heroic Summon, Guild Stores, and Fusing Heroes. With some patience and planning, anyone can build a strong team of elite heroes in this exciting game.

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