Lords Mobile Redemption Codes (January 2022)

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Posted on December 17, 2021

Published by IGG.COM, Lords Mobile is a popular real-time strategy game. With its RPG elements and fantastic gameplay, thousands of players have been hooked to this MMO game. In this game, you will be set in a world of chaotic fantasy where kingdoms battle for dominance. To be victorious, you need to construct your headquarters with valuable structures, enlist dynamic heroes to lead your infantry, battle bosses, and conquer the opponent’s kingdoms.

What Are Lords Mobile Redemption Codes?

Though the Lords Mobile is a free-to-play game, there are still various elements that players need to purchase in-game stuff, mainly to improve gameplay, progress notably, and create an advantage with their defense force. Developers also offer special redemption codes that players can offset to obtain free in-game rewards such as boosts, gold, shields, materials, VIP points, and some premium stuff like braveheart or incinerator. Still, they should be accumulated before they expire.

lords mobile guild

There are different ways to outwit your enemies, and one of them is through using a redemption code for Lords Mobile. With the free rewards included, you can surely improve your gameplay and at the same time, boost your army and get them ready in any kind of battle.

List of Working Redemption Codes (as of January 2022)

Here is the list of active Lord Mobile codes worth checking out, along with the rewards you might get upon redeeming them.


  • 50,000 Gold x1
  • 150,000 Ore x1
  • 150,000 Timber x1
  • 150,000 Stones x1
  • 500,000 Food x1
  • Relocator x1
  • Speed Up Research (3 h) x5
  • Speed Up (3 h) x5
  • Braveheart x1
  • 2,000 Energy x1
  • 100 VIP Points x5

2. LM2022 Rewards

  • Gold Boost x10
  • Ore Boost x10
  • Timber Boost x10
  • Stone Boost x10
  • Food Boost x10
  • Speed Up Training x10
  • Speed Up Research x10
  • 1,000 Energy x10
  • 25% Player EXP Boost x1
  • Trickster x10 (New!)

3. LM001 Rewards (might only work for new players)

  • Incinerator Medals x10
  • Braveheart x6
  • 100 VIP Points x3
  • Speed Up (1o Minutes) x10
  • Research Speed Ups (10 Minutes ) x10
  • Food RSS (150K) x10
  • Stone RSS (50K) x10
  • Timber RSS (50K) x10
  • Gold RSS (500K) x10

List of Expired Codes

The following codes have reached their respective time limit and may no longer be working.


  • 1 Relocator
  • 50,000 Gold
  • 150,000 Ore, Timber, and Stones
  • 500,000 Food
  • Speed Up Research 3h x5
  • Speed Up Training 3h x5
  • Speed Up 3h
  • Material Chest
  • 2,000 Energy
  • 100 VIP Points x5


  • 50,000 Gold
  • 150,000 Ore, Timber, Stones
  • 500,000 Food
  • 1 Relocator
  • Speed Up Research (3h) x5
  • Speed Up (3h) x5
  • 1 Braveheart
  • 2,000 Energy
  • 100 VIP Points x5

3. LMHalloween Rewards

  • 1 Random Relocator
  • Speed Up Research (60m) x5
  • Speed Up (60 m) x5
  • 2,000 Energy
  • 1,000 Gems

4. 3DMAP Rewards

  • 50,000 Gold
  • 150,000 Ore, Timber, and Stones
  • 500,000 Food
  • 1 Relocator
  • Speed Up Research (3h) x5
  • Speed Up (3 h) x5
  • 1 Braveheart
  • 2,000 Energy
  • 100 VIP Points x5

5. SODAFEST Rewards

  • 50,000 Gold
  • 150,000 Ore, Timber, and Stones
  • 500,000 Food
  • 1 Random Relocator
  • 5x Speed Up Research (60m)
  • 5x Speed Up (60 m)
  • 5x 2,000 Energy
  • 5x 100 VIP Points

6. LORDSHUB Rewards

  • Speed Up Training (15h)
  • Speed Up (15h)
  • 1,000 Gems

7. 2021cj Rewards

  • Speed Up (24h)
  • 1,000 Gems

8. IGG15TH Rewards

  • Speed Up Research (15h)
  • Speed Up Training (15h)
  • Speed Up (15h) x3

9. vergeway Rewards

  • 3H Speed Up Training 5x
  • 1 Rare Material Chest
  • 50,000 Gold
  • 150,000 timber, ore, and stones
  • 500,000 food
  • 1 Relocator
  • 3H Speed Up
  • 2000 Energy
  • 100 VIP Points 5x

10. SAINTSEIYA Rewards

  • 50k gold
  • 150k ore
  • 150k timber
  • 150k stones
  • 500k food

11. Other Codes

  • Vx888
  • EARN717656
  • ED5HX9
  • Yfwpqp
  • joan5
  • LM2021
  • ALICE5
  • SHANE5

How To Redeem Lords Mobile Codes

If you are a newbie in this game, redeeming these codes is very easy. Simply click the cog-like icon located at the bottom part of the screen. Once clicked, a new window will pop out, and you need to find the “Redemption Code” option.

Lords Mobile redeem code

Once you’ve reached the redemption corner, all you have to do is to enter the code from the list of working codes we provided above, and voila, start enjoying the rewards! Another way to redeem the codes is by accessing the official promo code exchange center where you can put your player name and enter the redemption code.

Still haven’t played Lords Mobile? Get the game on your PC for free!

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