Lords Mobile Tips & Tricks for New Players

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Posted on October 3, 2021

With over 220 million installs since launch, IGG’s Lords Mobile is hands down one of the biggest tower defense titles in the freemium market. This highly acclaimed game takes tower defense gameplay to the next level through its unique integration of various elements borrowed from the strategy genre. For those new to the game, Lords Mobile is a combination of city-building, management, alliance, strategic troop formations, online multiplayer, and hero collecting wrapped in stunning graphics and animation.

The game also comes with various game modes such as the Hero Stage (PVE), Colosseum (PVP), Labyrinth (PVE), and Kingdom Tycoon (PVE).On top of that are the various guild activities that take place in the game regularly. With that said, as much as we want to dissect the various features and history of the game, those are subjects for another day. Today, however, we will provide you with the basic tips and tricks for new players in the game. So without further ado, check out our spoiler-free tips and tricks list on how to play Lords Mobile best.

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Lords Mobile Beginner’s Guide – Tips & Tricks

Before we jump into our list, let us remind you that this game comes with a freemium marketing structure. This means that at some point in the future, the game will entice you to purchase premium items using real-world currency. With that said, our first tip for you is to conserve all your resources. Smart spending and patience will go a long way when playing this game.

Resource Allocation & Talent Points

To maximize your resources in Lords Mobile, you must first learn how to allocate your resources properly. There are four types of resources in the game–namely Food, Timber, Stone, and Ore. Each one of the mentioned resources plays a huge role in the game. Each resource also comes with its own building which you need to upgrade to maximize its full potential.

This is where the talent points come into play. Earned at every level up, Talent points boost the various attributes of your resource buildings. The catch is that talent points are limited which means that you need to be wise in spending these precious points.

One of the most common strategies used by veteran players involves maxing out the speed of research, training, and construction. The three aforementioned attributes will make your progression smoother and less stressful. You can also purchase a talent reset item if you want to recover the points you already allocated on a specific attribute.

Knowing the Various Types of Troops

To become an effective strategist, you need to have an overview of the various troops in the game. Having this knowledge will allow you to allocate your troops properly and focus on training the type that you need for a specific task or mission. In connection with that, we created a list of the various troops available in the game including their strengths and weaknesses.


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Ranged Troops

Ranged troops are made up of soldiers who can inflict damage from a distance. The type of soldiers that falls under this category includes Sharpshooters, Stealth Snipers, Heroic Cannoneers, and Archers. Ranged Troops are strong against Siege Engine/Cavalry and are weak against Infantry.

Siege Engine Troops

As depicted in the name, Siege Engine Troops come with ranged contraptions designed for breaking walls and other defenses. The type of troops that fall under this category includes the Fire Trebuchet, Destroyer, Catapult, and Ballista. Moreover, Siege Engines are strong against any type of defense structure and are weak against Infantry, Cavalry, and Ranged Troops.

Infantry Troops

Infantry troops are foot soldiers capable of face-to-face combat. The soldiers in this category are experts in handling melee weapons. Infantry troops also serve as your first-line of defense or offense during invasions. Infantry troops are made up of Gladiators, Grunts, Heroic Fighter, and Grunt. This category is strong against Ranged and Siege Engines troops and is weak against Cavalry.


Compared to Infantry troops, the Cavalry is far superior when it comes to speed and damage due to their mounts. Any type of soldier that mounts an entity will fall under this category. In this game, the cavalry is made up of Reptilian Riders, Ancient Drake Riders, Cataphract, and the Royal Cavalry. Moreover, these units are strong against siege engines and infantry. Their weakness, however, is Ranged and base defenses.

Join a Guild

Like most online multiplayer games, Lords Mobile comes with a solid social structure suitable for guild creation and participation. Some of the benefits you can get in a guild include coop monster hunting, reinforcements, and supply troops from your guildmates. Furthermore, joining a guild will allow you to create a connection with other players across the globe.


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Play Lords Mobile on PC

Lords Mobile is a fun and competitive game that will test your strategy and planning skills. With that in mind, now that you have some footnotes on how to get ahead in the game, it’s time for you to play this epic game on your PC. All you need to do is follow the download instructions provided on this page.

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