How To Increase Your Might in Playing Lords Mobile

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Posted on November 7, 2021

Developed and published by IGG, Lords Mobile offers exciting gameplay that allows you to fight in a quest for glory and victory. And in this article, you’ll learn more about increasing your might. Even though Might doesn’t directly impact your hero, every player knows that Might plays a significant role in the overall gameplay. It refers to how strong you are and how you can improve it. If you’re a newbie that wants to know how to increase might in Lords Mobile, then you’ve come to the right place. It reflects the strength of a player, which is why it’s essential to give it a boost.

You can find your Might points when you click the player icon in the top left corner. The first icon beneath your name with the numbers beside it is your Might points. You can earn more Might points when you complete quests, train troops, and complete buildings. You can increase these points with the tips below.

Tips To Increase Your Lords Mobile Might Points

To boost your Might points, one of the crucial things you need to do is to build your army. Make sure your barracks are upgraded to the highest level. It would help if you also concentrate on your troops under the T3 and T4 tiers because they endow you with considerable might. Both T1 and T2 troops won’t give you as much. Next, try to level up your Castle as fast as possible because it will provide you with many opportunities, then concentrate on research.

Another tip is to acquire experience as fast as possible. You may also use Exp Boost to gain 20% experience. Of course, leveling up your Hero is the most effective way to earn Might points. It’s also very effective to construct and upgrade your structures to earn more points.

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Finally, troops and traps can both make you earn and lose Might points. For example, losing troops can gain you Might points, but it can negatively affect your power. With this choice, you can quickly lose any battle you encounter.

Build Your Army

If you want to get more Might points, then you must build up your army. And if you want to speed up the training process, you can use gems. You can also pay for additional boosts, such as increasing your research, construction, and troop strength. These will boost your might more. But as the game progresses, both troops and traps will play an essential role in the game. So, make sure to improve other aspects and not focus on one single unit.

You can use the money to speed up the building process when creating different buildings. Lastly, you don’t need to have multiple barracks since you can only train one troop at a time.

Beware Of Losing Lords Mobile Might Points

Each attack you make will make you lose a massive amount of might, especially if you have many troops and traps. But you can still regain your might once you heal or rebuild your troops and traps. So if you find your hero losing a large amount of might, you don’t have anything to fear. That’s because you can still regain it when you do the right thing. Even casual gameplay can earn you sufficient might points, so you have nothing to worry about.

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It will take longer than expected for you to regain your lost might, so you’ll need to remain active and engage in battles with your army. Remember, your Might points aren’t a fixed value. It will constantly change depending on your performance. So once you lose it, you can still regain it as long as you follow the tips mentioned above.

Wrapping Up

Are you ready to become the Hero that can unite the Kingdoms? If so, recruit heroes from various backgrounds and collect your might points! Then, assemble your magical army filled with wonderful creatures, such as mermaids, dwarves, and more.

Utilize your troops and traps, and finish all of your tasks to gain more points. Don’t worry if you lose your points in the process of fighting against another army. Because as long as you follow the tips and tricks that are listed above, you can quickly regain them. Might is never lost because you can still acquire it.

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