The Best Casual Games To Play Without Going Online

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Posted on April 18, 2021

Advances in technology, like the internet, have pushed gaming to a whole different level. Before, players need to be in one room if they want to play together. Now, you can be in one country and playing games with another person in a different country. This is why most games you see today are taking advantage of this technology to provide a great gaming experience. This is also why games right now require an internet connection if you want to play them.

But this doesn’t mean that there aren’t available games anymore that you can play without the internet. There are still hundreds of great games that you can play without an internet connection. And in this article, we’ll list down the 7 best casual games you can play offline.

Help The Chicken Get Over The Crossy Road

One of the best casual games that you can play that doesn’t need an internet connection is Crossy Road. It’s an arcade game where your goal is to score as many points as you can. You control a chicken and then help it travel as far as possible. But you’ll have to cross the roads, rivers, train tracks, and more. So, you have to properly guide your character to avoid being hit or falling in the river. It has a simple but challenging gameplay that you will keep on coming back to.
Casual Games Offline


Build The Ultimate Pocket City

If you prefer a title where you get to build things, then you should try playing Pocket City Free. It’s a casual simulation game where you play the role of a mayor of a city. As the mayor, it is your job to make sure your city will flourish. You’re required to build residential, commercial, and industrial zones in your city and then build the structures. You can build parks, recreational posts, and so on. You also get to deal with disasters or other issues to ensure your city won’t fall apart. It’s a fun game that’s worth downloading.

Find Out More In Dumb Ways to Die 2

Another good casual game to play is Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games. It’s an entertaining and hilarious game where you get to try and complete dangerous and stupid challenges. As the name suggests, these challenges and activities can result in the character’s death if you’re not careful. But the funny thing is these are dumb challenges that no normal person would try. The original game was a smashing success and this sequel follows in its footsteps.

Enjoy Match-3 Gaming in Marble Royal – Classic

If you prefer puzzle games, then you can try playing Marble Royale – Classic. In this game, your goal is to blast all the marbles before it blocks the holes. To do that, you shoot the colored marble from the frog onto the same-colored marble set to eliminate them. The gameplay is simple, but it can be challenging, especially as you progress further. It’s a fun game that can keep you entertained for hours.
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Wrack Your Brain in Cut The Rope 2

Another fun casual puzzle game that you can play is Cut The Rope 2. In this game, you help Om Nom eat his favorite candy that’s tied to a rope. You just cut the rope so it will fall towards Om Nom and he will do the rest. But making the candy fall towards Om Nom can be tricky since the candy is placed in various places. You have to cut the rope to make it go in the direction where Om Nom can catch the candy.

Sink some Time in Candy Crush Saga

Of course, no casual offline game is complete without the popular match-3 puzzle game, Candy Crush Saga. In this game, you just match at least 3 puzzle pieces (candies) on the board to eliminate them. You can match them vertically or horizontally to eliminate them on the board. But you have to be very careful with your moves since they’re limited. Make sure you achieve the objective on the level before you run out of moves to progress.

The game will include power-ups that will help you eliminate candies faster. Your overall goal is to score the highest points possible and be one of the top players.

Go on an Epic Journey in Alto’s Odyssey

The last, but not the least casual game you can play offline is Alto’s Odyssey. It’s an action game where you join Alto and his friends in an endless journey of sandboarding. You sandboard across the majestic desert, explore temples, travel through canyons trying to go as far as possible. Of course, the journey is not easy since there are many obstacles along the way. You have to make sure you avoid all of them so your journey won’t come to a sudden end.

It’s a fun and entertaining game that you can play anywhere you want. Now that you have the list of the best offline casual games, all you need to do is download them. Get them using our launcher, and you’ll have access to all these titles for free. You can even play them on your PC!

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