Mobile Legends Best Heroes To Pick in 2022

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Posted on July 25, 2022

Mobile Legends:Bang Bang is among the most played games worldwide since its release in 2016. Since then, it has captured millions of players everywhere in the world with its dynamic gameplay and outstanding graphics.

It is also undeniable that mobile legends best heroes in this multiplayer game are as vibrant as the game itself. Who expects that after all these years since its inception, it is still known as one of the best games. With that said, it can also be true to you since you are now here reading this.

Mobile Legends heroes are known to many. Even nonplayers themselves can hear about them anywhere as long as there are game fans there. These heroes however are prone to changing power status in the gameplay. What’s relevant in 2021 can also be relevant today.

However, there are emerging best heroes for 2022. These heroes have their own unique capabilities of their own. They are also paving the way for more options in improving how to navigate the game. Straightaway, here is the overview of these emerging best heroes.

Mobile Legends Best Heroes in 2022

From recent updates, we collected mobile legends best heroes popular among players. So far, there are five of them each boasting powerful abilities. They are Granger, Benedetta, Paquito, Esmeralda, and Wanwan. Without further ado, here are their following features as shown in pros, cons, and tips.

Top 1: Granger

See Granger’s advantages and disadvantages as a hero here:


We put Granger first because she boasts immense power over other heroes. The following are his pros. First, it impacted very high burst damage to other enemies.

Granger Mobile Legends Best Heroes

The second advantage is that he can have an element of surprise to his enemies. The third is he is a highly-effective fighting marksman for the team. Fourth and last is that he can be easily maneuvered even if you are still a new player.


The first on the list is that he can easily be ambushed by other players. The second is that he is vulnerable to the CC effects. He is also vulnerable to assassins especially ones with high damage and maneuverability. The third and last is that he slows down in his third shot and should have to aim carefully.


Even Granger is a marksman, he is more effective as an assassin. His powerful crit damage can put a considerable impact by bursting targets down rapidly. Once you provided Granger few items, he is a fierce killer especially when he encounters the enemy teams.

As a marksman, he needs to stay in the team fight backlines to execute his fatal shots. With the damage he can inflict, your team would really love to be with this hero.


See Benedetta’s advantages and disadvantages as a hero below:


The following are the following reasons why Benedetta got the top 2. First, she has power for high burst damage and excellent immune ability. The second and last is that she has an effective skill for an escape mechanism.

mobile legends benedetta assassin



The first on the list is that this hero is not easy for beginners. The second reason is she is not suitable for team fights because she can’t fight effectively in crowds. The last on the list is that she has a very complex skillset that cannot be maneuvered easily.


Each Benedetta’s ability can give you mobility by blink or displacement such as the Phantom Slash. Totally, you have a minimum of four movement skills even some of your passive charged-up in battles. Overall, you can use her ability to your advantage.


See Paquito’s advantages and disadvantages as a hero here.


The first pro on the list is his high mobility which enables you to have a very fast cooldown with skill 2. With that, Paquito has the capability to move freely anywhere.

Mobile Legends Paquito Power Punch

The second pro is his high damage with just a single shot that instantly kills your enemy hero. Third and lastly his ability to effectively kill enemy cores. This immense power gives you an advantage over other hero enemies in the game.


The first on the list of cons is that he is weak against hero crowd control and cannot execute high burst damage. The second and last is that he has a low lifesteal that cannot be full even if you still buy Bloodust Ax.


Take a look at Esmeralda’s advantages and disadvantages as a mobile legends best hero here.


First on the list of pros is that can sustain herself very well in team fights. The second is that she can deal high damage from other enemy heroes and still survive. Third and lastly, she has unique abilities that will surface in the game and can solo kill buffs and lords.

Esmeralda Mobile Legends Best Heroes



There is no list of cons regarding Esmeralda except that she doesn’t have any CC.


Esmeralda can manipulate shields and even packs a powerful hybrid punch with her moves. With that, she can deal Physical and Magical damage making her a difficult enemy hero for your enemy teams. As she gives her enemies shields, you need to pay attention to her and coordinate with your team. This enables you and your team for the right timing to engage any attacks and not let her save an enemy’s life.


Here’s Wanwan’s advantages and disadvantages as a hero:


Wanwan’s first edge is his high comeback possibility because he has Crossbow of ultimate. The second is that he can easily poke at the enemy by just using the 1st skill.

Best Heroes Wanwan

The third is his high mobility during fights and maneuverability. Fourth and last on the list is he can be a fierce enemy, especially in close-combat fights.


First on the list is his not immense impact at the beginning of fights. He needs to activate ultimate first so he can survive the four hits from enemy heroes.

The second is his strength depends heavily on items and even needs support from Tank. Third and lastly is that it is hard to master this hero especially if you are a new player.


At the early stages of the game, make sure in taking the buff to Level one. This is advised since the reintroduction of the Red Buff. At the mid-stages, make sure that you keep on farming small jungle camps.

Do not also forget to take Red Buffs as long as it is available. In the late stages, don’t always rush, and remember to stay back. You will get blown quickly even with one defensive team


Now that you have the five mobile legends best heroes in Mobile Legends for 2022, it is time to put them to test. This game can is free to download here in and you can play it on your PC.


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