Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide – What You Need to Know

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Posted on April 9, 2022

In 2014, a video game developer called Celsius Online launched a simple yet intricate action game for the action gaming community. Mutants Genetic Gladiators is an action game that allows players to breed and produce their mutant army by putting two mutants in a reactor. However, as easy as that may sound, breeding mutants in the game is more challenging than it seems. With that said, if you’re one of the players who are having difficulty breeding mutants or a new player who just wants to learn about the process, then, you’re in luck as we will be discussing the Mutants Genetic Gladiators breeding guide here!

Easy Mutants Genetic Gladiators Breeding Guide

If you’re having a hard time trying to breed your mutant gladiators, let this breeding guide help you out. Read on below;

mutants genetic gladiators gameplay
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The Perfect Mutation

Right off the bat, Mutants Genetic Gladiators will immediately teach you how to breed your first set of mutants the moment you open the game. Like most freemium games, this title makes the entire process as simple as possible. After all, choosing two mutants and putting them in the reactor is as easy as eating pie. Nevertheless, there are elements that you should take into consideration when breeding mutants in the long run. One of these elements is the genetic structure of your mutants. During your initial breeding, the game will provide you with two single-gene mutants.

With that in mind, the result of the breeding process will depend on the genes of the parents. For instance, a warrior combined with another warrior will most likely result in another warrior. If you’re lucky, you might get a Nordic Nightmare that comes with two genes (saber-saber).

mutants genetic gladiators gameplay 1

Getting a two-gene mutant will broaden your breeding catalog since you can now reproduce another two-gene mutant by combining your existing one-gene with your newly acquired two-gene mutant. But do not get complacent since there are other factors that you need to consider before you can breed mutants with higher rarities. Some of these factors include the type of gene embedded in your mutants, the level of your reactor, and the level of the mutants you want to breed.

And if you’re just starting in the game, the chart below will help you anticipate the outcome of your single-gene combination and the corresponding results. For example, breeding a robot with a cyber will often result in an Android. While breeding a Demon with a Cyber will result in the mythic Deus Machina. See the chart for more details.

mutants genetic gladiators chart


Elite Breeding Guide

If you’re fed up with getting low-tiered mutants in the game, then you should consider getting the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level mutants. The aforementioned types are considered some of the finest that you can breed (aside from the legendary mutants). For instance, breeding a Bronze level mutant requires both base and parent mutants on level 10. This process will also require a bronze star during the process.

On the other hand, breeding Silver level mutants will require level 15 mutants. Even better if you have a bronze mutant standing by. This process will require a silver star. And for Gold-level mutants, you need to have at least two level 20 mutants in your roster. Using a silver-level mutant during this process is also highly recommended. This process requires a gold star to complete.

If you’re looking for Platinum-Level mutants, you need to have at least two level-30 or gold-level mutants. Aside from requiring a platinum star, this process will consume both gold mutants. All orbs infused in the mutants will also disappear. Unlike the bronze, silver, and gold process that allows you to use any type of mutant, you need to have two mutants of the same gene to complete this process.

Legendary Breeding Tidbits

If you happen to possess a non-Elite Legendary/PvP mutant, you can always level up these mutants using the process mentioned in the Elite Breeding Guide. This process will require at least one similar gene from the mutants you’re planning to breed. Moreover, improving your legendary and PvP mutants is considered the easiest breeding process in the game due to the lack of complications. That way, you can get legendary mutants in your team. Just remember to follow the breeding guide for Elite mutants to successfully get the mutants you’re looking for.

mutants genetic gladiators game


Play Mutants Genetic Gladiators on PC

Mutants Genetic Gladiators is a fun and intricate game action strategy players will definitely love. The user-friendly mechanics, high-definition graphics, solid combat system, and seamless multiplayer make this title a must-play. With that said, if you are a fan of the strategy or action genre, then you should check this game out. Better yet, make sure to learn more about this mutant game only here at! Also, stay tuned for more updates about this interesting breeding game.

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