Arknights Review: Tower Defense Gacha PC Online Game

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Posted on October 29, 2020

Arknights made its debut on the global server in January 2020. Since then, it has become the fastest-growing gacha game within six months, topping mega games Fate Grand Order, Azur Lane, and Honkai Impact 3. So what is this game? What does Arknights gameplay look and feel like? In this review, we’ll be diving into the game and why it grew so fast as one of the most successful free-to-play games of 2020.

Arknights Bag Defense

What is Arknights?

Arknights presents a tower defense experience reminiscent of games like Plants vs. Zombies and Kingdom Rush, albeit with a unique twist: it’s styled as an anime set in a post-apocalyptic future. The captivating setting, tone, and storyline of the game are compelling factors that consistently draw players back for more.

Not only does it have a great atmosphere, but its tower defense gameplay makes for a refreshing take on the mobile gacha RPG sub-genre. With a great cast of characters, a simplified UI, upgrade, and collection system, Arknights took millions by storm within a span of fewer than six months. Now, it is one of the most lucrative gacha games and one of the top-grossing free-to-play games in the market.


Arknights Gameplay Review


If you have already played 3D tower defense games before, then you already know how the game works. You must deploy your units – Operators – on the field and stop waves of enemies from entering your base. Units are based on different classes: Vanguard, Guard, Defender, Specialist, Support, Sniper, Caster and Medic. Each type has its specialty that, when mixed with other units, becomes an unstoppable force.

Vanguards are starter units that serve as the frontline. They are the cheapest units and usually have point generator buffs. Guards are attack-savvy units that can deal a chunk of damage to small teams. Defenders are massive blockers that can stop multiple enemy units at the same time at the cost of low damage. Specialists are unique units that can zone out enemies, such as by pulling them into traps or pushing them to other lanes.

On the other side, supports are manipulators that can slow down enemy movement or deploy drones throughout the map. Snipers are long-range DPS-focused units that can kill small enemies in a few hits. Casters are mage-type units that deal massive damage to large enemies at the cost of slow attack speeds. Medics are the primary healers of all the units that are crucial for every fight.

Arknights In-Game Graphics

Arknights may look grey in most parts, but that’s intentional since the game sets itself as a deep and moody game with hopelessness and depression. However, Arknights does this well with contrasting ambers and bright cyan that turn its grey parts oppositely lively.

Its 2D and 3D presentations are excellent and, when combined, make great graphical bliss. The cute chibi units blended with explosive particle effects always keep everything fresh. Of course, there is fantastic splash art thanks to the contributions of the artists behind Girls Frontline and Azur Lane.


Story Game Characters

Arknights Story Flow

One of the best parts about Arknights is its story. It’s simple, but it is well-presented. The world has entered a pandemic, and a lot of the global population has become infected with Oripathy due to a substance called Originium. The “infected” gain new powers, which they can use for either good or evil.

However, the infected population becomes a discriminatory group of people who are ridiculed for their freakish acts. A rebellious group called Reunion aims to gather all the infected and dominate over the non-infected to create a new world order.

However, those who stand for order are part of an organization named after Rhodes Island. They heed the call of cities that are under attack by the Reunion. Rhodes Island personnel consist of both Infected and non-infected Operators who fight for the future.

The story may be quite predictable, but it’s still quite a ride to watch and read.

Arknights Gacha Grinding Collection

Grinding, Gacha, and Collection

The grinding of this game is a mix of good and bad. The good side is that it feels less hectic than Azur Lane and FGO. Well, thanks to its fast gameplay and auto mode. But it is also bad because if you want to upgrade your Operators, you will need lots of resources. LOTS, indeed. Good luck trying to get all the resources in one day for a 6* Operator though since it takes up lots of your Sanity (both in-game and IRL).

Gacha, on the other hand, is a mixed bag. It’s hard to get 6* operators, yet the game includes lots of mercy pulls, guarantees, and a good number of resources. It may not be as generous as Azur Lane, but at least it is more forgiving than FGO and Honkai Impact 3. Every 50 pulls guarantees a 6* operator. That number resets if you ever get a six* operator in less than 50 pulls. Every ten pulls in a new banner also includes a guaranteed 5* Operator which is a good deal for everyone.

As for me, I wish I could get Exusiai and Siege.


Arknights Game Hero Pool


Moreover, the collection of operators is also more streamlined. Every time you get a duplicate of the same Operator, it’s put inside as a token so that you don’t see 2 of the same person in your collection. You can use that duplicate to upgrade the overall stats of your Operator.

The Events in the Match

Events in Arknights are quite fun to play with. Sure, they get very punishing, but the amount of resources to grind is always bountiful. The stories are pretty neat to read too, especially during the summer festival and the Penguin Logistics event.

Arknights Gameplay Sound

Another great part of Arknights has to be its audio presentation. The catchy music on the start and main menu, the intense battle songs in boss battles, the multiple kinds of music in events, and so much more. The voice acting is also top-notch thanks to an all-star cast that many weeaboos will know.

Arknights Overall Utage

How to Play Arknights on PC

If you prefer to play it on PC, now you can. Just download the game from our site, and you should be able to play it on your desktop with no problem! There are only a few instructions that you need to follow to successfully try the game on your PC. Once everything is done, you can share this thrilling match with your gamer friends and family. Download Arknights on your PC and start on an amazing journey.

Arknights Overall Impression

Arknights is a tower defense game that both anime and non-anime fans will like. All thanks to its amazing visual and audio presentation as well as a great cast of characters. The gacha may be cruel at times, and the grinding may be tedious, but it is still more merciful than most other past gacha games.

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