One Punch Man The Strongest – Beginner’s Guide & Tips

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Posted on April 25, 2021

If you’re a big fan of the One Punch Man manga and anime series, then you will enjoy playing One Punch Man The Strongest. It’s a role-playing game that’s published by FingerFun Limited, and is based on the popular anime series.

It’s a gacha RPG, which means a big part of the gameplay is about collecting characters. But that’s okay since the characters are based on the anime, so you’ll have fun collecting them. Imagine using heroes such as Terrible Tornado, Atomic Samurai, Genos, and many more. But the game is not only all about collecting characters, there are also plenty of things that you will enjoy about it. To ensure you start it the right way, this article provides you with a beginner’s guide.

Getting Strong Characters at The Start

Since this is a game that’s reliant on getting strong characters, then it’s important to get one at the start. This will provide you with a strong headstart and have an easier time progressing. Like with many gacha-based RPGs, you will have free summons at the beginning as part of your welcome reward. From the free summons, you will have a chance to acquire an SSR or SR character. They are the two strongest character classes and you should aim to get 1 of them in the beginning.

If you don’t get one, don’t worry, you can always reroll. This means starting the game over from the beginning and repeating the entire process. You can do this as much as you like or at least until you get a strong character. Keep in mind, rerolling will take up to 30-40 minutes. You can choose to continue even without a strong character to start if you don’t have a lot of time. There are many other opportunities to get them later on.

The Basics of the Battle System

As an RPG game, there will be plenty of battles in its gameplay. Now the battle system is turn-based, which means you and the opponent take turns making moves. The characters you summon are what you will use during the battle. Once you reach level 26, you will have 6 slots available for your team. You will have two rows for your team formation and you can use the front row for characters who have high defense.

They can act as the wall or shield to protect those from the back row, which is where you will place your damage-dealing characters. These characters are usually squishy, so placing them on the back is a good strategy. It’s also important that you use characters belonging to the same faction to activate a core skill buff. The current factions are Hero, Monster, Outlaw, Martial Artist.

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For example, you assembled a team full of Heroes, then your team will have a buff on their core skills, which can be useful in certain battles. But of course, your team formation will be determined by the battles. You can’t expect to use 1 formation throughout, as you will be facing different opponents. Whether it’s against the game’s AI or other players, adjusting your team is key to increasing your chances of winning.

Currencies You Need to Know About

Like with any RPG, One Punch Man The Strongest will make use of various currencies in the game. These currencies play a major role in helping you progress. You use them to purchase items, gear, grow characters, and so on.

Gems will be the most important currency in the game and it’s used for purchasing elite voucher tickets. The tickets are used for summoning characters. Gems are also used for purchasing stamina, character shards, and other items in the shop. They’re acquired in various ways, including spending real money.

Coins are the currency you will use for upgrading characters. They can be acquired from completing quests and challenges. Another type of coin is the Gene Coin, which is acquired at the Institute of Genetics. They can be used to purchase certain items at the mall. Another important currency is the EXP Soda & Bottles, as they’re used for leveling up characters. They’re acquired at the EXP challenge or quest.

You also need to know about Medals, which are used to evolve characters. They can be acquired at certain stages on the map. Remember that each character will require certain medals, so go to the stage where the particular medal you need is dropped.

Badges are another important resource that you can get in this game. They’re used for limit breaking your character to increase their stars level and you can get them from boss challenge modes. Other currencies that you will encounter in the game are Fund, Honor Coins, Vouchers, and Skill Points.

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Progressing on One Punch Man The Strongest

There are a lot of things that you can do in One Punch Man The Strongest. You can fight other players in the Arena and see who has the strongest characters. You can participate in Challenges to earn awesome rewards, which can help you acquire more characters or develop your existing ones. But if you want to progress in the main story, then the Main Quests are what you should focus on.

They’re the ones that you need to complete the most to progress the story further. Of course, this doesn’t mean you forget about other things like sub-quests, growth quests, challenges, and so on. You will also need them to become stronger. But the Main Quests are the ones you need to complete to move forward in the story.

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