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Posted on January 19, 2021 2 is a sequel to Voodoo Games’ 2016 multiplayer arcade game of the same name. The game made its way to the free-to-play market on Sep 13, 2018. Surprisingly in just two weeks after its release, the game accumulated 5 million installs on Android alone. Fast forward to 2020,’s downloads have increased immensely to over 260 million.

If you are new to the name, 2 plays just like its predecessor. The main difference between the two is that 2 allows 360-degree movement of the player’s square, unlike the previous game that only allows the square to move in four directions—left, right, up, and down.

Besides the improved movement, 2 plays just like the original, which is all about territorial domination. In this game, the one who owns the most real estate wins. As simple as the game mechanics may sound, 2 comes with its own set of challenges. Not to mention, the players are competing against AI opponents as the game does not have a multiplayer option. With that said, if you are new to the game, feel free to check out our list of winning strategies of the game below. 2 Game
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Strategy 1: Patience is a Virtue

Part of what separates 2 from other .io games comes from its gameplay structure. Unlike the gameplay of other .io games that spans for around 3-5 minutes, a single round in 2 can last for up to 10 minutes or longer. Thus, our first strategy tip is to stay on your territory and wait for the right opponent to take you down. Always remember that the game is about territorial domination and not racing. This is why becoming too hasty in the game usually led to annihilation.

Strategy 2: One Step at a Time

Apart from having patience, you must also have a plan on how to dominate the session. If you do not have one, then the easiest strategy is to take small steps regularly. By small steps, we mean that you dominate the territory by claiming a small part of the map from time to time. This strategy will allow you to become insignificant on the map and will prevent you from wandering far from your territory. Furthermore, the closer you are to your territory, the easier it is to claim your enemy’s area after taking him down.

Strategy 3: Don’t Cut Yourself

Our third strategy tip in playing 2 is more of a reminder not to cut or step on your own line/trail as this will result in the demise of your character. You need to remind yourself from time to time that 2 is similar to Snake, wherein crossing your own line will end the game.

In addition, your expansion should always point outwards. This means that your expansion should point to the nearest wall or edges. This is because staying close to the wall will provide you with a vantage point on your enemies. Not to mention, sticking close to the wall makes the expansion easier. 2 Gameplay
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Strategy 4: The Thin Red Line or Any Other Colors

Another effective and unique strategy that you can use in 2 is creating a long thin line adjacent to each other. This method requires you to visualize or create a “U” shape territory. Furthermore, this strategy is challenging at first, especially if you are just getting used to the game’s controls. Nevertheless, mastery of this strategy will result in easier and faster victories. The best part is that your opponent won’t mind since none of them are humans.

Strategy 5: The King of the Hill

Your territory in 2 is not just for show. In fact, your territory can also be your haven. It’s like your own safe space or bubble. No matter how big your territory is, you will always be the king of it. This means that you can destroy anyone who enters your humble abode head-on.

Now that you know some of the game’s winning strategies, it’s now time to get back into the action by downloading and installing 2 on your PC.

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