Pokémon UNITE Supporters Guide – Cheat Sheet For Supporters

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Posted on November 7, 2021

Just like any MOBA game out there, Pokémon UNITE also features several battle types that players can use in the game. One of those battle types is the Supporter. Pokémon belonging to this type usually comes with high support and decent endurance. In terms of what they’ll do on the battlefield will depend greatly on the supporter Pokémon you’ll use. There are supporters that are good at healing and supporters that are good at providing crowd control.

There are even supporters that can act as a secondary defender while also debuffing enemies. To help you understand better the supporters in this MOBA, read this Pokémon UNITE supporters guide. We’ll provide information and details about this role and who’s the best Pokémon to use here.

Overview of the Supporter Role in Pokémon UNITE

As the name of the battle type suggests, the supporter plays the role of support in Pokémon UNITE. Pokémon belonging to this type will provide support to teammates during battle. It can be in the form of healing to replenish health, providing buffs and debuffs, or using crowd control. Unlike the other battle types, what you will do as a supporter will depend on the Pokémon you’ll use.

Pokemon UNITE Supporter Cheat Sheet Overview
Pokemon UNITE Supporter Cheat Sheet Overview

But regardless of the supporter Pokémon you use, your role in the team is to always stick to your teammates. Preferably, you need to go with the attacker or the all-arounder. The reason for this is that they’re the ones who will likely be involved in a lot of fights. You need to be present during fights to provide healing, buffs or debuffs, and crowd control.

It’s also worth noting that supporters don’t have a high attack power, so don’t expect to get a lot of kills playing this role. What you will get, though, will be a lot of assists since you’ll be assisting the attacker or all-rounder get the knockouts and defeat enemies. Though the endurance of supporters is decent, they’re not on par with defenders and all-rounders.

Pokemon UNITE Supporter Role
Pokemon UNITE Supporter Role

This means you still have to be mindful of your positioning during battle. Don’t be at the center of fights, as you’ll likely just get knocked out in the process. Stay behind your defender and all-rounder as you cast your heals and support skills. As for the lane, the top or bottom lane would be your ideal location. But make sure you’ll still be with a teammate.

The Best Supporters in Pokémon UNITE

Pokemon UNITE Supporter Ranked
Pokemon UNITE Supporter Ranked

Like most of the battle types available, there aren’t many supporters to choose from in Pokémon UNITE. That’s understandable since the game is still relatively new. But as it ages along, expect more Pokémon to become available for you to use. For now, there are 4 supporters that you can use, Eldegoss, Mr. Mime, Wigglytuff, and Blissey. Identifying who is the best supporter is not easy since they won’t play the same role. But in terms of overall support capabilities, then you have to go with Eldegoss.


This Pokémon is the best support for keeping the team alive. It can heal all teammates during fights, as well as provide shields. This will allow your team to survive longer in fights. It can also provide an increase in movement speed, which is helpful in chasing enemies or trying to escape during fights. It’s a Pokémon that’s best at keeping teammates, especially a specific teammate alive during fights. Positioning would be important here, so make sure you always have good positioning during fights. Second to Eldegoss would be Mr. Mime.

Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime won’t heal teammates during battle, but he does provide great skills that can put your team at an advantage during battle. This Pokémon can cast a barrier, allowing you to split fights if you want to isolate certain enemy Pokémon. Mr. Mime can also manipulate the defense and special defense of both allies and teammates. You can manipulate it in a way that would benefit your team more. He also has decent endurance, which makes him harder to kill during fights.


Wigglytuff is a supporter that is good at setting up enemies for teammates to take advantage of. The Pokémon can stun an enemy Pokémon or put it to sleep, making it easier for teammates to knock it out. This Pokémon can also provide a bit of protection with its Starlight Radical passive ability. Last, but certainly not the least would be Blissey. This Pokémon is the most flexible among the supporters since it has a heal, debuff, cleanse, and even boost damage. A great all-around supporter to use in any battle situation.

Tips to Playing Supporter in Pokémon UNITE

The supporter battle type is not that easy to play since you’ll be performing different functions. This will depend greatly on the Pokémon that you will use. Nevertheless, there are roles that you should always remember when you play as a supporter. We’ll provide some tips here so you’ll play well as a supporter.

Pokemon UNITE Supporter General Tips
Pokemon UNITE Supporter General Tips
  • Always stick to a teammate and never go solo
  • Follow the attacker, all-rounder, or your most skilled teammate
  • Be prepared to play different roles and responsibilities during fights
  • Help in holding lanes and pushing back enemies
  • Remember what your skills do and use them wisely during fights
Pokemon UNITE Supporter Lane
Pokemon UNITE Supporter Lane

When it comes to laning, Supporters work best in either the Top or Bottom Lane since they usually stick with their team’s Attacker. In the early game, your role is to make sure your team’s Attacker is getting the much needed experience to level up as fast as they can. Keep your Attackers in tip-top shape, and eventually, once they have garnered enough experience, you can begin dueling the opposing lane. Remember that you have to complement your Attacker in dealing damage, try your best to assist them as much as possible.

More experienced Supporter players typically roam around the map once they see their team’s Attacker can fend for themselves. This takes practice, but once you get the hang of ganking lanes that need help, or providing assistance to your other teammates to keep the pressure on the opposing team, you will surely see more games going your favor.

Ultimately, as the role suggests, Supporter Pokemon assist their team to secure objectives, get KOs, amass points, and dunking them on the goals. Mastery of this role, therefore, is essential since Pokemon UNITE is a team game, and winning revolves around helping your teammates out and see to it that they fulfill their roles the best they can.

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