Pokémon Unite All-Rounders Guide – Cheat Sheet For All-Rounders

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Posted on November 7, 2021

Becoming a good player in Pokémon UNITE PC will require that you’re good at playing certain battle types, similar to other MOBA games. There are many different types available in this MOBA and one of them is the All-Rounder. As the name suggests, the Pokémon belonging to this type are the balanced ones, possessing good offense and defense.

This means they can be used for many different roles, whether it’s defending your goal or pushing a lane. Of course, there are many more roles that an all-rounder will perform. To help you know what those roles are and who the best all-rounder Pokémon are, continue reading this Pokémon UNITE all-rounder guide.

An Overview of the All-Rounder Role

Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Overview
Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Overview


The all-rounder Pokémon in Pokémon UNITE is similar to that of a Fighter or the Side Laner. They’re the heroes that don’t usually need any help from other heroes because of their decent offense and defense. They can properly defend their lane while also pushing it when needed. They’re very flexible when it comes to what role they will play in the team.

All-rounder Pokémon can go on the offensive and help push lanes or score goals for the team. They can also go on the defensive and help defend your team’s goalpost. It will basically play as your team’s secondary attacker or defender with its high offense and endurance. They can even act as your primary hero for each role, depending on how you will build them and unlock certain abilities.


Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Role
Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Role


In terms of what they will do early on, all-rounders should be focusing on defeating wild Pokémon and leveling up as quickly as possible. You need to unlock your abilities as soon as possible to really become effective and help your teammates. Once you have your abilities unlocked, your role would shift to roaming the map and helping push or defend lanes.

During the battle, you should be one of the first ones to engage the enemies after the defender to lower their health. Your main target would be the backline so it will be easier for your speedster to finish off enemies. The only issue with all-rounders is that they’re difficult to master because of their flexibility.

Ranking Pokémon UNITE All-Rounders

The all-rounder Pokémon is the most flexible role in Pokémon UNITE. All Pokemon with this role usually have good offense and endurance to allow them to play both as an attacker and defender. There are currently 6 all-rounders available in the game – Machamp, Lucario, Charizard, Garchomp, Tsareena, and Dragonite.


Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Ranked
Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Ranked


Pokemon’s first Dragon-Type is a monster when it comes to dishing out pain. Draco Impact allows it to get from almost any point on the map, while Dragon Dance allows it to catch up to its target and bombard them with devastating attacks. However, true to its Generation One sensibilities, players will have to play the early to mid game a bit more cautiously, since it is especially vulnerable to Crowd Control. But when it finally evolves to Dragonite, the opposing team better watch out!


Among them, the best one available right now is Machamp. He has great stats across the board except for support, which makes him viable to play almost any role. But what really stands out with Machamp is his innate offense. Once you pair that with Muscle Band, you won’t have a hard time dominating fights all throughout the game. In the early stages, you just need to focus on leveling up until you evolve to Machoke before starting to help out other lanes. A close second to Machamp would be Lucario.


Tsareena struts into the game with a formidable kit to oppress the opposing lane. It can deal massive damage to multiple targets with its Triple Axel, and can quickly finish off low-health enemies with Grassy Glide. Tsareena is especially dangerous if played in the Mid Lane since once it gets to its second evolution early, it can counter-jungle the opposing Mid-laner on top of providing excellent ganks and objective control.


This Pokémon doesn’t have the impressive offense and endurance of Machamp, but he has excellent mobility. Also, it makes him more like a speedster, and is the fastest all-rounder in Pokémon UNITE. He is good at closing gaps which can catch many enemies off-guard. They wouldn’t expect an all-rounder to move that fast, so they won’t be prepared for it. He is a great Pokemon at chasing escaping enemies.


Though all-rounders are not easy to master, the easiest Pokémon you can use to learn the role is Charizard. Like Machamp, he also features impressively across the board except for the support stats. His skills are also not that difficult to use and he can seamlessly fit in any role. This makes him a good practice Pokémon to use to help you learn more and understand the all-rounder role.


The last all-rounder Pokémon that you can use is Garchomp. He is also a very decent all-rounder that can be hard to stop during fights. The only problem with this Pokémon is that it takes him longer to come online compared to other all-rounders. You’ll need to evolve the Pokémon as Garchomp before you can really start roaming and making a difference during fights.

Tips to Playing as an All-Rounder in Pokémon UNITE

The all-rounder role is the most flexible role in Pokémon UNITE PC. Pokémon in this type can both attack and defend, which makes them play almost any role. This also makes it difficult to master them, which is why we’ll provide some tips to playing as an all-rounder here.

Pokemon UNITE All Rounder General Tips
Pokemon UNITE All Rounder General Tips
  • Always keep an eye on what your team is doing and be ready to assist
  • Level up as fast as possible to start making a difference during team fights
  • Know your Pokémon and play to its strengths all the time
  • Try to avoid solo fights as much as possible
  • Roam all the time and help out in all lanes

Laning is not too much of an issue for All-Rounders. They can be effective on Top, Bottom, and even Middle since their respective kits scream versatility. That said, you will have to be attentive when choosing the best composition for your team. If you feel like your team is lacking in damage, crowd control, or roaming, picking an All-Rounder covers one of those concerns.

Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Lane
Pokemon UNITE All Rounder Lane

Being an All-Rounder will test how well you can read the games you are currently in. Your Pokemon’s kit usually can turn the tide of battle to your team’s favor – you just have to get a good read and determine which objective needs to be secured, lane to be ganked, teammate to be protected, or goal to be scored. If you feel like playing a versatile class in Pokemon UNITE, look no further than All-Rounders.

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