PUBG MOBILE – Players vs Hacker Problems

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Posted on January 26, 2021

We do not have to explain how fun and exciting PUBG Mobile is when you play it the proper way. With millions of players every day, you would never run out of teammates and matches to participate. In just the past month of November 2020 alone, PUBG Mobile earned more than $170 million on its cosmetics and battle pass. You would think the company would have fixed significant problems since its launch in 2018, but it still struggles from that one issue: hackers. By far, PUBG Mobile is also known for its rampant number of hackers in the game.

It’s a shame because while the game is fun, it can turn into a major killjoy by incompetent players who use 3rd party mods to make them automatically win the game. Yet, it does not stop PUBG from having a solid activity of players. Here, we will check out the problems regarding hackers in PUBG.

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The 3-Year Problem

We won’t just discuss PUBG Mobile, but we will also include its bigger brother. The PUBG on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4. Ever since it gained popularity by the millions in 2017, PUBG has always been one of the most played multiplayer action shooters from the mainstream crowd. Of course, it was no surprise that hackers would flock to the game to ruin everybody’s experience. It was one of the biggest reasons why PUBG on the major platforms tanked in player activity.

From what used to be at the peak of 3 million players every month, it is now drastically lower at 800,000. It may still be one of the most played games on Steam, but they lost that light compared to how they were in 2017. Hackers, poor optimization, and shady business practices made its supposedly loyal fanbase fed up and leave for another game.

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But did the company ever learn? No, of course not. Because why would they if the more loyal players keep cashing in on their game, right? And so, they did the same for Mobile. Ported by Tencent Games, PUBG Mobile was free to play a version of the original game. It offered the same experience but with less stellular graphics. However, the gunplay, content, and sound designs remained intact. Ironically enough, its PC players switched to the F2P edition because they claim it is more stable.

And then, of course, you have THOSE players: the hackers with malicious tools to automatically win matches.

How a PUBG Hacker Gets His Tools

Hackers have always been the cancer of multiplayer games ever since the popularity of online gaming dating. Halo, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, GTA V, and Rainbow Six: Siege may be high budget games, but they are still under hackers’ bane. As long as it is a multiplayer game, hackers will always seek opportunities to insert a plugin to rake in wins in very unfair ways.

Funny enough, most of the hackers don’t even code their plugins. You can even get premade hack tools through just one simple google search. There’s quite a ton of them, and it is just sad knowing that they run around without a care.

Some mods are even popular now because of how effective they are in most multiplayer shooters. Plugins like aimbot, wallhack, and flash movement are common plagues in online games. Aimbot is an automated trigger where the hacker can press the aim button. It will snap immediately to a player and shoot without recoil.

Wall hack is a mod in PUBG where the hacker can see other players through the map walls, and flash movement is when the hacker runs beyond average movement speed. They usually combine these three mods and others that are unmentioned, and it is honestly very annoying.

Some of the mods are free, although you will have to tweak them yourselves. Most of them either ask you to pay or deceivingly scam you. We highly advise going against hacks, especially if you value your game account.

PUBG: Everyday Struggles

Going back to the main topic, PUBG Corp claims that they have eliminated more than 50,000 hackers. On the outside, it seems a lot, but there’s still plenty out there that impulsively destroy the game’s system.
The problem with PUBG is that it does not have a dedicated solid online security for its players. Some hackers even go beyond just playing for fun and do more serious damage like doxing other players and even scamming some.

If PUBG does have a guard like Punkbuster or Riot’s Vanguard system, then maybe the current hacking crisis may be averted as of this writing. Right now, if PUBG wants to keep the player count consistent, they need to invest in a better cyber defensive system.

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