Honkai Impact 3 Characters – Griseo Battlesuit & Weapons Overview

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Posted on July 14, 2022

miHoYo has recently dropped the latest update v5.8 Canvas of Start for their action-packed 3D role-playing game Honkai Impact 3rd and it comes with a new Valkyrie along with tons of balance adjustments. With that said, today we will be taking a quick overview of the new Valkyrie along with her battlesuit and weapons. On top of that, we will also check out the new outfits that came with the update


Griseo is a flame chaser from the previous era and is a new support in the game. She is one of the most awaited Honkai Impact 3 Characters. But do not get fooled by her fair-skinned little girl with purple eyes and light blue hair appearance. This Valkyrie holds the number 11 rank among the flame chasers.

Griseo loves to paint and prefers to be alone in areas where she can focus on her painting. Despite being soft-spoken and shy, Griseo is quite the chatterbox when it comes to paintings. She currently resides in the Elysian Realm, besides that, her backstory remains a mystery.

Starry Impression

Starry Impression is Griseo’s battlesuit included in the v5.8 update. To unlock this battlesuit, players need to collect 40 pieces of star impression fragment. Ranking up or evolving the battlesuit will require a total of 650 pieces of star impression fragments. Starry Impression’s bleed deals high damage and can buff all teammates with its ultimate making it best for melee physical support.

Grise Impression

Like all battlesuits in the game, Starry Impressions has various types of skills for various scenarios. One example is the leader bonus skill that blesses the team with 17.0% bonus physical damage to enemies that bleed with a 35.0 initial SP bonus that takes effect once every 10 mins. Another is the special called Knight Blowing Bubbles which is a combo executed together with Mr. Knight.

The damage inflicted by the attack relies on the number and type of paint color used during the attack. If all colors are used, Mr. Knight will unleash a whopping 400% physical damage. If the Valkyrie has the maximum number of all paints in three colors, Mr. Knight will smite all enemies dealing an impressive 650% physical damage.


Update v5.8 also includes three outfits for select characters in the game. The first outfit is the Before the Dawn is designed for Luna Kindred. This four-star combat outfit is available only during The Journey of Painting Stars event.

Next is the Haunted Dusk for Herrscher of Thunder. Similar to the first, this is a four-star combat outfit that features new skill effects, a new ultimate presentation, and new basic attack effects. The third outfit is for Sweet ‘n’ Spicy, the Let the Class End. This three-star combat outfit features an alternative color scheme and is obtainable through the battle pass.


Update v.58 comes with two new weapons with a variation for each one.

Elysian Astra

Elysian Astra is a weapon that deals with physical damage and bleed effects along with a summoned entity called a cross. At five stars, this weapon comes with two-weapon skills. The first one is the Primary Color which can inflict 400% physical damage, 6.0 bleed trauma, and 40% physical damage to nearby enemies every 1.5 seconds for 18 seconds.

Griseo Gameplay

This weapon is obtainable through limited and rotating supplies. The second is the Free Dyeing which increases the combo attack and ultimate damage by 25% with the entire team’s physical damage by 15% at 5 stars.

Elysian Astra: Heart’s Color

Elysian Astra: Heart’s Color is the variant of Elysian Astra unlocked in the Foundry upon obtaining Elysian Astra. This variant comes with three weapon skills compared to the original making it more powerful. The first skill called Primary Color Surge deploys cross 600% damage, 10 bleed trauma, and 60% attack physical damage to nearby enemies every 1.5 seconds for 18 seconds at six stars.


Griseo Elysian Astra: Heart's Color
Image Source: Honkai Impact 3 Griseo – Elysian Astra

The next skill is the Free Coloring which boosts the damage of the combo attack and ultimate by 35% while increasing the team’s physical damage by 20% at six stars. The third skill called Light and Colors boosts the bleed damage by 20% at six stars.

Unshielded enemies will also take 8% bonus damage upon the activation of the skill on the same level. On top of that, a bleeding enemy hit by the attack will trigger an explosion that will inflict 140% physical damage to nearby enemies.

Seven Thunders of Retribution: Rumble

Seven Thunders of Retribution: Rumble came from the core of the Herrscher of Thunder. This weapon comes with a jackpot system that allows the weapon to change structure according to the surroundings and wielder. This weapon comes with two skills and is obtainable through limited/rotating supplies.

The first skill called Thunderbolt Call can inflict lightning damage and paralyzing effects on the enemy. The second skill called Exoneration involves a summoned entity that can boost damage to weaker enemies and refreshes the cooldown of the weapon skills.

Seven Thunders of Retribution: Narukami

Seven Thunders of Retribution: Narukami is a variant of Seven Thunders of Retribution. You can unlock it in the foundry once you get it on the level. This weapon comes with three skills that inflict lightning damage and paralyze effect.

Seven Thunders of Retribution

The first skill is the Narukami Divinity. It channels the honkai energy to the divine to inflict an X-shaped slash that deals an insane amount of damage. The second skill is the Forfeiture.

This power grants bonus damage to the wielder and refreshes weapon skills cooldown once the ultimate is cast. The inverse is the third skill that boosts lightning damage of the Valkyrie.

Upcoming S-Rank Battlesuits

The following are the s-rank battlesuits to wait for the game.

Herrscher of Thunder

The Herscher of Thunder battlesuit will go live from July 15 to July 29. This battlesuit can summon a dragon into the field and can inflict lightning damage to enemies. In addition, this character can also boost the damage to allies and can inflict paralyze effect on enemies.

Silverwing: N-EX

The Silverwing: N-EX battlesuit will go live from July 29 to August 5. Designed for Bronya, this battlesuit can inflict ice damage on enemies. This battlesuit comes with a cannon as the main weapon.

Play Honkai Impact 3 on PC

Now that you have an overview of the latest Honkai Impact 3 details, it’s now time to jump back into the game and start grinding for the new items. Speaking of playing, what better way to experience this awesome game than through your PC today!


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