PUBG Mobile – The Best Accessories You Can Use In The Game

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Posted on December 6, 2020

If you are a fan of competitive shooting games, then it’s likely that you have played battle royale games. These are multiplayer strategy games where you and numerous other players will be taken to a remote island with nothing but hands or knives. Once on the island, the goal is to the last man/team standing. One of the best battle royale games that you can play right now is PUBG Mobile. For this game, its classic battle royale will have 100 players trying to become the sole survivor.

To help you survive, you will have to scour the island for weapons, items, and accessories that you can use to help survive and fight other players. Guns will likely be the most essential thing that you will look for in the game. And why not? They’re your primary equipment for protection and killing enemies. The game will allow you to equip two primary weapons, making it easier to survive and fight many enemies at once.

But weapons alone won’t lead you to victory in PUBG Mobile. You will also need to have the right accessory, including the accessories that you will equip on your weapon. This matter is to increase your chances of landing that “Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.” This blog post will provide you with the best accessories that you should use in the game and why.


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Weapons Attachments

One of the most essential accessories in PUBG Mobile will be the attachments you will equip to the weapon you are using. Not all weapons are built equally, as some weapons would require providing them with the right accessories so you can use them properly. A famous example of this is the M416. It’s a powerful assault rifle and has very high recoil making it harder to use them without the right accessory.

Now, granted, trying all the necessary attachments for a weapon in the game will be very hard to do. For this list, we’ll identify the best weapon attachment you should at least have to use the weapon properly. If the weapon you are using has very high recoil like the M416, SCAR-L, and more, you will need to have the Grip attachment to reduce recoil. A vertical grip is one of the best grips to have in the game.

The magazine is another essential accessory to equip on your weapon since it can increase the bullet capacity of guns and decrease reload time. The best magazine to use would be the one that can increase bullet capacity. The scope is another attachment that you should try looking for, especially if you sniper rifles. A range with at least 4x zoom can be handy in fighting enemies at a distance.

Armor in PUBG Mobile

Another essential accessory you will need in PUBG Mobile will be the armor. It’s unavoidable to get hit in PUBG Mobile, especially if many are good at hiding and sniping. So equipping yourself with the right armor can be the difference between dying with just one shot or surviving and giving yourself a chance to run and take cover. For armor, there are two types that you will need, a helmet and a vest.

There are three levels for each type of armor, with Level 3 armors being the highest, which means that they provide the most damage reduction. So using equipping Level 3 armors will be your best option. Of course, this won’t be easy to do unless you happen to find them immediately. So providing any armor you find, especially in the beginning, is a big help in surviving early in the game.


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Backpack & Other Consumable Items

The backpack is another essential accessory that you will need to have when you play PUBG Mobile. When you have a backpack, your character’s carrying capacity increases significantly. This opportunity will allow you to store more consumable items like the Med Kit, First Aid Kit, Bandage, Adrenaline Syringe, Painkiller, and Energy Drink. All these items will restore your health, so having ample amounts of them will be a big help.

Aside from items that restore health, your backpack will also store throwable weapons. And like the armor, the backpack also has three levels, with Level 3 being the highest. So, a Level 3 backpack will have the most capacity, allowing you to carry more items. Like armor, you should equip the first backpack that you get, regardless of the level.

Your capacity to carry items must be already high initially, as you will likely need most of them, especially the healing items. You can always equip a higher-level backpack if you see one as you’re moving along the map.

Final Thoughts

Weapons will play a significant role in whether you will win or not in PUBG Mobile. But it’s also important to remember that weapons alone won’t be enough. You will also need to equip yourself and your guns with accessories to help significantly in your survival.

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