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Posted on March 10, 2021

Restaurant Story is one of the pioneers of food preparation and restaurant management games in the free-to-play market. Since its initial launch for the IOS in 2010, Restaurant Story has accumulated enough downloads. This point resulted in an Android port in 2012 and a sequel in 2014. Restaurant Story is also one of the very first social games that made use of the restaurant theme.

Although it’s not as popular as most social games, Restaurant Story still managed to reel in a decent community of players who are still playing the game years later. Part of the players’ keeping coming back to the game comes from the regular content drop and events from the game’s developer Storm8.

In 2019 however, Storm8 dropped the final version update of Restaurant Story after the 2018 season. Although that may be the case, it does not mean that the developers already pulled the plug on the game, as you can still play the game on various platforms today including the PC. If you are planning to explore this classic game and your friends, then, the details of the 2018 season are the best way to get you started in the game. With that said, check out Restaurant Story’s 2018 update history below for more details.

Restaurant Story


So this is The New Year Event – January 2

Restaurant Story kick-started 2018 with a 15-day goal in an event called “So this is The New Year.” The event’s main goal is to acquire two types of appliances: the resolution stove and the resolution oven. Besides, the event also features a side quest that comes with a Dinner Party Reward.

All About the Glow up Event – January 18

Following shortly right after the New Year event is the All about the Glow Up event. As the name suggests, the event features two new appliances called the glowing oven and the glowing drink maker. The event also features decorations like the glowing jar display, party hipster, underglow fountain, glow party. Besides are the essential restaurant elements like the glowing jar display, party hipster, underglow fountain, and glow party. A side goal is also available that comes with an ATM reward.

Be My Valentine Event – February 1

In preparation for Valentine’s Day, Restaurant Story launched the Be My Valentine Event that features a 5-day goal. The event also featured new recipes for a chocolate maker with a “kissing swan” reward. Other rewards include a basic stove for Chocolate kisses, a Basic Stove for Heart Pizzas, and Basic Grill for Heart Steaks.

Restaurant Story Valentines


Restaurant Story Year’s Start Event – February 6

Year’s Start Event took place days before the valentine’s event expired. This event featured two new appliances which are the lunisolar stove and the festival oven. The event showcased a lucky dog statue, a red envelope girl, and a new year family meal for decorations. Essential restaurant elements like the brushed gold walls, red festival tiles, prosperous table, successful chair, and the happiness counter were also part of the event. Completion of the side goal will reward players with a Dragon Dance.

Magic & Mystery Event – February 22

Inspired by the supernatural, the Magic and Mystery event features various tasks that provide players with materials for two new appliances called the Enchanted Stove and Faerie Fountain. The decorations featured in the event include the rearing unicorn, wishing well, fairy helpers, and enchanted forest. The event offers mushroom tables, mushroom chairs, a mystical counter, mysterious forest walls, and thaumaturgic tiles for restaurant basics. Completing the side goal will reward players with a bear porridge.

Bunny Event


Some Bunny Once Told Me Event – March 13

Some bunny once told me, is an Easter event that features the blooming range and pastel oven appliances. For restaurant decorations, players have access to bunny streamers for the wall, choco bunny, bunny parade, and an easter bunny visit. Basic restaurant aesthetics include the springtime walls, spring green tiles, egg hunt counters, shell tables, and shell chairs. Completing the side goal will reward players with a pink bunny waiter, spring chick, and a basket of eggs.

Springtime for Picnics Event – March 29

In preparation for spring is the springtime for Picnics event that came with a sandwich station and drink station. The spring garland for the wall, picnic spread, flower pond, and the sunset garden party are also available as decorations. Simultaneously, the gingham table, picnic chair, picnic basket counter, tulip meadow walls, and spring grass tiles were available as restaurant basics. Completing the side goal will allow the player to access the blossom grove reward.

Make It a Better Place Event – April 27

Make it a better place. The event is all about mother earth. Those who participated in this green event got the chance to acquire the land stove and sea oven. The event features a full moon for the wall, a recycling station, an earth day statue, and a time for a hike for decorations. Basic restaurant elements like the reclaimed wood/table chair & counter, walls, and floral pebble tiles for the floor. Completing the side quest will provide access to the Earth Day Celebration.

Restaurant Story Off the Road Event – May 3

The off the road event is a celebration of Street food that features the taco-bout awesome and its fry-day appliances. Players have access to the city bridges for the wall, under my umbrella, all queued up, and food truck festival for decorations. Basic restaurant decors include a worn table, chair & counter, the city skylines walls, and the city sidewalks tiles for flooring. Completing the side goals will reward players with the sauce counter.

Pizza! Pizza! In My Tummy Event – May 22

The Pizza! Pizza! My Tummy event is a tribute to the world’s most popular fast food. The main quests in this event reward players with a rustic pizza oven and a modern pizza oven. An Italian pizza apron for the wall, pizza fanatic, pizza box stack, and pizza kitchen is also up for grabs. On top of those decorations is the pizzeria table & chair, ristorante counter, pizzeria brick wall, ristorante planks tiles. Completing the side quest will reward players with a pizza tosser.

Fathers Day Event


A Father’s Study Event – June 7

A father’s study event pays tribute to all the fathers across the globe. The main quests in this event provide players components for the charcoal rotisserie and smoker house. A series of dad-deco like the bbq competition for the wall, golfing dad, dad asleep, and fishing with dad were also available during the event. The game also features the dad’s table, chair & counter, wood study walls, and oak flooring tiles for your restaurant. Completion of the side quest will reward players with the hot rod café.

Vacation or Stay-cation Event – June 23

The Vacation or Stay-cation Event is a vacation-themed event that features the cactus oven and oasis fountain. Decorations like under the seascape for the wall, coral, shark pit, and jumping the shark were also accessible. The event featured a shark table, chair & counter, deep seas walls, and colourful corals tiles for the restaurant. Completing the side goal or side quest provides players access to the cactus flower, cactus & dune.

It’s Predatorial Fish Day Times Seven Event – July 12

Its Predatorial Fish Day Times Seven is a tribute to the iconic Shark Week, meaning that the items featured during this event are all about sharks. As expected, the appliances featured during this 15-day event include the shark tooth oven and the feeding frenzy stove. To achieve a sharper look, players also have access under the seascape for the wall, coral, shark pit, and jumping the shark decorations. Besides are the shark tables, chairs & counters, deep seas walls, and colourful corals tiles for the restaurant. To complete the look is the surfboard décor available as a reward for side quest completion.

Restaurant Story Fish Day Event


Restaurant Story Takeaway

The July update is the final version that came with a themed event. After which, the updates are mostly for bug fixes and other improvements. To that end, if you want to experience one of the classic social restaurant games available, then, check out Restaurant Story today.

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