Blast from the Past: Top 5 Retro-Inspired Free Games on PC

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Although there are a lot of good games in store today, we can’t deny the classic entertainment retro games. It has a certain charm that draws us into the game. Moreover, its simple yet catchy gameplay keeps us hooked on it. Even if it doesn’t have the same high-quality graphics as newer games, its pixelated ones are still quite a treat. Other new games draw inspiration from these retro games in addition to the remastered old games. These games provide a new yet familiar gaming experience for players.

Speaking of which, here are our top 5 retro-inspired free games that you can play on PC. Make sure to check each of them out and give them a try by downloading them here on! Buckle up and let’s start the trip down memory lane.

Nameless Cat

Imagine the cuteness of a cat going retro style. It’s pretty intriguing, isn’t it? In Nameless Cat, you can have that and have an exciting gaming experience! Moreover, it has an amazing storyline that will make you get into the game. Kotoba Games’ Nameless Cat is about a cat who wanders into the unknown. It is filled with mystery and adrenaline-pumping adventures. Also, you get to meet talking animals and face dangerous monsters. You have to help this lost cat find his way back home!




Nameless Cat is a platform game with basic controls. All you have to do is collect white orbs to be teleported to the next area. Along the way, you get to unravel the mysteries of this unknown place. The game has three unique chapters with 40+ levels. It’s going to be a long yet fun journey once you play this game. If you’re in the mood for retro cuteness, make sure to download this game!


Dream House Days

Up next, we have this interactive retro game, Dream House Days. It’s a fun simulation game by Kairosoft Co., Ltd. where you can build and manage your dream home. Here, you can be the engineer, the designer, and even the landlord of your house! Create an amazing home and attract tenants to make profits.

Experiment with colors and design as you unleash your creativity in Dream House Days. Its retro concept will surely activate the inner designer in you. Moreover, you can create romance in the game. Aside from being a landlord, you can also be a cupid for your tenants. You can also be their counselor and give life advice. Make love rise in the air and help your tenants with their life choices in this game. Download and play Dream House Days now!


dream house days free pc download


Tomb of the Mask

Now that we’re done with cuteness and some colorful simulation, it’s time for some intense adventure. A common misconception of people is that retro games are too simple and adventure games aren’t really exciting. However, Tomb of the Mask is different. This game may look simple, but it’s a gut-wrenching adventure that will keep you at the edge of your seat.




Tomb of the Mask is an infinite retro adventure-slash-arcade game set inside a mystic tomb. Here, you will have to face and defeat fearsome enemies as you go through them. Aside from that, there are obstacles and traps that you will encounter. To win this game, it is important to be quick on your toes and have keen senses.

Once you have defeated enemies and overcome obstacles, you gain new and stronger powers. With this, you can defeat more formidable enemies and win the game. Experience extreme adventure with Tomb of the Mask. Make sure to give it a shot!


Crossy Road

Maybe you’re the type to play strategy or running games, then Crossy Road is the one for you! This game is a retro-inspired fun-running game by Hipster Whale. It may be familiar to you since this game has become quite sensational because of its interesting graphics and gameplay. To win the game, you only need to cross the road without getting hit. The further you can go, the higher you can score.

You don’t only face cars and trains like usual; you also face dinosaurs as well. You may also need to cross train tracks and rivers. Aside from that, you have different animals to choose from. Starting with the common chicken, you can also use a cow, pigeon–even a unihorse! There are a lot of fun things to look forward to in this interesting game. Check out Crossy Road now!


crossy road characters


Bomber Online

This game is a revival of the beloved Bomberman video game, enhanced with additional modes and features. It boasts captivating 2.5D retro art-style graphics, offering a variety of maps to explore. Moreover, players can unlock thrilling new characters, collect items, and utilize boosters for added excitement.

But that’s not all; gather power-ups to enhance your bombs even further! Engage in multiplayer matches to challenge your friends and emerge victorious! This multiplayer experience adds an extra layer of intensity to the game as you strategize and outmaneuver your opponents.


bomber online gameplay on pc



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