Roblox: 5 Differences Between PC vs Version

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Posted on April 1, 2019

Okay, so you might be wondering why there’s the proper PC browser version and the version of Roblox. In short, they house the PC version whilst we provide the handheld-to-PC port. Now you might ask, “Is there really a difference between the two?” Well, we’re so glad you ask. In today’s article, we’ll be sharing you the main differences between the browser version and the version.

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Memory Capacity

Mainly, Roblox PC browser takes more memory space than the handheld. Whereas, the latter is as compact as what you would expect in a smartphone version. The browser needs 1 GB of free space while the handheld version only requires 79 MB. That’s a huge difference, isn’t it? That also means the graphics is using less textures too. Expect aliasing and a frame rate of 30 FPS but as long as it makes the experience more compact, then it bids really good for players saving up precious memory space for their PC.


System Requirements

While Roblox doesn’t boast when it comes to graphics, the game does take a lot from your CPU and RAM. Loading times become very harsh when you’re buffering a freshly-downloaded game mode. Additionally, pop-ups turn slow to the point where you need to wait minutes upon minutes until everything fully loads into the map. For mid to high-rigged PCs, this doesn’t show as a problem. But for the ones who can’t afford a decent gaming PC, they’ll have a hard time booting up the game. Even if you disable anti-aliasing, v-sync and minimize resolutions, the game’s performance still shows through jaggy movements under 30 fps.

Whereas, the handheld-to-PC port found here in only needs minimum requirements for you to run. It doesn’t matter if you own a potato PC – the game works smoothly due to mobile-standard graphics instead.



Controls bear only a slight difference from the PC to the port. Both Roblox versions use the keyboard and mouse option but the main resemblance here is that the version converts mobile controls into PC controls. That means the UI will display touchscreen controls except this time, the keyboard and mouse manipulates them.



Another main difference between the two is how much freedom you can do. For example, the browser version lets you freely choose any game mode on the fly while downloading another. Moreso, you can even customize your avatar easily in just a push of a button. On the other hand, since the handheld version is so compact, lots of accessibility options are either over-simplified or removed. One case is opening different windows based on your options and game mode activations. Another includes Roblox avatar customization. While you can fix your avatar during a game session, in here, you will need to exit the game mode and go to customization.

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The mobile version was always known for its laggy reception. Fortunately, the version fixes that by proxying the browser connectivity and into here. And yes, you can still connect with other players on PC, Xbox, iOS and Android.

Now that we got those out of the way, why not give our version a try? Download Roblox here for free!  For more Role-Playing Games you can also check out Monster Legends – RPG.

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