Shadow Fight 2 – Challenge Yourself With These Bosses In Game

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Posted on April 25, 2021

When it comes to fighting games, Shadow Fight 2 is one of the best games out there. It’s an action role-playing fighting game where you play the role of Shadow, a legendary warrior who seeks powerful opponents. In his quest and arrogance to find someone worthy of fighting him, he opens the Gates of Shadow, unleashing Demons on the world. He also lost his physical body in the process, making him just a silhouette figure.

To try and make amends for what he did, he’s on a quest to defeat and seal all of the demons he accidentally unleashed. You do this by fighting various enemies using life-like martial arts techniques. Equipping different weapons and armor to help you battle against powerful enemies is also a good thing to do.

You will fight numerous enemies, including the powerful demon bosses themselves. But aside from the demon bosses, the game also has Eternal bosses that are even more powerful. Let’s discuss these different Shadow Fight 2 bosses more in this article.


Shadow Fight 2 Bosses


The Demon Bosses you Defeat in Shadow Fight 2

The following enemies are the ones for you to beat in Shadow Fight 2. All these demon bosses have a background story of their own. Apart from knowing their skills, knowing a bit of their story can help you win over them. Take all these information to help you succeed until the end and fulfill your mission.

The Demon Lynx

Lynx is the very first demon boss that you will have to take down in Shadow Fight 2. He is the final boss in Act 1 of the game. He is the leader of a group of assassins known as The Order. The weapons he uses are claws, which have decent range and very significant damage.

He is also an enemy that uses ranged weapons since he has a smoke bomb he can throw that makes him invisible. You won’t outright fight him, as you first have to defeat his five bodyguards. Each one of them is stronger than the other, which means you have to get strong to defeat them. Defeating him again in Eclipse mode will reward you with his weapon.

The Demon Hermit

The next demon boss you will face is Hermit, a martial arts master. He destroyed all martial arts academies in his area. The reason behind it is for him to establish his own and not have any competition. He uses a pair of one-handed swords, and he uses magic during battle. This makes him a difficult opponent to deal with.

He also changes ranged weapons after every round that he is defeated, so expect to deal with various armaments when fighting him. Similar to Lynx, you also have to defeat his five bodyguards before fighting him. Each bodyguard is stronger than the last one you beat, so getting stronger here is a must. Winning against Hermit again in Eclipse mode wins you his weapon.

The Demon Butcher

Butcher is the third demon that you have to defeat in Shadow Fight 2. As his name suggests, he uses two meat cleavers as weapons, which are devastating because of the bleeding effect it causes. His unique ability is stomping the ground and causing an earthquake. It can make you lose health as well as make you fall. He also has five bodyguards that you must defeat before fighting him. Each is strong, and you need a certain level of strength to have a chance of winning. If you want Butcher’s weapon, defeat him again in Eclipse mode.

The Demon Wasp

The Wasp is the fourth demon you will encounter in the game, and she is also the first female demon. She uses a green naginata, which is a bladed pole weapon. Since it’s a pole weapon, she also has decent range, making it harder to get near her. But the scary part of this demon is her unique ability. This allows her to jump off the edges and then swoop across the screen. You could dodge it if you timed your roll or duck. She also has five bodyguards that you must defeat first before you get a chance to battle her. If you want to have her weapon, just beat her again in Eclipse mode.


Shadow Fight 2 Bosses Widow


The Demon Widow

The second female demon is the Widow and the fifth boss in Shadow Fight 2. For her weapon, she uses a pair of fans that have a leaching effect. She can also throw the fan, which makes it a ranged weapon. Her unique ability is that she can teleport behind you and backstab, dealing with massive damage.

You can deal with this with a well-timed backward kick or roll. On the other side, you can also choose to intercept her before she finishes her teleport. You will first have to deal with five bodyguards before being able to face Widow. Keep in mind the bodyguards here are more powerful than what you encountered before. Defeating her again in Eclipse mode will win you her fan weapons.

The Demon Shogun

The second to the last demon that you have to deal with is Shogun. He is a samurai warrior who wields a pair of katana and wakizashi blade, a short sword. He has a scary unique ability, which allows him to summon all his bodyguards. They will come at either side of the screen at random intervals one at a time and will attempt to strike you once. You can only avoid them, as you cannot attack them. Once done, they all fly upwards. If you want to have Shogun’s swords, you have to defeat him again in Eclipse mode. You face this demon after first defeating his five bodyguards.

The Demon Titan

The last demon is Titan, who is also the final boss of Shadow Fight 2. He uses a two-handed sword called the Desolator with lifesteal enchantments. He also has an extendable arm, which acts as his ranged weapon. His unique ability is the Mind Throw, which is a blue energy orb that he controls. If it hits you, it suspends you in the air, chokes you, and then slams you on the ground dealing massive damage. Titan also has five bodyguards, which are more powerful than the six other demons. But after defeating them, you first battle a mind-controlled May before dealing with Titan himself. However, there is no way to acquire his weapon, even after defeating him in Eclipse mode.

The Underworld Eternals Bosses in Shadow Fight 2

The Eternals are the bosses of the Underworld, which is the multiplayer mode of Shadow Fight 2. You fight them in online raid-style battles, where you team up with other players to take down these Eternals. Below are the Eternals you can try to fight and defeat:

  • Volcano
  • Megalith
  • Fungus
  • Vortex
  • Fatum
  • Arkhos
  • Hoaxen
  • Karcer
  • Drakaina
  • Tenebris
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