Shop Titans Update – What Are The Latest Features Available

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Posted on July 4, 2021

Shop Titans: Epic Idle Crafter, Build & Trade RPG is a unique and unusual simulation RPG. This is because it’s an RPG where you don’t get to fight monsters or various enemies. You also don’t get to go on adventures and quests to save the world from the evil that’s plaguing it. Instead, what you do here is you become a merchant and you sell various gears to adventurers, knights, and heroes.

You get to craft swords, armor, boots, helmet, bow and arrow, and so on, and then display them in your shop. You also have to purchase materials that you’ll need for crafting your items. It’s also important to upgrade and develop your shop, so you can display all of your wares for everyone to look at. Various customers will then come in, take a look at your wares, and purchase them. So making sure you have enough space to accommodate customers, as well as enough racks or display furniture for your wares, is important.

Shop Titans is a fun and unique game where you get to experience what merchants usually do in role-playing games. Recently, the game had a huge update, version 7.0.0. It resulted in new features being introduced. In this blog post, we’ll discuss what the latest features are and how they improve the game.

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The New Features that Update 7.0.0 Brought

The update came with several changes, as well as some bug fixes. But the major update would be the two new features that would improve the gameplay and gaming experience of Shop Titans. One of the new features is The Collection Book and the other one is the Vanity Gear. Let’s discuss in more detail what those two features are.

The Vanity Gear

As the name suggests, the latest feature of Shop Titans is more for improving the looks of your hero. It’s a new system that will be available to all heroes. It will allow players to make a piece of standard equipment available as a special customization option for their heroes. This means that players will now be able to change the appearance of certain equipment while still maintaining the power and statistics.

For example, standard armor can now be made to look like a ninja outfit or a wizard’s robe. A regular sword can be turned into a wooden club, and so on. This is great since you can now have your hero look the way you wanted them to look. No longer will you have to settle for equipment that doesn’t match your hero.

There are some specifications that you’ll need to meet first to use Vanity Gear. One of those would be making sure that the equipment that you want to turn into a Vanity Gear is something your hero can normally wear. The blueprint of the equipment should also be mastered and have its Collection Book page completed. The Vanity Gear is also not an actual item, they are merely a disguise on top of the real equipment your hero is wearing.

This means they can’t be sold or traded, and they won’t break. The equipment underneath it, though, can still break. So, make sure to take note of this. There are more specs that you need to know, and you can see them here.

The Collection Book

The second new feature that came to Shop Titans is the Collection Book. It’s basically a book where you can view all of the item blueprints that you already have. This new feature is geared more for the collectors and perfectionists who want a record of everything they have. It’s a great way to see what you already own and what you’re still likely missing.

The great thing about the Collection Book is that you can also accept donations of items from other players to help you fill the pages of the book. Whenever you master a blueprint, its page will be unlocked in the Collection Book. It will contain all the basic information about that item or gear. Once a page is available, each quality of the item can be donated to the book. This will make it easier to fulfill your collection and fill the pages.

Shop Titans Collection Book
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Each donation on the Collection Book will increase your collection score and will unveil bonus information about that particular blueprint. When all 5 qualities of the items are acquired, you will complete the page. This item then now becomes available to be turned into a Vanity Gear.

Aside from bragging about having a complete collection, you can also acquire the Archivist Glasses blueprint. This is possible when you reach a certain collection score and get the blueprint as a reward. If you’re really a master collector, you can even try to acquire the All-Knowledge blueprint. It’s a great addition to Shop Titans, allowing you to see the items you already own.

Final Thoughts

The latest features of Shop Titan are great additions that will make the game more interesting and fun to play. The Vanity Gear allows you to customize your hero and give them the appearance that you want. And the Collection Book will allow you to see the blueprints you already have as well as the ones that you still need. They make the gaming experience much better.

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