2: 5 Winning Strategies You Should Know

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Posted on December 20, 2020 2 is one of those easy-to-learn yet difficult-to-master game titles inspired by the 2015 MMO browser game For those who don’t know about the io category, most of these games follow a common gameplay structure which is ‘survival of the fittest’ or ‘kill or be killed’. In other words, io games are all about domination. This attribute makes io games fun and engaging, especially for people who don’t have enough free time to play competitive video games. A single round in, for example, could last from 5 seconds up to 10 minutes, depending on the players’ skills and strategies inside the arena.

Speaking of skills and strategy, if you are having a challenging time surviving in 2, then you have come to the right page as we have scoured the web for strategies that can help you win the round. With that said, feel free to check out our shortlist below and try to apply it the next time you jump into the competitive world of 2. 2 Instructions


1. Patience is a Virtue

One of the most common mistakes new players make in is taking on the other players head-on moments after entering the arena. Most of the time, this aggressive act will result in the demise of the player’s block. Therefore, it is important to take note that is not about racing; it is, for the most part, about domination.

To survive in 2, you must take your time and become insignificant from other blocks. This strategy will buy you enough time to grow your territory without the interference of other blocks. Patience, strategy, and planning are three of the most important skills needed for this game.

2. Start From the Corners

Another useful technique that you can do in 2 is to look for the corner of the map as soon as you enter the arena. This is because the corner is the best area on the map to begin your domination. Not to mention, it also provides a clear vantage point to detect incoming threats. Staying at the corner will not only improve the odds of your survival but will also provide you a fighting chance to dominate the level. Thus, always remember to go to the corner as soon as possible.

3. Make Watching Ads a Routine

Like most indie games, 2 relies on ads and microtransactions for funding. Without the studio’s monetization scheme, most free-to-play games will not receive any updates or even worse, will not survive after a year in the market. With that said, if you are enjoying the game but do not want to spend real money on the game, then watching short ads is your next best option. Watching ads will benefit not just the developer but you as well. This is because the game will provide you an extra life in exchange for watching a short ad. 2 Avatars


4. Play 2 in Style

As modest as the design of this game may be, 2 allows you to customize your block. You can do this by going to the (+) symbol near the block avatar located in the title menu. You will find a wide selection of avatars that you can unlock and use to customize your block. However, each avatar requires a specific challenge to unlock. With that said, if you have your eye on a specific avatar, all you need to do is take that specific challenge.

5. They are Not Humans

If there is one important thing that new players should remember when playing 2, it’s that other players do not control the other blocks in the game. All the other blocks roaming around inside an arena are all bots. This means that most of these blocks will react to your play style. For example, if you become too aggressive, the game’s AI will become aggressive as well. With that said, always remember to keep a low profile and use the first technique on this list, which is all about patience, strategy, and planning.

Now that you have these basic winning strategies, now is your chance to test what you’ve learned by playing 2 on your PC now.

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