Skylanders: Ring of Heroes – First Impressions & Guide

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Posted on October 2, 2020

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a relatively new role-playing game published last year by Com2Us, a company known for bringing us the famous Summoner’s War game. In this new game, you play the role of Portal Master, who landed on Skyland. The game’s story is about how the dark entity Kaos has gotten his hands on the Book of Dark Magic and disrupted time and space. It’s your duty as Portal Master to try and stop this dark entity and save Skyland.

In this game, you will have your piece of the island where you will reside. You will have the option to decorate and customize how you want your island to look like. As the Portal Master, your role is to collect various Skylanders, train and develop them, and then form a team and battle against numerous villains. There are multiple modes available to play, but mostly they’re categorized as PVE or PVP. Let’s discuss further in this article our first impressions of the game.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Gameplay

Our First Impressions About Skylanders: Ring of Heroes

If you’ve played Summoner’s War before, you will notice that Skylanders: Ring of Heroes has many similarities. Let’s see how both of these games are similar to one another.

The Similarities

For one, both games have a monster collection portion, where you will have different monsters to collect and use in battle. Apart from that, both games feature a turn-based battle system and the ability to level up, awaken, and strengthen monsters. Some of the game modes are almost similar, too.

Another similarity is that the developers are also adding more and more Skylanders into the game for you to collect. Additionally, it follows the usual advantage-disadvantage formula when it comes to elements where water is more robust than fire, and fire is more potent than air, etc. But that’s where the similarities would end, as Skylanders: Ring of Heroes added new things and improved upon existing components.

The Differences

One of the things that they enhanced upon is adding more elements into the mix. Firstly, the game features 11 elements—Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Tech, Villain, Light, Dark, Undead, Life, and Magic. More than that, you can also use villains in this game, which is a cool and fun feature as it lets you use many of your tormentors in battle. Thus, it makes battles much more enjoyable.

In terms of graphics, it seems familiar, but also very different. Skylanders: Ring of Heroes graphics are more polished and well developed than Summoner’s War. Specifically, it is more realistic and better, providing for a better overall gaming experience. But what’s great is that Com2Us made sure that the game won’t still be demanding. In other words, you won’t need high-end specs to play this game.

Ultimately, Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is a better game compared to Com2Us’s earlier games. They have finally learned from their shortcomings from the previous titles and improved it in this game.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Battle

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes Guide

Now that you know what Skylanders: Ring of Heroes is and what to expect in the game, it’s time to provide some tips. Read on to find out how you can get by the game.

Summoning is How You Acquire Skylanders

Like most games in this genre, you don’t start with all available Skylanders—you will have to summon most of them first. It can be done through a Random Numbers Game (RNG), which means you can’t determine what character to get as it is on a random basis.

To summon a Skylander, you need to use Gems or Tickets. You can earn tickets via in-game events or special objectives. You can also choose to buy them with real money. As for the Gems, there are various ways to earn it in the game. You can buy them with real money as well if you want. For summoning, you need to spend 100, 800, or 1,000 Gems. The higher value means it will do more summons at once, which means higher chances of getting a good character.

Leveling Up and Evolving Skylanders

After acquiring Skylanders, the next step is to level up and evolve them to make them stronger. Using Skylanders in battle will result in them gaining experience and leveling up. You can also use Red Potions to increase their level. Once they have reached a certain level, you will need to evolve them to level them up further.

Evolving Skylanders not only allows them to level up further, but It also increases their stats, making them more powerful. To evolve them, you need to power up your Skylander 5 times first, and then they will be ready for evolution. After, again, reaching a certain level and development, the next step is Awakening. This step involves further enhancing the Skylander. You will need Soul Stones to awaken your Skylander after it reaches five stars.

Learn the Game’s Battle System

Skylanders: Ring of Heroes uses a turn-based battle system. In this battle system, you will usually battle villains and enemies, as well as other Skylanders during PVP mode. You will use three Skylanders every battle, and each Skylander will automatically choose a target after you’ve given it a command. Afterwards, you can tap on the enemy so that your team will focus on attacking there. On top of that, you will also bring along two skills that you can use in battle. Take note that the skills use mana, so you won’t be able to use them until you have enough mana available.

When you unlock Villain companions, they’re not automatically sent into battle. Instead, they will join your team after you tap their image at the bottom of the battle screen once they are available. They will join the battle as the 4th member of your team.

Skylanders Ring of Heroes Create Team

Composing Your Team

When you compose your team, it’s important to know the different elements— their advantages and weaknesses. Knowing these things will help you strategize better when it comes to forming your team. Remember that no single team will be able to defeat all enemies. Therefore, you will likely switch them around depending on who you’re battling. You should also be aware of the skills and abilities of the Skylander to build a more balanced team, with one being a healer and providing support, another defending, and another being the main damage dealer.

The ones mentioned above are what you will need to remember when you are playing Skyland: Ring of Heroes. These tips will help you play better and put you on the right path to becoming one of the best Portal Masters.

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