Marvel Super War Review – Is It a Great MOBA Game?

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Posted on October 30, 2020

Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) games are always fun and exciting to play because of how competitive they can be. That is the reason why a lot of games in this genre are well-liked by many. With that, a well-known franchise has joined the genre, as Marvel Entertainment, in partnership with NetEase Games, launched Marvel Super War in late 2019.

Its gameplay is similar to that of other MOBA games, where five players will battle against another five players inside a battle arena. There are three available lanes in the game, where three defense towers protect each lane. Minions also spawn regularly and continuously moving toward the enemy base. Of course, the main difference is that this game will be using all the famous characters of the Marvel Universe. But is this a good MOBA game that’s worth playing? Let’s discuss this further in this review.

Marvel Super War Gameplay

Marvel Super War is a Typical MOBA Game

Here are the factors why this game is highly similar to other MOBA games:

Player Controls

When you start playing Marvel Super War, you will see that it is like your typical MOBA game. Heroes will have three skills to use, with one of them being the Ultimate skill. There’s also a basic attack, and you can buy items as you earn enough gold. Besides that, there are also two basic spells that you can use. An example would be healing and teleporting.

Map Layout

The map layout is also similar, where there are three lanes, each with defensive towers. Then, there’s also the jungle area where you can kill creatures to gain boosts, gold, and experience. In terms of game mode, there’s also the Classic, which they call Match, and the Ranked mode. You can also battle against the AI, where you can choose its difficulty level—easy, medium, or hard.


Like other MOBA games, Marvel Super War is also a free-to-play game. You don’t have to pay anything to download and play it. However, it offers many in-app purchases like other MOBA games for the developers to make money. With these, you really won’t feel that you’re playing a different type of game as everything else is pretty much the same. But of course, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any differences in this game.

Marvel Super War Heroes

Use of Marvel Characters

One of the main differences you will notice is that the game uses Marvel characters. Thus, you will see familiar faces like Iron Man, Captain America, Deadpool, Ice Man, etc. Marvel Super War also introduced a new character type, replacing the Mage with Energy. Characters can also reach a max level of 18.

The developers also based the character’s appearance on the comics, including their powers and abilities. So if you’re someone who’s been reading Marvel comics often, you will enjoy playing this game since you’ll see many of your favorite characters. Playable characters would also include Marvel Villains, such as Loki, Mysterio, Thanos, and more.

But like many of the MOBA games you can play, all characters are not readily available. You’ll have to recruit them first, which will cost coins, crystals, or Star Credit. Star Credit is the premium currency in the game, so they’re mostly available if you buy them with money.

There are also in-app purchases, but they’re mostly for different characters’ skins and won’t provide an advantage. The developers want a fair game, so spending money doesn’t mean you have an advantage.

Healing on the Defensive Towers

Another difference in this game is that the primary defensive tower now possesses healing capabilities. You can hide behind the tower, and a healing drone will replenish a portion of your health. You can usually do this twice before it’s used up, and you’ll have to wait until its cooldown is complete to be able to heal again. This feature is a great addition since you don’t always have to teleport back to base for healing, allowing you to stay in the lane and fight.

Marvel Super War Nexus

Futuristic Graphics

The graphics in Marvel Super War also look fresh and realistic. Besides that, the game’s settings are even more futuristic than the usual settings you see in other MOBA games. It feels like you’re battling on the grounds of Asgard. Add to that, its gaming graphics are smooth, which is a big deal, especially when opposing teams clash together or if one team destroys the opponent’s base. Ultimately, the game’s graphics add to the fun experience you will enjoy, especially if you play Marvel Super War on PC. Thanks to the big screen size of your desktop, you will appreciate every inch of detail of this game’s graphics.

Is Marvel Super War a Good Game?

Marvel Super War doesn’t offer anything new in terms of gameplay, except for some of its features that other MOBA games don’t provide. And that’s a good thing, considering how popular MOBA games are until today. Thus, offering the same gameplay with added features is a good strategy. But what makes this a really good game is the fact that it’s using Marvel Universe characters in a MOBA setting.

It is fun and entertaining to see your favorite character performing their skills and abilities in the battle arena, trying to take down enemies. It’s like the comic book characters jumped out of the page and entered the game to fight for you. If you like playing MOBA games, Marvel Super War is worth downloading and playing.

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