Specimen Zero Beginner’s Guide – Where to Spawn Keys & Other Items

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Posted on October 31, 2021

Published by Café Studio, Specimen Zero is a scary arcade game that depicts uniqueness. It enables players to bring down zombies and the other evil creatures that will try to cross your path. In this game, you will get a chance to explore various dark areas like horror hospitals, secret buildings, creepy rooms, and mysterious labs. From the mentioned locations, your goal is to solve puzzles and collect items for you to escape from the frightening place and the petrifying monster. If you are a gamer fond of unique and exciting horror games, you better check out Specimen Zero.

Basic Information about Specimen Zero & its Features

Typically, horror games tend to give players screamers and terrifying sounds. But, if you think you are brave enough to deal with all the horrific experiences, then you must not miss playing Specimen Zero. In this game, you will be set in various rooms, and to progress, you need to pick the valuable items that might help you.

Room in Specimen Zero

For you to get through the rooms, you need to find keys. These are your significant objectives as it allows you to enter rooms and land to the safe zone. Unfortunately, these keys are dispersed throughout the building in various rooms. While aiming for these keys, be brave enough to overcome the obstacles and avoid attacking the enemies. Additionally, you can also encounter useful tools like weapons, CCTV, flashlights, and screwdrivers, which can help you progress the game.

Where to Acquire the Keys in Specimen Zero?

If you want to top-notch this multiplayer horror game, you must be excellent at spawning the keys. In this part of the guide, you will learn where you can obtain the keys, which can help you top the game and beat the enemies. Here are some tips on where and how to find the keys;

Find Them in Remote Places

In this horror game, you and your team are usually designated in a room. This room is located on the 2nd floor. It is also where you will find the first key, specifically on the cabinet. If you didn’t find it in the cabinet, search it in the entire room. Don’t settle for a typical place, as you might find these keys at unusual objects or beneath the bed. Try to think outside the box and patiently find keys in impossible positions. Once you get the key, you can proceed to other rooms and see more keys.

Bathroom Camera
Image Source: Screenshot From Specimen Zero Finding Key


Study & Memorize the Map

Aside from locating keys, you need to have excellent skills in familiarizing the map’s layouts and its locations for you to win the game. There are numerous locations like the 1st floor, 2nd floor, laboratory, and basement. In each area, there are various rooms to explore and keys as well. If you want to track the monsters in the location, you utilize CCTV cameras.

Generally, all keys that can unlock the rooms on the 2nd floor are on the first floor from the basement. As you reach the second floor, you will encounter numerous rooms which set you to the spawn room. From there, you can explore the floor and find rooms. These rooms are the key stairs rooms, cable roll room 1, cable roll room 2, oranger key card room, key two rooms, and the stairs. Remember that you might spend a lot of time exploring the second floor. This is because you are tasked to unlock the rooms to progress in the game.

Specimen Zero Camera 2


If You Fail, Don’t Give Up!

If you can’t find the key quickly, it’s not yet the end of the game. Don’t give up easily and continue the hustle. It is not just an ordinary horror game, and you have a team who can help you think where to find those keys. Keep in mind that this multiplayer horror game has shuffled spawns. So, if you want to acquire something, you need to look at all places as possible. Don’t miss checking the top of the table, cupboard, drawers, and massive things in every corner as well. Frequently, you might not be able to acquire a key to a particular place, but you might find some exciting stuff that can be useful in the future.

Specimen Zero Room


Final Thoughts

If you are checking out a horror game with a twist, you must not miss adding Specimen Zero to your list. Aside from it giving you a thrilling experience in fighting against zombies and monsters in an open-world horrifying game, you can enjoy the intense competition with your team. With your team’s cooperation and patience, you will surely get the items and keys quickly. Test out your luck in finding keys, and get an effective way to escape and land to the safest place possible! If you want to be updated with this horror arcade game, stay tuned for more games here!

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