Brawl Stars – How To Play The New Brawler Squeak

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Posted on June 1, 2021

One of the great things about the action game Brawl Stars is that Supercell always makes sure that players will have something to be excited about. And usually, it’s about new Brawlers added into the game. Just this early April, Supercell released the sharpshooter Belle. This Chromatic Brawler is a powerful new character with amazing skills and abilities. She’s not just a damage dealer, but she can also buff teammates’ damage with an ability.

Indeed, Belle is a great addition to Brawl Stars that players will enjoy playing. But aside from that, there’s another new addition to the game named Squeak. He is a Mythic Brawler that belongs under the fighter class and has above-average health and damage. You can get this character from random boxes so you can play and try him out. Or you can also purchase him from the store for 349 gems.

Brawl Stars Squeak
Image Source: Brawl Stars Squeak

Squeak a great character that can be a good choice for many players of the multiplayer action game. But how do you play this new character in Brawl Stars? Let’s discuss it in this blog post.

The Abilities of Squeak the Mythic Brawler

Before we talk about the best playstyle for Squeak, it’s important to know first his skills and abilities. This will give you an idea of what this Brawler can do.

Stick Bomb – Main Attack of Squeak

Squeak attacks by throwing a ball of goo to walls and enemies. The goo will stick to the wall or enemy and then explode after a 1.15-second delay. The great thing about this attack is that it’s an AOE damage. It means that it can deal damage to any target within a 2.67 tile radius. It can even damage enemies behind a wall. The goo will also explode once it reaches the end of its range in case it doesn’t hit a target.

Big Blob – the Super of Squeak

Squeak’s super move is the Big Blob, where he throws a giant ball of goo that will explode after 2 seconds. When the big goo explodes, it sends out 6 blobs in a hexagonal pattern that can stick to enemies, walls, and other obstacles. The blob will have a 1.15-second delay before it explodes and deals damage within a 1.33 tile radius.

Windup – The Gadget of Squeak

For his Gadget, Squeak uses the Windup. When it is activated, it double’s the range of the Brawler’s next attack to 15.33 tiles. Whenever this is used, a gadget symbol is also seen above him to indicate the increase in his attack’s range. The cooldown for the Gadget begins once he makes a shot.

Chain Reaction – the Star Power of Squeak

Squeak also has the Star Power Chain Reaction. Every enemy within the explosion range of one of the Brawler’s attacks will result in a 10% damage increase to all targets in the explosion radius. It basically raises Squeak’s damage the more enemies he hits. But even if his attack only hits 1 enemy, he still gets a permanent 10% extra damage for every attack. The Star Power doesn’t apply to the secondary stick bomb from the Big Blob.

Tips for Squeak’s Gameplay

Now that you briefly know what Squeak’s skills and abilities are, it’s time to discuss the tips on playing this Brawler. When you play Squeak, you must always keep your distance from the enemy. Though he is a fighter, his playstyle is not that of the typical fighter class that’s in the middle of the battle. He is more of a Brawler that you position properly before using your attacks. The reason for this is that his attacks have a 1.15-second delay.

Brawl Stars Squeak Gameplay
Image Source: Brawl Stars Squeak Gameplay

So, you have to factor that in when you attack. You have to make sure they explode, so putting this Brawler in the middle of a battle won’t work. He is great at dealing damages to other Brawlers who like to hide behind walls. You can take advantage of the large radius of his explosions to damage enemies. If you plan on using the Big Blob, you can also do so even with just 1 enemy. You just have to throw it properly so that all 6 blobs will stick to the enemy and deal massive damage.

Most Effective Maps for Squeak

The maps that Squeak is most effective at will be Siege and Heist. His Super can be a gamechanger in these maps because you can damage both enemies and the IKE Turret in Siege. You can also do the same to the Safe of the gems in the Heist map. The bushes are also useless with Squeak since you can attack them to see if there’s an enemy. His Gadget also makes him a great counter for snipers since it allows you to increase the range of your attack.

Squeak is a great Brawler to use in Brawl Stars. But he does require a bit of practice to use. You need to learn how to properly position yourself so you won’t die easily. Despite his above-average health, the short delay of his attacks makes him vulnerable. Once you get used to Squeak, he is a great Brawler to use in many situations.

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