Subway Surfers Berlin World Tour 2021 & Latest Events

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Posted on March 17, 2021

Since the start of the year, Sybo Games has been busy dropping tons of content into their uber-popular endless running game Subway Surfers. In three months, the iconic game already celebrated three huge events. So if you are new to the game, then now is the perfect time to brush up on your hoverboard skills, as 2021 will be a massive year for the iconic game.

Therefore, if you are curious about the events in the game, hold on to your mouse and prepare to surf! We’re here to unleash the updated version’s details released by Sybo Games for Subway Surfers for the first quarter of 2021, starting with the Space Station event.

Subway Surfers: Space Station Edition

Subway Surfers Update 130, known as the Space Station update, made its way to the game on January 7. The update introduced two new characters into the game named Spacebot and Frankette. Interested players can acquire each of the characters above for $2.99 or through the Mega Space Bundle for 100 keys.

Subway Surfer Space Editio

The update also came with three new hoverboards called the Secret Society, Discovery, and the Endeavour. The Space Station update is the first non-world tour space edition and the second space-themed edition in the game (the first was Houston, the 106th world tour installment that went live on November 7, 2019).

Subway Surfers: Journey to the East

Unleashed on January 28, Subway Surfers: Journey to the East is the 131 update of the game. Similar to the Space Station Edition, this Chinese Lunar New Year-themed update introduced new elements into the game. First are the new characters Ox and Rat, representing the Chinese Zodiac animals of the current and the previous year. Qin and Hou from the Chinese version also came with this edition.

Subway Surfer Journey to East

Both Ox and Rat cost 60 keys to unlock. Qin, on the other hand, costs 95,000 coins while Hou requires 40 keys to obtain. In addition to the new characters, Journey to the East also came with a new board called Crane that costs 180 fans to unlock. Similar to the Space Station Edition, this update is not part of the World Tour Series.

Fun Fact: Journey to the East is a 1932 novel penned by Hermann Hesse, which means that except for the word “east,” the title of this edition does not reference Chinese culture. Nevertheless, there is a novel called Journey to the West published during the Ming Dynasty in Chinese literature.

The novel follows the legendary pilgrimage of Tang dynasty Buddhist monk Xuanzang to the “western regions.” With that in mind, if Journey to the West is about going away, then Journey to the East is about coming home. For instance, this part is relevant to the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration.

Subway Surfers World Tour: Berlin 2021

Subway Surfers World Tour: Berlin 2021 is a re-released version of the 87th installment in the same name released in 2018. The Berlin 2021 edition comes with a new character named Zayn (costs $2.99 to unlock) and a new board called Buddy Bear (prize for the Season Hunt with Alex). This update also brings back Nina, who is a limited-time character first seen in the 2018 edition.

Berlin Theme Play NOw

Nina requires 40 keys to unlock. There are two outfits available for Nina; the first is the cyberpunk-themed outfit that costs 15 keys to unlock. Meanwhile, her second outfit, called White Night, requires 30 keys to purchase. Unfortunately, the iconic Rockstar board seen in the 2018 edition is not part of this update.

Fun Fact: Subway Surfers World Tour: Berlin 2021 went live by accident seven days before its official launch overlapping the Journey to the East edition. The developers fixed the error on the same day.

Upcoming Contents

A new update will once again make its way to Subway Surfers on March 11, 2021. As for the details, Sybo Games has yet to unravel the specifics of the upcoming content drop. Nevertheless, like Hansel and Gretel, the developers left some breadcrumbs for the crows, which are the players.

Subway Surfer New Characters

Based on the teasers, the next event will bring the fast-food giant Burger King into the fray. In addition to the collaboration, Sybo Games also teased the two new characters’ silhouettes coming to the game. Other than the teasers, details about the upcoming update remain scarce.

Nevertheless, while waiting for the parties, the best method to kill time is to jump back into the game. The best part is that you can now download and play Subway Surfers from your PC.

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