T3 Arena Tier List – Mastering Hero Rankings for Victory

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Posted on September 5, 2023

Picking the perfect hero in T3 Arena can be tough since there are many characters to pick from. That’s why the T3 Arena tier list is here to help you determine which heroes are the top dogs and should be your first choice.

T3 Arena is an action-packed 3v3 multiplayer shooter game developed by XD Entertainment. In the game, you engage in 3-minute battles with various modes like team deathmatch and free-for-all, each offering a different challenge.

This game boasts 25 diverse T3 Arena characters for you to choose from as you progress through the game. Initially, you start with one hero, but more become available as you earn trophies and unlock rewards. Each hero has distinct weapons, stats, and abilities, making it tough to decide the best. Luckily, our T3 Arena tier list is here to help you make the right choices for your battles.

The T3 Arena Tier List – The Best & Worst Characters

Our T3 Arena tier list has been thoughtfully divided into four tiers: S, A, B, and C. In this system, the heroes placed in the S tier are undoubtedly your prime picks – these champions excel and should be your top preference when forming your squad. On the flip side, it’s recommended to steer clear of heroes nestled in the lower-tier C, as they might not offer the same level of impact in battles.

Here are the T3 Arena heroes from best to worst:


If you’re looking for the T3 Arena best hero, you must find it in this tier. In S-Tier, heroes boasting the most remarkable skills and abilities earn their spot in this rank. These champions are the ultimate powerhouses, capable of securing victory in any game scenario with flawless precision. Here are the awesome T3 Arena heroes under the S-tier:

  • Hua Ling
  • Gloria
  • Diggy
  • Chemist
  • Victor
  • Neon
  • Labula
  • Iris
T3 Arena Gloria
Image By: T3 Arena Gloria


If you prefer a more passive playstyle, T3 Arena is brimming with like-minded players who excel in this approach. You can strategically leverage their combat skills to your advantage. Until you unlock the S-tier heroes, these individuals will serve as your dependable go-to champions. Here are the heroes under A-Tier:

  • Judex
  • Gatlyn
  • Fort
  • Fade
  • Cristina
  • Skadi
  • Shell
  • Ossas
  • Mark
T3 Arena Skadi
T3 Arena Skadi


While they might not be top-tier or don’t have the best T3 Arena hero, these heroes can still be valuable assets in different in-game situations. They perform decently in various game phases, earning them the status of average contenders. Here are the T3 Arena heroes under the B-Tier:

  • Sindri
  • Ruby
  • Johnny Jet
  • Hunter
  • Zero-Kelvin
  • Vincent
T3 Arena Hunter
T3 Arena Hunter


These heroes aren’t your optimal choice, and those in this rank won’t excel in any game phase. They possess the fewest and weakest skills. But, if your primary goal is to enjoy the game without the intense focus on winning battles, consider giving the tier C characters a shot. While they may not be the best fighters, playing with them can still provide a fun and enjoyable experience in the game. Here are the least T3 Arena heroes:

  • Jabali
  • Aleta
  • Yaa
  • Kazama
T3 Arena Jabali
Image By: T3 Arena Jabali

Getting to Know the T3 Arena Best Hero

Here are some short information about the S-Tier heroes:

Hua Ling

Hua Ling is the game’s archery virtuoso. When she pairs her Snare Bomb with the Blast Arrow, it creates a nearly insurmountable challenge for the enemy to survive. Her second Active Ability allows her to leap backward and vanish from sight.


Gloria is a versatile character capable of excelling in close-quarters and long-range combat scenarios. Her ZMR Assault Rifle performs like a shotgun in close encounters, but when you need to engage distant foes, it zooms in with a 30-bullet burst.

Adding to her arsenal, her second Active Ability deploys an invisible mine known as the Air Blast Mine, which can detonate twice, providing strategic crowd control by knocking enemies away. Furthermore, Gloria’s passive ability grants her a speed boost, a valuable asset for chasing down opponents or making a quick escape during intense moments.


Diggy brings an intense dose of firepower to the T3 Arena battlefield. Her shotgun packs a serious punch, delivering devastating damage in close-quarter combat. But that’s not all; she has a surprise – the ability to transform into a shark!

With her first Active Ability, she undergoes a shark transformation, while the second one summons a submarine that allows her to teleport to a different location after a brief delay. Additionally, her Passive ability aids in recovering some of her lost health. And when it’s time to unleash ultimate devastation, her Ultimate ability not only deals extra damage but also stuns her adversaries, making her a formidable force in the game.


Chemist stands out as a character with the unique ability to deal damage and simultaneously provide healing support to her teammates, thanks to her biotic grenade launcher.

Her first Active Ability unleashes a volley of multiple grenades, while her second Active Ability launches a blocking cannon, temporarily hindering opponents from healing. Furthermore, her Ultimate ability briefly empowers one of her teammates, enhancing their combat capabilities.

Win Your Battles Using the T3 Arena Tier List

In the world of T3 Arena, where victory hinges on strategic hero selection, the T3 Arena tier list serves as your compass. Dissected the strengths and weaknesses of T3 Arena characters, carefully arranging them in tiers to help you navigate this thrilling multiplayer shooter. As you dive into the heat of battle, remember that your hero choice can make all the difference. Stay updated with the latest shifts in the T3 Arena tier list to ensure you’re always one step ahead in this dynamic gaming arena.

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