The 10 Best Racing Games You Can Download & Play For Free

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Posted on March 10, 2021

Many people dream of becoming a race car driver. Driving fast cars at top speed, conquering challenging race tracks, and becoming the top driver and racer in the world. Unfortunately, only a very select few can become race car drivers, which is why many are just content playing racing games. Well, there’s nothing wrong with that. Popular racing games give players a realistic experience too!

The 10 Best Free Racing Games to Play

With so many racing games available, finding the right one to download and play can be a bit of a problem. Not many people have the time to try out different racing games before selecting the best one is. To help you narrow down your choices, this article will provide a list of the 10 best racing games that you can download and play right now.

10 Gear.Club – True Racing

If you’re looking for a racing game that offers breathtaking and realistic graphics, then Gear.Club – True Racing is your game. It offers one of the best graphics for a racing game. You can say it’s almost life-like, especially the details on the car. The surrounding areas and background are not bad either. You can collect and upgrade some of the most exotic cars in this game.

9. Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider is another racing game that has great and realistic graphics, but this time, you drive and race on a motorbike. It’s usually played in the first-person mode, so you will really feel like you are riding a motorcycle. And as the name suggests, you are racing on the streets full of traffic, so you need to be quick in changing lanes to avoid hitting other vehicles. It’s a fun endless racing game that also has a career mode for you to enjoy.


Traffic Rider Basla


8. Real Drift Car Racing Lite

If drifting is something you’re interested in, then Real Drift Car Racing Lite is the game for you. It’s a racing game that features realistic drifting that’s easy to control. Drifting will also be a big part of the races, which means you will be doing a lot of drifts instead of just driving fast. It’s an exciting racing game that will allow you to practice your drifting skills and see if you can become the drift king in the game.
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7. Need for Speed: No Limits

Need For Speed: No Limits has a great storyline for you to follow. You play the role of an up-and-coming street racer who’s looking to make a name for himself in the racing scene. It features amazing graphics, great racing gameplay, and lots of fast and powerful cars you can upgrade. You can also choose to customize your car’s appearance with various kits and mods that you have to unlock.

6. #Drive

This game won’t wow you when it comes to its graphics. But #Drive makes up for that with a simple, addictive, and challenging gameplay. It’s basically an endless runner game, but instead of running, you are driving a vehicle. You move forward, drive as far away as possible, collect coins, avoid cars in front, and try not to let the police catch you. Oh and don’t forget about getting the gas tank, you wouldn’t want your journey to end by running out of gas.

5. KartRider Rush+

This is another game that won’t wow you with life-like graphics. What KartRider Rush+ does offer is a fun and entertaining kart racing game. It might not have realistic graphics, but it still has great graphics, especially when you look at the cute characters and their karts.

It’s a game that offers many different modes for you to play. It has an arcade mode, ranked mode, speed race mode, and even a story mode. You will have plenty of things to do here, especially as you try to unlock all characters.

4. Hill Climb Racing 2

If you prefer a simple side-scrolling racing game, then you should try Hill Climb Racing 2. In this game, your goal is to be the first, as you race against other players. Though the race won’t have turns, you will be racing on bumpy roads and hills. You have to be careful or else your vehicle might rollover, thus eliminating you or making you finish last.

3. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 has it all, amazing and life-like graphics, a realistic racing experience, and fast supercars for you to drive in. The game even has Formula 1 racing, so you can experience driving some of the fastest vehicles ever. It features 40 different circuits, located in 19 real-world places for you to conquer. If you want a really fun racing experience, then this is the game for you.

2. Mario Kart Tour

When it comes to kart racing, the best one that you can play is Mario Kart Tour. It features many of the different elements you’d expect from a kart race, amazing and cute graphics, as well as fun and exciting racing gameplay with power-ups. But what makes this the best kart game is that the characters you will use here are from Super Mario. Therefore, you can use Mario, Yoshi, Daisy, Toad, Luigi, Bowser, and many more.

1. CSR Racing 2

The best racing game that you can likely play right now on PC is CSR Racing 2. It’s not your typical racing game where you have to race in different courses. This is more similar to how they do street races where racers just travel a straight line and the fastest vehicle wins.

It features realistic graphics, simple but challenging racing gameplay, and different game modes to play, including player-vs-player. Just because races are done in a straight line doesn’t mean it will be easy. It’s a racing game where upgrades, good parts, and proper tuning will be key to your victory.

So, there you have it. These are the top 10 racing games that you can download and play on your PC right now. The best part, they are all free! Get them with the launcher now, and enjoy riding sleek, supercars in circuits or traffic-jammed streets.

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