Mobile Legends – What’s The Best Build & Emblem For Benedetta?

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Posted on March 25, 2021

Benedetta is one of the newer assassins available to play in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. The Shadow Ranger was made available for free last November, and she was the 100th hero to come to the game. As an assassin, Benedetta’s role is basically to split push and kill enemy heroes—especially the squishy ones and damage dealers—who are out of position or are alone.

She’s also a hero that has one of the most dash skills in the game, considering her passive skill is an active dash skill that you can use anytime. It’s easy to enter or escape fights with her passive.

Despite that, Benedetta is not the easiest hero to use. You will need tons of practice if you want to be a good player using this assassin. So, what are the be tips to a better Benedetta player? And what’s the best build and emblem for this hero?

The Best Build for Benedetta

As an assassin, you might think that the best build for Benedetta would include having jungling items since she will likely take the role of Jungler. That’s not entirely false, as Benedetta can be a great Jungler. She is just like an upgraded version of the assassin, Lancelot, with all of the dash skills available. So, using her as a Jungler is going to be one of the best ways to play her.


Mobile Legends Benedetta


But she’s not just a hero that’s exclusive for the Jungler role. She is also a good side-laner with her insane damage, especially in the early game. You can play her aggressively and she can constantly harass enemies and push your lane. Her skills also make her a hard hero to kill, even in a 2-in-1 situation. The key with this character is mastering how to properly use her Passive skill. With that, let’s discuss the proper builds for her.

Jungler Role

If you’re going to use her as a Jungler, this means one of the main items you will build will have to be a jungle item. The best jungle item for Benedetta would be the Raptor Machete because of its +30 Physical Attack and +15% Physical PEN. This is also a good item to have for killing jungle monsters quickly.

You also need to equip her with Warrior Boots for added movement speed and Physical Defense. These 2 will be the first items to build for this hero. Below would be the next items you should have on this assassin:

  • Blade of Heptaseas – +70 Physical Attack, +250 HP, +15 Physical PEN.
    • Unique Passive-Ambush: If no damage is taken or dealt within the next 5 seconds, the next Basic Attack will deal extra Physical Damage equal to 240 + 60% Physical Attack.
  • Bloodlust Axe – +70 Physical Attack, +10% CD Reduction, +20% Spell Vamp.
  • Blade of Despair – +160 Physical Attack, +5% Movement Speed.
    • Unique Passive-Despair: Attacking enemy units that have HP below 50% will increase the hero’s Physical Attack by 25%. Lasts 2 seconds.
  • Queen’s Wings – +15 Physical Attack, +1000 HP, +10% CD Reduction.
    • Unique Passive-Demonize: Reduces damage taken by 40% when health is less than 40% and increases your Physical Lifesteal by 40% for 5 seconds. The effect has a CD of 60 seconds.

The Battle Spell to be used here would be Retribution. This is a requirement if you want to purchase jungle items. This spell also makes it easier to kill jungle monsters or shoot them when you are contesting with enemy teams.


Mobile Legends Benedetta build



If you prefer to use her as a side-laner, you can also do that. This means that you won’t need jungle items on your build, except the Blade of Heptaseas and the Blade of Despair. As a side-laner, however, the first item here would be the Warrior Boots for added movement speed and Physical Defense. Next would be the Bloodlust Axe for increased Physical Attack, cooldown reduction, and spell vamp. Below are the rest of the items you will need:

  • Immortality – +800 HP, +40 Physical Defense.
    • Unique Passive-Immortal: Resurrects in 2 seconds after death and gets 15% HP and 300-1000 shield that lasts for 3 seconds. The shield would scale with the hero’s level. Effect CD is at 180 seconds.
  • Malefic Roar – +60 Physical Attack, +40% Physical PEN.
    • Unique Passive-Armor Buster: Basic Attack will ignore 20% of a Turret’s Defense.

For the Battle Spell, you can choose whatever you want. Though it is recommended to use the Purify spell because this allows you to have a counter should the enemy cast Crowd Control skills on Benedetta.


Mobile Legends Benedetta emblems


Emblems for Benedetta

For emblems, there are two that would work best on her, the Assassin Emblem and the Fighter Emblem. The Assassin Emblem would be her main, especially if you are using her for the Jungler role or as a carry. The Fighter Emblem would be great to use if you use her as a side-laner.

Assassin Emblem

  • 1st Talent – Max Agility to increase Movement Speed.
  • 2nd Talent – Max Invasion to increase Physical Penetration for more damage.
  • 3rd Talent – Put it on Killing Spree to restore some HP every time you kill a hero and to temporarily increase movement speed.

Fire Emblem

    • 1st Talent – Max Bravery to increase Physical Attack.
    • 2nd Talent – Max Invasion to increase Physical Penetration for more damage.
    • 3rd Talent – Put it on Festival of Blood, which will give 8% spell vamp so you can recover HP every time you use your skills.

So far, that’s the best build and emblems for Benedetta in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. If you want to test and prove these recommendations, there’s only one way to find out. And that’s by playing the game now!

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