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Posted on October 25, 2021

One of the most challenging and rewarding features in The Battle Cats is Talent. The talent feature automatically becomes available for those new to the game once you clear Into the Future Chapter 3. With that in mind, if you have yet to unlock this feature and you are on your way to clearing Chapter 3, The Ancient Arise: Take Back Earth, then now is the perfect time to get an overview of this feature. Getting an early preview of the talent feature will help you plan and prepare your strategy moving forward. With that out of the way, feel free to check out our The Battle Cats Talents overview for 2021.

What are Talents in The Battle Cats?

The Battle Cats Talent feature went live in 2018 as part of the massive 8.0 update. For the most part, Talents is a bonus feature that allows the player to select True Form cat units. In other words, you need to have a level 30 True Form unit to exploit this feature. As of the moment, 107 cat units can take advantage of this feature. What makes the talent feature important is the enhancement it provides to your maxed-out units. Talent enhancement requires NP (Neko Points or Cat Points) to work. You can acquire this special currency through cat or talent orb exchange in your storage.

The Battle Cats Talent
Image Source: Screenshot from The Battle Cats Update 8.0


Battle Cats Exchange Rate

The current exchange rate allows you to exchange normal and special cats for 1 NP, rare cats for 5 NP, Super Rare for 15 NP, Uber-Rare for 50 NP, and Legend Rare for 150 NP. Using talent orbs for exchange will depend on its grade: Grade D/C = 1 NP, Grade B = 2 NP, Grade A = 7 NP, and Grade S = 25 NP. You can use NP by selecting a True Formed unit in the upgrade menu. There is a minimum of 5 talents per True Formed.

What are the Different Types of Talents in The Battle Cats?

For the most part, Talents are the evolved form of a cat unit’s effect/ability. This means that each effect/ability will eventually develop into a talent. With that said, some effects/abilities are exclusive to talents (see the list below for details).

  • Resist Knockback – Reduces the distance of push Knockback effects
  • Resist Surge – Reduces surge attack damage
  • Warp Resistant – reduces Warp effects (push, pull, distance and duration)
  • Resist Toxic – Reduces Toxic effect damage
  • Resist Weaken – Reduces Weaken effects duration
  • Defense Buff – Increases the health of cat units (effect varies with rarity)
  • Move Speed Up – Increases movement speed of cat units.
  • Resist Curse – Reduces Curse effect duration
  • Attack Buff – Increases the attack power of cat units (effect varies with rarity)
  • Resist Freeze – Reduces Freeze effect duration

There’s still a lot more exchange rate for the game, but the cost of unlocking each talent depends on the rarity of the unit. With that said, the cheapest to unlock is rarely followed by Special, Super-Rare, and Uber-Super Rare as the most expensive.

Cat Units with Talents

Also, Talents are available only for 107 cat units. The 107 cat units comprise 17 Special Cat units, 21 Rare Cat units, 16 Super-Rare Cat units, and 54 Uber-Rare cat units. Check out the list of units below.

Flying Ninja Cat
Image Source: Photo from Battle Cats Wiki


Special Cats

Flying Ninja Cat, Riceball Cat, Pastry Cat, Skelecat, Heavy Assault C.A.T, Gato Amigo, Ultimate Bondage Cat, Dark Lazer, Dancer Cat, Beefcake Cat, Loincloth Cat, Hyper Mr., Li’l Macho Legs Cat, Lollycat, Li’l Dark Cat, Li’l Island Cat, Li’l Jamiera Cat.

Acrobat Cats
Image Source: Photo from Battle Cats Wiki


Rare Cats

Ectoweight, Magica Cat, Corrupted Psychocat, Ramen Cat, Rodeo Cat, Centaur, Necro-Dancer Cat, Sanzo Cat, Maximum the Fighter, Jiangshi Cat, Chill Cat, Cyborg Cat, Catasaurus, Dread Pirate Catley, Goemon Cat, Doctor Cat, Enchantress Cat, Elemental Duelist Cat, Acrobat Cats, Robocat, Cameraman Cat.

Octopus Cat
Image Source: The Octopus Battle Cats


Super- Rare

Can Cat, Roe Cat, Cyberpunk Cat, Octopus Cat, iCat, Fishman Cat, Luxury Bath Cat, Ultra Delinquent Cat, Tathagata Cat, Juliet The Maiko, Pizza Cat, Slapstick Cats, Catophone, Seafarer Cat, Housewife Cat, The Kitty of Liberty.

Aphrodite Battle Cats
Image Source: The Battle Cats Category



Here is the list of Uber Rare cats in The Battle Cats game.

The Almighty Aphrodite, Almighty Amaterasu, Almighty Ganesha, Ultralan Pasalan, Assassinlan Pasalan, Lufalan Pasalan, Ice Crystal Cat, Cat Machine Mk 3, Greater Balrog Cat, Paladin Cat, Cats in the Cradle, Joyful Nurse Cat, Immortal Yukimura, Immortal Keiji, Immortal Nobunaga, God-Emperor Sodom, God-Emperor Raiden, Immortal Shingen, Immortal Masamune, Immortal Kenshin, Divine Windy, Divine Thunder, Divine Kuu, Divine Kai.

Then, Divine Coppermine, Divine Kalisa, God-Emperor Megidora, God-Emperor Vars, God Emperor Kamakura, God-Emperor Dioramos, King Cameron, The Peach Devils, The Chaos Moon, Kachiyama Assault Brigade, Inferno Akira, Mission Control Mekako, Mad Doctor Klay, Almighty Zeus, Almighty Anubis, Almighty Poseidon, Almighty Chronos, Almighty Hades, CAT -8 Behemoth, and BCS. Also, Tigerclaw, NEK-02 Air Citadel, Bazibastra, Mizuririn, Aervanta, Mer-Queen Ruri, Pai-Pai DX, Premium Ship CC, KHM46, and Manic Kerihime.

Play The Battle Cats

Now that you have a clear overview of the elements, it’s now time to play The Battle Cats game on your PC. All you need to do is follow the instructions and play it on your screens now.

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