Top 7 Sports Games for PC this 2022

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Posted on February 15, 2022

Have you been an avid fan or an aspiring basketball player before? Or, do you have some soccer skills but don’t have time to unleash them on a battlefield? Well, why settle your frustrations over playing your favorite sport on an actual field if you can still play it right on your PC?

Today, sports such as basketball, football, soccer, tennis, and racing are now playable right on your PC, and they take various forms. You can be a player or a manager who controls the whole team. What is more exciting is that sports are taken to the next level, with different settings and more engaging features.

Well, there are a lot of sports games nowadays, but which are the best? Let this article deliver the best of the best sports games you can play on your PC in 2022.


Top 7 Sports Games for PC this 2022

Here are the sports games you must not miss trying:

1. Fanatical Basketball

Fanatical Basketball stands out for its gameplay mechanics, offering players smart touch controls for precise dribbling, shooting, and scoring. The fluid animations enhance authenticity, ensuring every move feels natural and realistic. Whether you’re taking long-range shots or executing spectacular dunks, the game immerses players in the excitement of basketball with captivating precision.


fanatical basketball gameplay on pc



2. Tennis Champion 3D

Rejoice, tennis lovers, You can now unleash your best tennis strokes and smashes by playing Tennis Champion 3D. It is a wonderful creation of Giraffe Game Limited that offers the simple and exact mechanics of a typical tennis game. You will feel that you’re playing on a real tennis court.

What is more amazing about this sports game is that it features accurate and realistic physics, making all moves and strikes more lifelike and satisfying. There are also various modes where you can test out your moves. If you wish to practice more, it is more effective to play in a career mode, but if you think your skills are good enough, you can directly join fast-paced tournaments.
tennis champion 3d for pc 1


3. PBA® Bowling Challenge

Joining the roster of best sports games on PC is Concrete Software’s PBA® Bowling Challenge. If you have what it takes to beat the best bowlers around the world, then you must show what you’ve got here.

In this game, the progression is not easy, and you need to prove your worth by surpassing 12-pounder bowling balls before getting into fine alleys. But, what is more impressive about this game is it offers various means to test your prowess through multiple modes. You can also get a chance to modify the bowling ball by taking out some skins.
pba bowling challenge free pc download 1


4. MLB Perfect Inning 2021

Are you an aspiring baseball player? Well, this is your chance to prove your skills, play MLB Perfect Inning 2021! Derived from the original game, this game also allows players to feel like they’re in a typical baseball game. So, it’s time to aim for home runs, pitch balls,, and dash, and score more for victory.

There are a lot of reasons why you should not miss playing MLB Perfect Inning 2021, especially if you’re an avid fan of baseball games. In this game, you will get a chance to play with the most current baseball players. Whose team will stand out? It might be yours!
mlb perfect inning download full version


5. 8-Ball Pool

The list of the best sports games will never be complete without 8 Ball Pool. This pool simulation game was published by Miniclip and is like a typical pool game where you will play against other players one by one.

Like a usual pool game, you will play with other players in a turn-based system, but the difference is that you will experience more unique tables and get a chance to win amazing rewards. As you progress in the game and win tournaments, you will get a chance to catch a higher place in the ranking and unlock more challenging matches where you can play with professional pool players.
8Ball Pool solid


6. World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2

Getting another spot on the list of best sports games you must play on your PC is World Cricket Championship 2 WCC2. This bat and ball game was published and developed by Nextwave Multimedia, where you can experience a realistic cricket game right on your PC.

In this game, you will get a chance to manage your own team, and intuitive game controls to successfully unleash your breathtaking cricket moves, such as uppercuts and helicopter shots. You can also get a chance to play with 18 international teams and ten domestic teams from various stadiums.
wcc2 pc download


7. Golf Star

Playing Golf Stars will immerse you in the world of golf, offering an experience that feels remarkably authentic. The game utilizes true-to-life golf physics, ensuring that every swing delivers a realistic outcome. You’ll contend with elements like temperature and wind, which can impact your performance during matches. The game’s stunning graphics further enhance the immersive experience, contributing to its realism.

In terms of gameplay, Golf Stars offers a wealth of enjoyable features. Your objective is to become the top golfer in the game, and you’ll have ample opportunities to prove your skills. With diverse game modes available, including tournaments and real-time multiplayer matches, you’ll have various avenues to showcase your golfing prowess. Additionally, the game introduces a guild system, adding another layer of depth and interaction for players to explore.


golf star free pc download

So, that’s it! Is your favorite sport getting a spot on our list of the best sports games? Can you share your experience on how you play it? For more information or updates regarding sports games, stay tuned here on this site.

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