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About this Game

Do you like clicker games with a nice fantasy twist to it? Because you’re going to love Orkio – a tap game that has you eliminating evil entities that lurk within a forest that used to be flourished with beautiful flora and fauna. You will get to play as Orkio – a mysterious wizard brought in by his highness in order to bring peace back in the forest.

Tap your way into the game by casting powerful spells to defeat your foes. All you have to do is click on the enemies as much as you can before they even touch you. You only have one life so be sure to make it count.

At the end of it, all lay a mysterious evil entity who will stop nothing to consume the forest. It is up to you to cease his schemes.


Orkio Features:

A casual clicker game that will drive you to win, that’s what Orkio is all about. Moreover, the game offers a myriad of enemies to vanquish in a fast-paced game dynamic that will keep you entertained whilst you’re in it. Read on to find more features about the game:


Click To Win

As part of the clicker games genre, Orkio requires you to do only one thing: to tap or click as fast as you can onto enemies. Just because it’s a tap game doesn’t mean this will be easy – it will get you tired once you’re facing overwhelming odds of bad guys as well as the evil ent. Do what you can to ensure they don’t even touch a strand of hair on you or it will spell game over for you.




Click on your enemies directly in order to attack them. Orkio will perform powerful quick casting maneuvers in order to shake off an enemy. Just remember one thing: Not all enemies are created equal – some are more powerful than other beings.


A Variety of Enemies to Fight

Commonly, you’ll be fighting eye demons. They’re easy to kill but can be very annoying when they come in as large groups.

Another is a great eye demon that takes two clicks before it dies. These things are slower than the common eye creatures but can be mundane when fighting them alongside big quantities of eye demons.

The other monster is a cloak eye demon – a much harder creature to kill that takes as much as 5 clicks before it dies. You’ll have to have a keen eye on them since they can creep up to you without even showing themselves. You have to look out for their silhouettes. And if they reveal themselves, tap on them quickly before they charge at you.




A tough one is the eye knight that comes in on foot. You’ll have to tap it 3 times before it dies. They attack one at a time but can be hard if you’re facing other demons.

Finally, you have the scorched entity – the boss of the game that throws wooden cannons at you. Tap on those to deflect his attacks and then tap on him repeatedly as much as you can until he dies.


Fast-Paced Combat

You better make sure to keep your eyes peeled all the time while playing this. This game will test your reflexes and attention to the finer details of the game.




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