10 Best Clicker Games That You’ll Enjoy Playing in 2022

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Posted on July 20, 2022

Incremental games, more commonly known as clicker games, are one of the fastest-growing genres in the free-to-play gaming market. Clicker games are games where players get to perform a clicking action repeatedly on the screen. They usually earn in-game currency for doing this action repeatedly. As the game genre continues to rise in popularity, so too does the number of clicker games available. So our blog post will provide a list of the best clicker games you can enjoy playing.

It can be difficult to select which clicker games to play first if there are many different options available. But with the help of this list, you’ll be able to decide which clicker games you should play first.

A List of the Best Clicker Games You Should Play

We have curated a list of the top ten incremental games you can play.

Cookie Clicker

One of the best clicker games you can play right now is Cookie Clicker. It’s a casual game where you click on an oversized cookie so you can gain more cookies. The cookies you acquire are used to upgrade your click, so you can earn more cookies in the process. What’s great about this game is the progression objectives. You can earn achievements and power-ups as long as you are patient in clicking as much as you can. It’s a clicking game that’s worth trying out.

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Clicker Heroes

If you prefer a clicker game that’s also an RPG, then Clicker Heroes is the game for you. Here, you get to battle different monsters to progress through the different zones. But to kill the monsters, you just click them until their health is depleted. Like with RPGs, you’ll start with minimal damage, but as you hire heroes, your damage increases, as well as get access to unique skills. The mechanics mimic that of RPGs, except it’s a clicker game. It’s something that you’ll surely enjoy playing.


clicker heroes gameplay on pc


Coin Pusher

Are you someone who enjoyed playing the classic arcade game coin-dropping? Then you should play Coin Pusher. It’s a casual clicker game where you just click to drop coins. But if you’ve played the classic arcade game before, you know that you need to properly time your coin so that coins, in the end, can be pushed. It’s similar to this game, where proper timing of the dropping of the coin is the key to acquiring more coins. It’s one of the most interesting arcade games you should try.


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Tap Titans 2

Another clicker RPG game that you can enjoy playing is Tap Titans 2. It’s a game where you also tap on the screen to attack enemies and deplete their health. Defeat all the enemies that you come across as you progress through different realms. Like with any RPG, you’ll start as a weak hero, but you get stronger as you level up and develop. You use the coins you earn to level up your hero, as well as learn new skills. It’s an exciting clicker game that lets you experience elements of an RPG while maintaining the simplicity of clicker games.


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Cash Inc

Do you think you have what it takes to manage businesses and become a tycoon? Then try playing Cash, Inc. It’s an adventure clicker game where you get to own businesses and try to make as much money as you can. First, you’ll have to do the clicking on your own. But as you make money, you can hire managers to do the clicking for you, automating your business’s operations. Thus, allowing you to earn, even when you log off. It’s a great game where you acquire many businesses, automate them, and watch the money coming in.


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Beggar Life

Who thought being a beggar could make you rich? Well, this is what you’ll experience in Beggar Life. You play the role of a CEO of beggars, and your goal is to become rich and acquire as many assets as you can. You gain money whenever you click, and you’ll start with only a small amount. But as you upgrade your beggar’s level, the money you get per click increases. Additionally, you can get the help of other characters to help you beg. They also earn more as you upgrade them. It’s an interesting game that you’ll surely have fun playing.


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Tap Tap Builder

Have you always wanted to have your own city? Then you should try playing Tap Tap Builder. It’s a casual game where you get to build and manage a city, ensuring all citizens are thriving in your city. What’s great about this game is that constructing buildings is simple and easy. There won’t be any timers that make you wait before construction is complete. Instead, you just tap on the screen until the building is completed. It allows you to construct your city faster. It’s a game that you should try, as it’s a fun game to play.


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Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind

If you’re curious about life and evolution, then you’ll enjoy playing the Human Evolution Clicker Game: Rise of Mankind. It’s a merge clicker game where you need to click and merge things. Your goal here is to create life, but you’ll start with just a mere DNA. To evolve life, you just merge similar organisms. But putting organisms will cost coins, and you earn coins from the organisms on the field. They produce coins after several seconds, or you can tap them to produce them quickly. The more evolved the organism is on the field, the more coins it produces.


human evolution clicker gameplay on pc


Money Cash Clicker

If you want to be able to earn millions, at least virtually, with just a click, play Money Cash Clicker. It’s a casual game where you earn money whenever you click. So, to earn millions, you need to just click as fast as you can. You can do upgrades, which will increase your earnings per click. The game also allows you to earn without clicking, and that’s by acquiring businesses. There are many different businesses to acquire, and each one of them will produce money for you automatically, even if you log out.


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Turret Fusion Idle Clicker

The last good clicker game that you can play is the strategy clicker game, Turret Fusion Idle Clicker. It’s a merge-and-click game where you merge similar turrets to create a more powerful turret to destroy enemies. Your turret will automatically shoot enemies they see, but with a 1-second pause. You can tap them so there won’t be any pause anymore. There are weapons, though, that will just shoot continuously. You earn biomass whenever enemies are killed, and you use them for upgrades. It’s an interesting game that’s worth trying.


turret fusion for pc


Play Clicker Games to Pass the Time

There are many more fun and exciting clicker games that you can play today. But the ones listed above are the best ones currently available. They’re a good starting point if you’re new to playing clicking games. And for more blogs like this one, you can stay tuned here in Games.lol!


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