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About this Game

Want a simple game that will get you hyped up and excited? We got one for you! Try out Tap the Frog on PC now! This game could be the most straightforward game in history—even the title tells you the instructions! You only need to do ONE thing: Tap the frogs. Tap as many frogs as you can to earn more stars. The more stars you get, the better because with more stars, you are able to go to the next round! 

There are 5 stars in total. If you get 150 frogs tapped out, then you get 5 stars! As simple as it is, there is a huge twist waiting for you. As much as you want to tap all the frogs, you can only do it in a span of 20 seconds. Is that even possible? It is! Every time you finish a batch of frogs tapped out without running out of time, you get an additional 1 second on the clock. So, you’ll never really run out of time as long as you finish each batch as fast as you can. Try and play the game now! You can read more of the game’s features below! 


Tap the Frog


Tap the Frog Mini-Game Features: 


Simple Mechanics  

The title says it all! Just tap the frogs and that’s it! Whether you’re using a touchscreen device or not, the mechanics stays the same. Tap the screen to eliminate all the frogs before the clock runs out! You have a limited time of 20 seconds. Maximize those 20 seconds and tap as many frogs as you can! The more frogs you tap, the more chances of increasing your time by having an additional 3 seconds on your running time. Do your best to achieve more stars and move on to the next level. 


Tap the Frog


Different Levels 

Complete all the levels by tapping as many frogs as you can in a limited amount of time. The more frogs you tap, the more stars you earn. If you tap 20 frogs, you get 1 star. For 40 frogs, you get 2 stars and 70 frogs give you 3 stars. 100 frogs are equivalent to 4 frogs and 150 frogs will give you 5 stars. At times, it may not be easily tapped out. Some of them have baseball caps and some even have hard hats which means it would take more taps before they get eliminated from the board.  


Daily Rewards 

The more you play the game, the more clocks you get! When you play the game on a daily basis, you get daily bonus clocks too! So, rest assured that you will have more time stocked with you as you progress in the game. These clock bonuses will help you continue when your time is up! This also removes the hassle of repeating a whole new level and instead you can start right where you left off.  


More Clocks When You Reach a New Rank 

One thing to celebrate for, aside from winning the level, is reaching a new rank! Tap the Frog celebrates that with you! As a reward, the game gives an incentive for reaching a new rank! It will be 3 more clocks to add to your pockets in times of need! This will give you more advantage for the following levels. It can also give you opportunities to remove more frogs in the next level and get all the stars! The more stars you get, the more the chances of unlocking the next chapters of the game! Do your best and practice those tapping skills because this will get you far in the game. 


Tap the Frog


Practice the Fingers 

Your best friend for this game is your fingers. This is your main tool to get past every level! Every move you make is crucial because the clock is ticking. Remember, the more frogs you tap, the more stars you can earn! The faster you tap them, the more frogs you eliminate. We said a while ago that there are frogs with head protections such as caps and hard hats that make them harder to tap out. But, if you practice tapping them, it is possible that these headwears will not hinder you from getting all the frogs out!  With the right strategy, you can optimize those tapping! You can even use all your fingers if you can. Just practice the game! Re-do some levels and see which ones will work out fine for your device or your PC.  

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