Plants vs Zombies: Top 10 Most Annoying Zombies To Deal With

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Posted on October 1, 2021

Plants vs. Zombies is an action-strategy game suitable for any age. Popular for its engaging tower defense gameplay, many have been hooked to it since its release in 2019. Though it will take you a few hours before getting into the challenging levels, you will surely enjoy every single part of it.

10 Most Annoying PvZ Zombies

Upon playing this game, you will encounter many PvZ Zombies which have various strengths and specialties. Each zombie has its own method on how to attack your lawn and eat your brains. This article will find out who among the Plants vs. Zombies zombies are the most difficult and dangerous ones. The list includes zombies from both PvZ 1 and PvZ 2.

1. Imps

These are the most miniature types of zombies in this game. Though they can be killed by a single Peashooter or Cabbage-pult, they still annoy you in various ways. Imps are usually carried and thrown by Gargantauars. Once the latter is damaged, it will toss an Imp to bypass the front defense of your lawn, making it an advantage for them to enter your house.

Additionally, Imps can be quickly summoned in some worlds, resulting in you handling more zombies. Please don’t underestimate the size of these zombies, as they can pose a significant threat. They usually move faster than typical zombies, so better kill them quickly as well!

2. Gargantuar

Next to our list are the Gargantuars. You can basically call them giant zombies. Sometimes, they bring Imps and toss them to minimize your defense significantly. If you think Gargantuars is the most dangerous one, well you should also beware of the Sloth as they throw three yeti imps, making them extremely powerful and harder to deal with.

3. Turquoise Skull Zombie

Turquoise Skull Zombies are first seen in the world of Lost City in Plants vs Zombies 2. This annoying zombie brings a glowing turquoise skull and utilizes it to take the sun. They also have a destructive beam that releases energy. Most players take it as a treat due to its skull that gets some sunshine, and that skull will unleash an energy beam to wipe out your plants at once. But you better plan your strategy carefully against this solid and deadly PvZ zombie.
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4. Zombie King

This special zombie first appeared in the Dark Ages world. What makes this zombie special? Before the Zombie King appears, a royal Imp will blow a trumpet first and announce the arrival of the King. The Zombie King will fall from the sky and stamp out the royal Imp.

Upon arrival, the Zombie King will upgrade the Peasant zombies with knight helmets resulting in them being more powerful and protected. The peasant zombies will take more time to kill. On the other hand, the Zombie King will stay on his royal chair and do nothing but give more knight helmets.

5. Troglobite

Debuted in the Frostbite Caves, Troglobite is a powerful zombie that pushes three ice blocks towards your lawn. Sounds simple? It’s not yet finished. In each ice block, there is a Yeti Imp coming out of it. Once you tear down one of these blocks, the Yeti Imp will be released. However, the ice blocks are expected to melt, so the Yeti Imp will soon appear. As long as the Troglobite lives, your plants will be wiped out by ice blocks every time the Troglobite pushes them across the plants. Remember, defensive plants can also be vulnerable to ice blocks.

6. Arcade Zombie

First appearing in the Neon Mixtape Tour, this zombie shares the same skills with Troglobite, but instead of ice blocks, he pushes an arcade cabinet. This arcade cabinet releases 8-bit zombies, and like Troglobite ice blocks, the cabinet can also crush the plants whenever the Arcade Zombie pushes it.

What makes this zombie annoying? Even though the Arcade Zombie dies, the cabinet will remain in its place. Once your plants destroy it, they will unleash more zombies. So, beware of this zombie, and make sure to handle its destructive arcade team.

7. Wizard Zombie

If you already played the Dark Ages in PvZ 2, you will definitely know how annoying a Wizard Zombie can be. This zombie carries a magic wand that he uses to convert plants into nonresistant sheep, creating more opportunities for the zombies to advance towards your house.

8. Newspaper Zombie

The Newspaper zombie came from the first sequel and is also one of the irritating zombies in this game. As his name says, this zombie brings a newspaper that is set to be his shield. At your first attempt to destroy his shield, the Newspaper Zombie will notice it and increase its speed.
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In the second installment of PvZ, this zombie is more dangerous because his speed increased. In less than three seconds, he can eat your plants. Be vigilant about this plant as he gets massively mad whenever his newspaper is hit by plants.

9. Surfer Zombie

This zombie first appeared in the Big Wave Beach on PvZ 2. As his name says, his skill is to surf towards the plants using his surfboard and crush whatever plant he sees. Surfer Zombies’ surfboard is very difficult to destroy, making him really tricky to deal with. Beware of its speed when surfing in the water. This type of zombie must be eliminated, or else you will get drowned by the number of zombies heading your lawn.

10. Octo Zombie

So, the most annoying and destructive zombie goes to none other than the Octo Zombie. Like the Surfer ones, this zombie came from the Big Wave Beach. Octo Zombie appears to have assistants, the Pirate Captain Zombie, Chicken Wrangler, and the Weasel Hoarder. Among the four, Octo Zombie is the most difficult one.

This brutal zombie used to toss octopi that can bind plants. Aside from the instant-use plants, the octopi will bind your plants that can primarily affect your defense. With this skill, your plants need more time to kill other zombies. So, to prevent this from happening, you need to be quick or else, the octopi will bind your plants.

And that ends our list of the most annoying zombies from the Plants vs Zombies game series. Hopefully, you got everything you need to defend your lawn and brains from those flesh-eating ghouls. For more information and updates about Plants vs. Zombies, stay updated in

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