Plants vs Zombies Survival Endless Strategy: How To Last Longer

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Posted on October 1, 2021

Electronic Arts’ famous Plant vs. Zombies (PvZ) is known as an action-strategy game played by gamers of all ages. With its simple mechanics and thrilling tower defense gameplay, many players instantly get hooked. The main goal of PvZ is to complete levels by defeating waves of zombies.

Though most levels are achievable, you must not underestimate the “Survival: Endless” mode. As derived from its name, zombies will try to approach your home infinitely. The zombies are difficult to defeat in this mode, and you need to complete as many flags as possible. Even though Survival Endless is deemed to be impossible to complete, you still need to achieve a backbreaking record of flags. In this article, you will know how to last longer in Survival Endless mode through some tips and strategies discussed below.

Plants vs Zombies Survival Endless Strategy: The Setup

The Survival: Endless mode happens during the daytime and lays on in the back garden with the pool. This means you can use water plants such as Tangle Kelp and Lily Pads. Though the said mode is played during the daytime, you can still use night plants as long as you place Coffee Beans on them. These night plants include Doom-Shrooms, Fume-Shrooms, and Magnet Shrooms.
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The crucial thing you need to know about this mode is which plants will stand against the zombies. As it is named endless, zombies will continue to appear as long as you endure enough to get flags. In the first part of the mode, you will encounter an easy and standard range of zombies, and soon you will meet the more difficult ones. So, you need to place plants that can help you defeat the strongest zombies. Here are some indispensable plants you need in the survival endless mode:

Winter Melons

Winter Melons must be placed on every row. This variety of plants can shoot vigorous shots that can slow down opponents. It can also strike a couple of zombies at a time and even bypass huge barriers such as screen doors.

Twin Sunflowers

If you want to develop a practical PvZ survival endless strategy, you must not miss having twin sunflowers on your lawn. To succeed in the survival endless mode, you should be able to plant at least four Twin Sunflowers. It can be more efficient if you can get 6 to 8 Twin Sunflowers. So, before you embark on this mode, make sure you have secured Twin Sunflowers from Crazy Dave’s store.


It is a night plant, and you might need the help of a coffee bean to keep them awake. These plants can fire quick and explosive shots on short-range zombies. In addition to PvZ Survival Endless strategy, you must set at least four Gloom-Shrooms on the right section of the pool. With this strategy, you can avoid vast waves of approaching zombies.


Another effective strategy is to have Pumpkins on your lawn. These Pumpkins will protect your most valuable plants from getting quickly eaten by zombies. When a zombie approaches your yard, it will eat the pumpkin first, which means you can have more time to beat the zombie using the other plants before it completely devours anything.


Cattails are water plants, and luckily, there is a pool where you can plant them. These plants can attack any zombie, regardless of its location on the map. Though they are not so dynamic for attacks, Cattails help catch unreachable zombies. They are also excellent in slugging sneaky balloon zombies that can eat your brains unexpectedly.

Cob Cannons

Though it is unnecessary to have Cob Cannons in Survival Endless mode, these plants can be significantly functional in defeating a group of zombies. Cob Cannons are known to be vigorous and can shoot zombies anywhere. However, they are expensive to obtain and can’t be guarded by Pumpkins.
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Plants vs. Zombies Survival Endless Best Strategies

After knowing which plants can efficiently help you overcome vast waves of zombies in Survival Endless mode, it’s time to find which strategy is right for you. Here are some examples:

  • Set Gloom-Shrooms On The Pool: If you want to survive a significant number of flags, placing Gloom-Shrooms is an effective way to knock down massive waves of zombies.
  • Block Digger Zombies: This variety of zombies are known to attack from behind and excavate below your lawn. If you do not find a way to block them, they will freely get through your plants and eat them. One of the best ways to stop them is through planting Gloom-Shrooms together with Spike Rocks.
  • Block Balloon Zombies: To block Balloon Zombies, planting a Cattail is the best way to do it. Aside from Cattail, you can also utilize Cactus, but nothing is more effective than Cattails as they can attack Zombies anywhere on the map.
  • Freeze Incoming Zombies: In each row, you have to make sure that your plants are freezing the approaching waves of zombies. Freezing slows down zombies and give you more time to defeat them. To execute this strategy, you need to have at least one Winter Melon in every row. Alternatively, you can also plant Ice-Shrooms or Snow Peas.
  • Get A Mighty Backup Plant: One example of a backup plant is the Cob Cannon. Though it takes time to recharge, it is more practical to use in emergencies. You can also blow up large groups of zombies through Cherry Bombs, Jalapenos, and Doom-Shrooms.
  • Set Most Valuable Plants On The Back Rows: The back rows of the pool are known to be the safest spots to set essential plants. Cob Cannons, for example, are best placed in the back row.

Final Thoughts

Once you start playing Survival Endless mode, you will find yourself spending long hours as you need to set impressive records. Honestly, there is no definite way to complete this mode, and it’s endless! So, just be resourceful, creative, and quick on your feet so the zombies cannot reach the house and eat your brains.

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