yasuhati with your voice

YASUHATI / With your voice

By Freem Inc. | 5,000,000+ Installs

## PC version exceeded 500,000 DL! A huge hit (Official) game appeared! ## "YASUHATI" is a magical phrase... Don't let that 8th beat stop! Do you like talking with friends? Talkative time gets even mo...

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    40,162 ratings

    Yasuhati Cat Scream

    By Octarion Creatives | 5,000+ Installs

    Yasuhati Cat Scream is finally here! Bringing you, Yasuhati Cat into a magical world of musical eighth note. But be warned! This cute little cat will make you scream and yell! Yasuhati Cat Scream is v...

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      Whisper, Yell, Scream - Yasuhati, Play with your voice!

      The gaming industry has evolved to a point that there are literally thousands of control schemes to choose from. However, there are some great and interesting control schemes that stand out from the rest. For instance, the voice control of Yasuhati!
      Whisper. Yell. Scream. If you’re into it, you can even sing! With Yasuhati, you can play your own way. Change the volume of your voice to help your character in his platforming adventure. As long as you can modulate your volume, it doesn’t matter if you will talk, sing, or maybe recite a poem. The best part I Yasuhati is free to play and download, so check out the game now!

      Screaming? Yasuhati! Singing? Yasuhati! - Yasuhati Games are the Way to Go

      If you want to express and release a huge amount of anger, Yasuhati got your back!
      But if you want to express and release a huge amount of passion, still Yasuhati!

      Whisper, Scream, Sing, and Shout. Do whatever you wanna do as long as you can modulate the volume of your voice, this will surely help your character move accordingly in its platform adventure.

      Don’t be shy to check it out and release every bit of emotion you have with Yasuhati! Just don’t let your character fall into the pits of darkness!

      Download and Play Yasuhati Games Now for Free!