Is Furistas Cat Café a Casual Game Worth Playing?

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Posted on May 30, 2021

If you love playing video games and you are a cat lover, you’ve most likely heard of the game Furistas Cat Café. It’s a casual game where you own a cat café and adopt adorable cats. You then pair those cats with the right customers who come to your café so they can have a great time. Aside from adopting and pairing cats, you also get to do things with your cats like pet them, play with them, and more. Moreover, you get to decorate your café to make it more pleasant for customers.

This casual game sounds like it’s a fun game, and it’s something that even non-cat lovers will enjoy. But is Furistas Cat Café really fun and entertaining game to play this year? Will you enjoy playing it, even if you’re not a cat lover? Well, let’s find out in this review and see why it’s a casual game that’s worth playing.

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What You Will Enjoy When You Play Furistas Cat Café

Let’s take a look first at some of the good things that you’ll enjoy in this casual game.

The Graphics Are Adorable

Probably one of the first things that you will notice and enjoy when you play Furistas Cat Café is its graphics. It features cute and adorable graphics, which somehow make the cats even cuter in the game. This makes it more fun to play since you’ll be adopting various cats and then interacting with them. Thus, seeing these cute and adorable cats moving around in your café will be a great experience.

It also makes this casual game even more pleasant and calming to play. Thus, it’s a good game for people who are looking for casual games that can help them relax and pass the time.

It’s Simple & Easy to Learn

Another great thing about Furistas Cat Café is that the gameplay is simple and easy to learn. You will undergo a short tutorial at the beginning to guide you on how to play the game. But even without the tutorial, you won’t have a hard time playing this game. It’s so simple, all you need to do is to adopt cats and put them in your café.

Each cat has unique personalities and characteristics. There are cats who are sweet like pets, then there are also cats who are more playful. But the uniqueness of the cats you adopt will also serve well since you will have unique and different customers entering your café. Each one of them will also prefer a certain type of cat, so you can just match them up with the right one to make both cats and customers happy.

Basically, that’s the main point of the game – adopting cats and then matching them with the right customer. When customers are happy, you get to earn more resources you can use for decorating your café and for adopting more cats. Furthermore, the gameplay is that easy, and it’s also why many people love playing it.

Furistas Cat Café Is All About Cute & Adorable Cats

Of course, this point has to be added here since there are many cat lovers out there. They’re one of the main targets for games like this one. But even if you are not a cat lover, you will still enjoy playing this casual game. Besides, the adorableness of the cats will melt the heart of any player who plays the game.

Furistas Cat Cafe Gameplay


What You Won’t Enjoy About Furistas Cat Café

With the positives out of the way, let’s now talk about a few things that you won’t enjoy in this casual game.

It Requires Internet Connection

Not everything is good with Furistas Cat Café, though, as there are things that can be annoying. One of them is the fact that you need to have a good Internet connection first if you want to play. This means that you cannot really play the game any time you want and wherever you want. Though Internet access is very common everywhere, there are still areas and locations where Internet connection is still a problem. So, you might have issues with this game if you happen to live in an area where the Internet connection is not good.

Waiting Time Becomes Longer As You Level Up

Another thing that you won’t enjoy in this game is that the waiting time to increase cats and customers becomes longer. This happens as you progress further in the game. It can be a bit annoying at times since the game now becomes a waiting game. Moreover, the waiting game is not only reserved for customers and cats, as baskets also tend to take longer to become available.

Verdict (4/5)

Looking at what Furistas Cat Café offers, we would say that it’s a game that is definitely worth playing. Sure, the need for an Internet connection and the long waiting times as you level up can be annoying. But those are just minor inconveniences that won’t take away from what this casual game can offer. Besides, it’s a game with cute and adorable cats that you can interact with, so it’s definitely something worthwhile to play.

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