Get to Know the 5 Best Sonic Dash Characters to Use

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Posted on November 14, 2022

One of the best and more exciting endless runner games you can play is Sonic Dash. It’s an action endless runner where you get to play Sonic and his friends and see how far you can travel. Dash, side-step, and jump to avoid obstacles along the way and travel far. What makes this game exciting to play are the different Sonic Dash characters you can use to play.

What’s interesting about them is that each character possesses unique stats. These stats make certain abilities more powerful to use for them. And in this blog post, we’ll discuss the best characters available to use.

The Best Sonic Dash Characters in the Game

There are many different characters available in Sonic Dash for players to use. But not all of them are created equal. Each one possesses unique stats that make certain abilities more effective on them. There are five abilities that all characters can use and they are Dash Boost, x2 Multiplier, Magnet, Shield, and Headstart. Each character, though, will have different stats on each ability.

Let’s now look at the seven best characters in the game. For this list, we’ll only look at the base playable characters and not include the event-exclusive characters.

Metal Sonic

Probably one of the best Sonic Dash characters that you can use in the game is Metal Sonic. He has one of the highest stats available in the game, which makes him a great character to use across the board. He also has the highest stat when it comes to Magnet ability. So, that would be a great help for you to acquire rings you can use for upgrades.

The only unfortunate thing about Metal Sonic is that you can only acquire him via spending money. But if you happen to plan to spend a little money, it would be a good idea to invest it in this character. He will be a good investment in helping you travel as far as you can.

Sonic Dash Metal Sonic
Image Source: Metal Sonic Sonic Dash Gameplay



The next best Sonic Dash character in the game that you can use is Big. He doesn’t have the same good stats across the board as Metal Sonic. But all of his other stats are still decent, which still makes him a good character to use in the game. He also has the highest stat when it comes to the shield ability. It means that when you use it, you’re assured it will work in protecting you from obstacles and enemies.

But like Metal Sonic, he is also only available via spending money. But it will still be a good investment on your part if you decide to spend money and acquire this character.

Sonic Dash Big
Image Source: Sonic Dash Big Gameplay



Espio is another good character that you can use in Sonic Dash. He also has decent stats across the board with his lowest stats being in the x2 Multiplier and Shield. But he does have the highest Headstart, which means he is the fastest character at the start of the race. It’s a great way to get a good start and speed boost.

Unfortunately, he is also not available for free. But he’s also a good investment if you plan to spend some money on Sonic Dash.

Sonic Dash Espio
Image Source: Sonic Dash Espio Gameplay


Classic Sonic

If you want the character who’s the best at doubling the points, then you have Classic Sonic. He has the highest x2 Multiplier in the game, which is great for allowing you to earn points. If you’re looking to dominate the leaderboards, then this is your character. He can help you greatly in that department.

But like with all the others above, Classic Sonic is also only available by spending money. But that’s okay, he’s worth it if you want to quickly dominate the boards.

Sonic Dash Classic Sonic
Image Source: Sonic Dash Classic Sonic



The first and original character that you can use is also one of the best Sonic Dash characters. Sonic may not have the same good stats across the board as the ones listed above him. But what makes him a great character is that he has the highest Dash Boost. It’s a great ability that you can use because it will speed you up and allow you to blast through obstacles.

And since he is the main character of the series, Sonic is immediately available. He is the first character you can use, which is great. Even if you don’t unlock the other characters, you’ll still do well with using just Sonic.

Sonic Dash Sonic



A decent character that you can use if you want to use another character other than Sonic is Rouge. She may not have the highest stat in any ability, but she’s decent in all of them. She’s close to perfect in three abilities and they are Dash Boost, x2 Multiplier, and Magnet. So, if you need a character good in those abilities, she’s a good option.

Acquiring her will require that you get 60 Red Star Rings. That’s the only way you can acquire this character and use her in the game.

rogue the bat sonic dash
Image Source: Rouge the Bat Sonic Dash



The last, but certainly not least good Sonic Dash character is Jet. He is also a character with decent stats across the board. But he shines more on Dash Boost, x2 Multiplier, and Headstart. So, he’s a great character you can get if you want to focus on these three abilities. He is also not that hard to acquire. You just need to restore the Mushroom Hill Zone and you can start using Jet. It’s the seventh zone in Sonic Dash.

Sonic Dash Jet


Decide on Choosing from the Best Sonic Dash Characters

There are many more good characters available for you to use in Sonic Dash. But the ones on this list are the best ones you can use. These are the characters that possess the best combination of stats in Sonic Dash. And if you’re searching for more information about the game, stay tuned here in!

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