Top 5 Best Free Simulator Games to Play for 2021

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Posted on March 11, 2021

Simulator games are described as long-term games without any real ending. It is a type of game that will either get you absorbed in its complex mechanics or lets you role-play into a world where a specific character and its motives feel immersive enough to make you feel like you are one with that character. As such, here are the top five simulator games that you can download and play for free.

1. Gacha Life

Gacha Life is among one of the most played simulator games in While it may be the most simplistic among the five, it does offer one great motif: freedom. In Gacha Life, you play as a director and a world builder. You can customize your characters however you want and place them in whichever location there is, provided by the game. So, how do you play the game? Just roleplay. You can create your script, character building, and so forth.

It may be a role-playing game first, but as you continue to sink in hours of your time in the game, you would come to realize that it is like a director/producer/writer simulator as well.

Gacha Life Simulator Games


2. SimCity BuildIt

When SimCity came to the PC in the early 90s, it became a huge sensation. Will Wright, the creator of the game, was considered a mastermind in simulator games. He made the first city building simulator ever, letting you manage resources, finances, hiring advisors, handling disasters, and building zones. In the early 2000s, Sim City 4 became the peak example of high-quality city simulation.

However, when the latest SimCity came out around 2012, it did not get the reception that EA expected. It was dulled down and had lesser things to do compared to SimCity 4. Plus, it was strictly DRM (layman’s term: you can only play the game while online). However, they did fix all of the problems in SimCity a couple of years later.

SimCity BuildIt Simulator Games

At some point in 2016, they created SimCity BuildIt, a mobile version of the hit game that was unexpectedly great in its own way. It had the same details as the PC version but with some casual mechanics thrown into it to pave way for the F2P players.

Is it a great game? Yes, it is, especially if you are the kind that likes long-term simulator games that deals with real-time building hours.

3. The Sims Mobile

Contrary to the already established The Sims Freeplay, The Sims Mobile feels a lot more like the actual The Sims game rather than a single version of SimCity BuildIt (case in point, The Sims Freeplay).

The Sims Mobile Gameplay

Using almost the same system as The Sims 4, The Sims Mobile was just what TS fans have been waiting for in a portable edition. The game includes a full customization tool to create your Sim. Now, interacting with your Sim feels more organic and less laborious than what Freeplay offered.

If you want the definitive TS experience on a free-to-play system, you should get The Sims Mobile.

4. BitLife

BitLife was a surprise that many people enjoyed. So much so that it garnered a huge audience impact after mega YouTubers like Jacksepticeye made videos on BitLife.

So, what is this game, and why do so many people love it? Well, BitLife is a text-based life simulator game where you get to choose how your character grows up and what you want to do with his life.

BitLife Gameplay

While this game may sound boring because it is text-based, it has a lot of great immersive tools to go along with it. Instead of just choosing between A, B, and C, you can also do side stuff like interacting with your known friends and family, start a fight, talk and befriend co-workers and classmates, commit tax fraud, become a social media star, and so much more. Additionally, Bitlife also uses an algorithm called RNG (Random Number Generator). It means that it can randomly kill your character or somebody else that your character is affiliated with.

5. Minecraft

If there is a quintessential simulator game that revolves around survival, many players will say Minecraft is that star example. Created in 2009, Minecraft is an 8-bit 3D roleplaying game where you can do just whatever you want in the game. You can spelunk, explore, or just simply create a mansion of your own using the resources you can gather within the world. You may choose to live a quiet life within a village, or go out there and slay monsters from the skies down to the netherworld.

Minecraft Gameplay

It’s just a great overall game because you can create your own world, your own story, and your own means to an end.

All Are Free

Best of all, these five games are free to play on PC as long as you download the client. So, get all of these games and more only here at

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