CarX Drift Racing Tune Guide – Tips To Tune Up Your Car

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Posted on November 15, 2021

Drift racing is one of the most unusual, if not the most challenging events, in the competitive world of motorsports. Unlike other motorsport events, crossing the finish line does not win you a trophy in drift racing events. This is due to the various criteria that govern the event such as line, angle, style, and speed.

Drivers must dominate the aforementioned criteria to win the race. To accomplish such a feat requires cars tuned in a special way. Unlike other motorsport racing events that focus mostly on maximizing speed and acceleration, drift racing is all about synchronization, finesse, and burning rubber.

From a third-person perspective, tuning a car for drift racing is a challenging task that requires skills, calculation, and focus. Like other popular motorsport events, drifting has its own share in the video game industry. However, most drift racing games in the market are not only simulating the races but the tuning process as well.

CarX Drift Racing on PC

The intricacies of tuning a drift car are, for the most part, off-putting to those who just want to explore the world of drifting. Nevertheless, Russian video game developer, CarX Technologies, found a way to simplify the entire tuning process which they first applied in CarX Drift Racing.

Whether you are a casual gamer or a new drift racing fan who wants to try out the sport, CarX Drift Racing’s simplified tuning process and realistic racing simulation will provide you with the hassle-free drift racing gameplay you are looking for.

How To Tune Your Car in CarX Drift Racing

Tuning your car in CarX Drift Racing is as easy as eating pie, literally. This is because CarX Technologies compounded all the tuning elements in specific tabs complete with a brief and straightforward explanation. To access the tune-up page, you need to go to your garage and choose the car you want to set up. Click the Setup tab after choosing the vehicle you want to tune. Clicking the setup button will take you to the main tune-up page. The page will display the type of setup available for the chosen vehicle.

You can choose one of the three types of setups currently available for the car. The number of setups will depend entirely on the car. The one shown in the image above only comes with three setup options while other cars come with four to five options. All set up except for the turbo and stock setup comes with a price tag and will be available for 24 hours. Clicking any of the setups will take you to another page that contains all the customizable elements of the vehicle. From this point, it is better to use the trial and error method to better understand the effect of the tune-up.

CarX Drift Racing tune

As mentioned before, CarX Drift Racing comes with a simplified tune-up process for newbies. For example, clicking the suspension tab (see image above) will take you to another page populated with various elements that affect the suspension of the car. You can adjust or tweak any of the displayed tabs. The best part is that each tab comes with a straightforward description of its effects which is accessible by clicking the information icon located at the upper right corner of the screen.

Tune-Up Tips

To avoid confusion when tuning your vehicle, it is highly recommended to perform a test drive after making two to three adjustments. Doing this will allow you to feel the effect of the changes you applied. In addition, you can also focus on a specific element when tuning your car and do a test drive afterward. Remember to highlight the element that you adjusted during the test drive to see the effect.

Another method that you can do is to go to the practice mode first and look for flaws before tuning your vehicle. You can do this by pushing your car to its limits. Proceed to tune your vehicle after detecting the flaw. Do not make multiple adjustments at once because there is a huge chance that you will mess up your vehicle. Not to mention that tune-ups cost cash which means that tune-ups will eventually lead to bankruptcy if you are not careful.


carx drift racing download free

Tune-ups, when utilized properly, will help you rake in high scores and win tournaments. On the downside, tune-ups can also break your car and deplete your bank which is going to be disappointing. To that end, feel free to try out the tips mentioned above.

Play CarX Drift Racing on PC

Now that you have an overview of how to tune up your vehicle, your next mission is to put that knowledge to the test by jumping back into the game. Even better is that you can now play this highly immersive drift racing game on your PC. All you need to do is to go the CarX Drift Racing page and follow the download instructions there.

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