7 Tips to Progress Quickly in Tales of Crestoria

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Posted on November 19, 2020

Tale of Crestoria is a role-playing game made by BANDAI NAMCO. It features a great storyline with different challenges and lots of enemies to put an end to. In this game, you train to be the best warrior and take your flaming sword to fight your way through the path of glory. A role-playing game like this is not easy to finish. So if you want tips on how to progress faster in Tales of Crestoria, we listed down some for you below.


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1. Awakening Characters with Memoria Stone

When you obtain characters through Memoria Stones, they can already be awakened. However, if you wish to awaken an already existing character, you can use the Memoria Stone but this will leave you without the stone that grants characters passive buffs and raw stats. We advise not to go through it as it is extremely difficult to come by SSR Memoria Stones.

2. Converting Duplicate Stones

If you are really determined to level up and progress rapidly, you can convert every duplicate of rare Memoria Stones you have stored into Silver Shards. You can exchange these shards for other useful resources in the exchange shop. You can obtain items such as a large Rainbow Elixir that grants a huge number of XP that can put your character’s stats and level on a roll.


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3. Befriend Stronger Players

It is highly recommended that you set off the auto-approval of friend requests. Why? If you keep this on, every player that sees your profile will be able to send a friend request which will obviously be automatically approved by your account. You will receive these requests regarding who and which level they are in. Thus, you might end up with more low-level or weak friends on your list.

Having friends with good stats on your list is beneficial for you to power up during dungeon raids. It will be wiser for every player to have powerful support players on their list. You must have a good set of players to help you build up the hit counter for a stronger damage effect.

4. Utilize Your Character To Their Fullest Potential

The difference of Tales of Crestoria over other gacha-based games is you can accomplish a lot just by your tactics and turn order. There are characters that possess higher overload cost and can deliver damaging blows to enemies. Utilizing your characters will grant you more overload and speed up your mystic artes activation as well. You can pause the execution of your mystic artes before engaging in a boss battle. You can release it when the boss breaks attack mode, unleashing everything you charged up and inflict maximum damage.

5. Farm Power-Ups from Dungeons Whenever You Can

Progressing through the story is always a good idea, but your number one focus should be on powering up your heroes as well as your Memoria Stone. In 24 hours, there are three different elemental power-up dungeons that unlock. If you desire to progress quickly, upgrade your characters, and keep an eye out for these dungeons to farm their significant elemental XP points and Memoria Stone.

You can utilize your codex to find out what memoria stone or heroes need leveling up. With your codex, you can check every Memoria Stone and hero—including what they will look like after awakening and max level. Studying this will help you decide who you should invest in.

6. Participate in Raids ASAP

As early as now, you may already know that there are two types of energy power used in Tales of Crestoria. These are AP and BP. AP is used for regular activities, while BP is used to aid other players in real-time dungeon Raids. For every rank that you reach, you will be granted 10 BPs as a reward. It caps at 10, so use your first BP points to aid players in raids and reach a new rank and get those that you spent back.

You don’t only get BP points as rewards, you will also acquire valuable books to upgrade characteristics, art skills, and materials that can increase hero levels to max. Whether you choose to start your own raid or just join one, you are guaranteed to receive a gift from the pool rewards so it’s best to do both.

7. Progress in the Arena

In some cases, especially in games with gacha mechanics, PvP can be unforgiving and unfair. You can skip fighting in the arena of course. However participating in arena battles can give you useful rewards like Rainbow Elixirs, Memoria Stones, and such. You must take note of the weekly ranking as well. Here, you can obtain hundreds of Gleamstones and Medals that you can exchange for Summon tickets for the Arena where you can summon Memoria and other rare stones.


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Tales of Crestoria can be quite daunting and challenging for new players. The Power-Up and Levelling Up system can be quite overwhelming, especially for players who are still new to RPGs. The tips in this article are proven useful and efficient to progress quickly in the game. We hope this helps you in your journey in Tales of Crestoria, but do stay tuned for more!

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