Mobile Legends: Bang Bang – Who Is This New Hero Paquito?

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Posted on January 26, 2021

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang has added a new hero to its already huge roster. The new hero is called Paquito and is a Fighter hero. This hero was already hinted at as early as November 2020, when the MOBA game partnered with boxing legend, Manny Pacquiao. Paquito costs 32 thousand Battle Points and regularly costs 599 diamonds. As of this writing, however, he can be acquired at a discount, or at 419 diamonds. But who is this new hero, Paquito? What are his skills and abilities? Is he a good hero? Let’s discuss this below.

Paquito’s Passive & Skillset

Let’s first discuss what are the passive and skills of Paquito. This will give you an idea of what he is capable of during team fights in Mobile Legends.

Champ Stance Passive

Paquito’s passive is the Champ Stance. The fighter hero would build stacks whenever he hits enemies with a basic attack or deal damage using skills. After the stack reaches 4, he would enter the Champ Stance, which would enhance his next skill. During this stance, his skills would have no cooldown, allowing him to spam them for a few seconds.

During this stance, though, his basic attacks will only deal (+85% Total Physical Attack) physical damage, which means he deals weaker basic attack. So when he enters this stance, you need to spam his skills to deal more damage to enemies.
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Paquito

After using an enhanced skill, Paquito will increase his movement speed by 60%, but it will decay rapidly in 2.5 seconds. It’s a great passive since it enhances skills but decreases basic attack, so you need to properly strategize on how to use it during fights.

Heavy Left Punch

This is the first skill of Paquito and is likely the skill that you would use frequently to deal damage. The hero would punch in a specified direction to deal 245 (+70% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. If a hero is hit with the skill, Paquito will gain a 200 (+110% Total Physical Attack) shield, which gives him more durability.

When Champ Stance is activated, the skill’s damage is increased, dealing 350 (+100% Total Physical Attack) physical damage. Paquito will also gain 110% of the original shield and this enhanced shield can stack with the non-enhanced shield, allowing for more durability. The shield will last for 2.5 seconds.


This is the second skill of Paquito and is a damage/blink skill. The hero would dash forward and throw a jab that deals 250 (+100% Total Physical Attack) physical damage to all enemies that are within the area of effect. However, the jab won’t deal any damage to targets that are in your path, and will only stop if it hits an enemy hero or a creep. This skill would pass through minions, so take note of that.
Mobile Legends Jab

During the Champ Stance, this skill would have increased damage, dealing 400 (+150% Total Physical Attack) physical damage to all enemies within the area of effect. It’s a great skill to use for initiating fights or getting out of it. Just make sure when you’re using it to escape, don’t activate it in the direction of an enemy hero or creep as you would just stop upon hitting either one.

Knockout Strike

This is Paquito’s ultimate and your main damage dealing skill. The hero can launch an elbow strike to enemies in front of him. This deals 250 (+50% Total Physical Attack) physical damage, while also pushing them forward to the specified destination. He would then swing a haymaker that deals 400 (+100% Total Physical Attack) physical damage at quick speeds while also slowing the target by 75% for 1 second. Paquito will also dart backward after using the haymaker.

When he is in Champ Stance, Paquito will be doing an uppercut instead of a haymaker after pushing the enemy in the specified direction. The uppercut will deal 600 (+150% Total Physical Attach) physical damage while also knocking the enemies airborne instead of slowing them down. He will dart backward after dealing the uppercut. It’s a powerful skill that also provides a bit of crowd control, which can be helpful in team fights.

Is Paquito A Difficult Hero To Use?

Just by looking at Paquito’s passive and skills, you can see that he is not the most difficult hero to get used to. However, there will still be some sort of learning curve when you start using him. You still need to learn how his skills and passives work, so you can properly utilize them during fights. He is likely a hero with a moderate difficulty to use. So practice using him first in custom mode or vs AI to get a grasp on how his skills and passive work during team fights.

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