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Posted on November 16, 2020

Blade&Soul Revolution was initially released in Korea back in 2012. It was finally introduced into the global mobile gaming market on May 14, 2020. The game features a timeless tale of mystical adventure that has enticed every player across various platforms. It is heavily based on martial arts and a rich storyline.

Blade&Soul Revolution: Key Features

This review will focus on the overall gameplay of Blade&Soul Revelations. However, the main features of the game will also be discussed briefly. With all these elements, it’s amazing how the developers managed to pack all of it in a mobile game.


Blade&Soul do not stray away from the typical MMORPG style which comes with dungeons and quest systems. Each enemy kill gives an inconsequential amount of XP so most of the leveling will be done through quests. Judging by its quests, it is clear that the game offers expansive content, especially with its multi-level dungeons and traditional MMORPG combat.

Enticing Narrative

Players will start with a trip down memory lane. You will be placed at the Hongmoon School which has been infiltrated with deception. As the main protagonist of the game, your mission is to seek retribution. With the flashy cutscenes and traditional anime setting, the flow of the storyline is not bad at all. And for players who get easily tired of storylines (or main campaigns), there’s a PvP mode to get busy with.

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Voice Acting

Like several RPG and MMORPGs, the voice acting in Blade&Soul Revolution is quite off. Although several NPCs are given voices, it clearly was not well thought out by the developers. Some of the important NPCs were not voice acted, but some of the unimportant ones were. Some NPCs that will ask you favors will just weirdly mime whatever they are asking from you. It’s out of place, and it’s quite obvious that the developers haven’t thought of this thoroughly.

Character Creation

Most MMORPGs offer preset looks to predetermine the appearance of a hero or character. But Blade&Soul Revolution offers a more flexible customization option. Players can utilize detailed looks from hairstyles, eyes, and bizarre anatomies for each character.

blade soul revolution characters

Having flexible customization options allow players to have more creative freedom. Players get to create a unique look and somehow show off their personalities through it. You may even try to recreate your favorite characters from books or other games here!

Play in PvP, PvE, and the World Arena

Players can take the battle with other players in a one on one match or in 500 vs 500 clan battles. This is one of the things that players should be excited about. Your characters will also wear costumes befitting their factions in Battle Royale.

In Blade&Soul, players need to outsmart foes to win the battle. Beginners don’t have to worry because the game’s ranking system offers fair player matching. In this game, everyone is equal. Whatever weapon you choose, it will deal the same damage as your opponent’s weapon.In other words, the game puts more importance on skill and strategy over weapon and gear.

Gameplay Review and Verdict

In the story campaign, players definitely got a fight in their hands. You’ll start with a little backstory and an in-game tutorial where you’ll learn how to throw the first punch. You will be learning some of the basic combat moves, yielding weapons, and as well as several martial art techniques. Aside from that players are taught how to jump, leap, and glide.

blade soul revolution gameplay

Aside from the awe-inspiring story campaign and regular quests, you’ll get to do some side missions. You can go clear dungeons or participate in brawls in the arena. There’s a lot of things to do in Blade&Soul Revolution, and you can simply switch from one mode to another.

The game is good enough to be recommended. The only hiccup in the game so far is its slow-paced leveling system and unforgiving quests that could be tedious for some players. However, this MMORPG is filled with content and game modes that will hook you for hours. From its explicit martial arts combat, anime-based aesthetic, PvP mode, and overall gameplay, Blade&Soul Revolution is something a fan of MMORPGs should not miss!

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